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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1926 Ship Party ㊺

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Chapter 1926 Ship Party ㊺

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When I used the ability that Eden-san gave me again, I found that the number of people I had not already greeted was already down to a few, and I had plenty of time to greet them even if I went around quite slowly.

At any rate, there seemed to be one person nearby, so I moved on to the next one…… is what I was thinking, but as I was doing so, I happened to see the person I was aiming for approaching me.

Soon after, I saw Sieg-san with a glass in one hand.

[Sieg-san, hello.]

[Kaito-san, what a coincidence.]

[Yes, come to think of it, when I went to see Lilia-san, and also when I went to see Rei-san and Fia-san, we missed each other and haven’t met yet.]

The moment I saw Sieg-san, I thought “Eh? Hadn’t I greeted her already?”, but come to think of it, when I visited Lilia-san, she was with Rei-san and Fia-san, and when I went to the area where Shigenobu-san and the others were, she had almost immediately gone back to Lilia’s place, practically missing each other.

[Our timing certainly didn’t mesh well.]

[Have you gone somewhere just now?]

[Yes, I was with Lili for a while and then I went to greet Funf-san and was just about to return.]

Sieg regularly receives teachings from Funf-san, and among the other participants of the party, she has a close relationship with Funf-san. After returning to Lilia-san’s place once, now that the entertainment and such have ended and there’s a lull, it feels like the right moment to greet them on the way back.

[Kaito-san, is everything going well with greeting everyone?]

[Yes. There are only a few people left, so I have a lot of time to spare.]

[I see…… Fumu, then in a way, it may be fortunate that we didn’t see each other until this time. The fact that you’ve got plenty of time means that I get to talk to Kaito-san at leisure.]

[Indeed, now that you put it that way…… Since we’ve already met like this, let’s talk a little bit more leisurely.]

[Yes. Let’s move a little closer to the wall while chatting.]

As Sieg-san said, in terms of timing, meeting at this point is rather fortunate, and there’s plenty of time to talk leisurely without any rush.

Thinking about it, it’s actually somewhat miraculous that we’ve been passing each other until now, but I’m starting to feel it’s been for the best.

Moving to the wall with Sieg-san to avoid getting in the way of others moving around, I asked a nearby maid for a drink too, lightly toasting with Sieg-san.

[Sieg-san, how do you like the party?]

[It’s quite fresh. I sometimes accompany Lili as her escort, but I basically wait outside with Luna instead of entering the party venue, so I don’t have much experience actually attending these parties. If we’re talking about a similar atmosphere, I guess it’s like the party on the final day of the Six Kings Festival?]

[Ahh, now that you mentioned it…… that party was quite lively, and the lineup of the participants may be somewhat similar. Speaking of the Six Kings Festival…… the outfit Sieg-san is wearing……]

[Yes, it’s the one you bought for me when we attended the Six Kings Festival. As you might already know, I’m not very comfortable with dresses…… When it comes to events that require formal wear, I rarely have the opportunity to wear them, so this outfit is the most expensive one I have…… Since it was a gift from Kaito-san, I want to take the opportunity to wear it on occasions like this.]

Seeing Sieg-san smile shyly as he said that, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of affection welling up inside me, and it naturally brought a smile to my face as well.

[Hearing you say that makes me happy, making me want to give Sieg-san clothes again. No, it’s mostly because I want to see Sieg-san dressed in various outfits but…… would you like to go shopping with me again sometime?]

[Yes. I’d love to…… Ahh, but in that case, I would prefer something that I can wear out and about, not something expensive like formal wear. Umm, how should I say this…… Wearing the outfit you bought, I thought it would be nice if we could have a picnic together……]

[That’s great. Sounds like a lot of fun. When we went to Rigforeshia together, we did explore the forest, but going somewhere with a beautiful view for a picnic also seemed like a great idea.]

[Yes. At that time, I’ll put all my effort into making us a delicious bento.]

[While we’re at it, how about we make the bento together? I’m not really as good at cooking as Sieg-san, but doing it together seems like it would be fun……]

[That sounds wonderful. Fufu, how should I say this…… I can’t help but feel really excited about it already.]

It came up naturally in the conversation, but having a picnic with Sieg-san really does sound fun. Choosing a wide, secluded spot and bringing along Bell, Lynn, and Sela might also be a good idea.

I thought to myself that next time, I should discuss this in earnest with Sieg-san.


Serious-senpai: [That’s a really unpleasant flag…… but well, his dates with Sieg do tend to be relatively lighthearted……]

? ? ?: [Maybe his relationship with Sieg-san will progress as well~~]

Serious-senpai: [Don’t say such horrible things……]

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