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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1925 Ship Party ㊹

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Chapter 1925 Ship Party ㊹

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After finishing my conversation with Jutia-san, realizing I had only a few more people left to greet, I headed to the next spot.

In the distance, I saw a tall woman with large, distinctive horns, and a petite woman with jade-colored hair- It’s Tiamat-san and Phenex-san.

Ahh~~ Right, I haven’t greeted them yet. They’re not the type of people you’d easily forget, but I might have been unconsciously avoiding them.

[Hello, Tiamat-san, Phenex-san.]

[Oya? My oh my, Miyama Kaito-san. Hello, wonderful party, isn’t it? Hearing the joyful voices of people makes me feel that the world isn’t only full of sorrow.]

[Why, if it isn’t my God! You have my greatest gratitude for inviting me. It’s an honor to attend a festival hosted by my God.]

When I greeted them, Tiamat-san and Phenex-san responded quite normally. Well, it’s not like these two are always going out of control…… but the image of them when they go off the rails is so strong that them being calm feels a bit odd.

[……Arehh? You both have matching accessories? Those seem a bit too rugged to be necklaces though……]

[Ahh, these aren’t necklaces…… How do you call it? A type of collar, I suppose?]

[Pandora-san put them on us. If we tried anything funny, she would apparently seal us from a distance and throw us into the sea…… I like pain, but I hate being sealed because it’s not painful and it’s boring.]

[According to Shalltear-sama’s sorrowfully brilliant strategic move, Pandora-sama was given the task of overseeing us Ten Demons this time……]

Ahh, I see. The reason these two, and the Ten Demons in general, are so quiet is because Pandora-san is keeping an eye on them…… Usually, Pandora-san herself has a tendency to go off the rails in private, but she’s someone who takes her job seriously. So, by giving her this task, it also prevents her from going out of control……

Alice sure is amazing, keeping in check about half of the problem children just by herself……

[Even though there are so many people I feel like I could get along with, how sorrowful.]

[Tiamat’s idea of getting along with someone is synonymous with wanting to kill them after all. As for me, it looks like I won’t have any opportunities to feel pleasure this time, so I’ll just enjoy the party normally.]

[The food from the other world was quite interesting though. I usually don’t leave the Dark Forest, so having the chance to experience the other world’s culture felt refreshing.]

[I prefer stronger, more stimulating flavors, but simple food like this is nice once in a while.]

With their fetishes sealed, both seem to be enjoying the party normally, which is a bit of a relief.

Well, when I think about it, both Tiamat-san and Phenex-san have extremely abnormal inclinations, and that’s the main issue. With those sealed, they might actually be relatively normal.

[Phenex-san, do you like dishes with strong bitterness or spiciness?]

[Yes. Or rather, I like those that cause pain. It feels good after all.]

[I- I see…… What about you, Tiamat-san?]

[I don’t have any particular preference for seasoning, but I do like meat. You know, like striped frogs and such.]

……Striped frogs, I feel like I heard that before…… I think Kuro used them as an ingredient for one of her baby castellas. Anyhow, I guess liking frog meat makes sense since she’s a snake?

[Come to think of it, aren’t you making your rounds to greet everyone, my God? It must be quite the task with so many people here, isn’t it?]

[Yes, it’s pretty tiring, but I’m almost done. Only a few more people left to greet.]

[I see. Well then, since we’ve run into each other, allow us to offer you a moment of respite to our revered God…… Tiamat, would you mind?]

[Ahh, you mean that. I don’t mind at all.]


As I tilted my head, wondering what they were planning, Phenex-san lit a green flame on her fingertip and tossed it toward Tiamat-san, who caught it in her hands.

Thereupon, a pale green light began to emanate from Tiamat-san’s hands, transforming into sparkling particles that enveloped my body. It only lasted a few seconds, but it felt like the warmth of a bath spreading throughout my body, and I suddenly felt a bit lighter.

[What was that just now?]

[I used my regenerative flames, which Tiamat diffused with her vibrations to envelop you. It’s a small gesture, but it should help relieve some fatigue.]

[I hadn’t mentioned it before, Miyama Kaito-san, but I can manipulate vibrations, so I used subtle vibrations to lightly massage your body.]

[I see, I certainly do feel a bit lighter. Thank you.]

No, seriously, how should I say this…… As long as their weird fetishes were sealed away, both of them were genuinely good people. No, seriously, the problem brought by their fetishes is just too intense that it overshadows everything else.


Serious-senpai: [The pervert stopper is working properly. Also, Tiamat had already been mentioned using ultrasonic waves and stuff, but it seems like her ability isn’t the manipulation of sound, but vibration huh…… She seems normally strong.]

? ? ?: [Well, she’s one of our Executives after all, so she’d be strong. If she wanted to, she could make her targets vibrate like they’re in a microwave.]

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