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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1924 Ship Party ㊸

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Chapter 1924 Ship Party ㊸

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After talking with Olivia-san and Kaori-san to some extent and eating a few light dishes, I resumed my greeting rounds. Thanks to the ability Eden-san gave me, I was able to smoothly greet the Six Kings executives whom I hadn’t greeted yet and Mitsunaga-kun, proceeding with my greetings at a good tempo.

Originally, I had planned that by the time the greetings were finished, the party would be nearing its end, and I had assumed my own participation in the party would mostly conclude after the greetings. But at this rate, it seems I’ll be able to finish the greetings with some margin.

In that case, I would check with Anima and Caraway, and if there was nothing in particular I needed to help with, I might be able to join the party a little more leisurely.

I had a short time to talk to each person because I was moving so fast, and although the number of people I could talk to would be limited, it would be good to have some leisurely chat with my lovers or those close to me.

But well, before that, I should finish greeting everyone first…… Errr, there’s one more person near here that I haven’t greeted yet…… Ahh, there she is. I see, it’s Jutia-san huh. Indeed, when I visited Lillywood-san’s area, I heard she had gone to see a friend or something along those lines and I hadn’t been able to greet her.

[Hello, Jutia-san. Thank you for coming today.]

[Oya oya, if it isn’t Kaito, what a coincidence, what a coincidence, being able to meet Kaito here makes me happy. I’m enjoying this very, very nice party. Thank you for inviting me.]

[Hearing you say that also makes me happy.]

When I spoke to Jutia-san, she responded with a bright smile. That was just as usual, but I wonder why? From what I sensed with my Sympathy Magic, despite her something about it felt different, like she seemed slightly restless.

From what I see, she seemed to be hesitating about something?

[Jutia-san, is something bothering you? No, it might just be my imagination, but you seemed to be feeling restless……]

[Ahh, sorry, sorry. Ah~~ Well, hmmm…… I wonder if it was showing in my face? Now that you asked about it, I suppose saying “it’s nothing” would be rude. Errr, actually, I heard you’re serving a special tea blend commemorating this party, and while it’s common to have seasonal specials or blends when commemorating something…… I was wondering if there might be some new tea leaves, and I can’t help but get restless about it. I was trying not to ask Kaito because it would trouble you……]

Ahh, I see, word really travels fast huh…… Hearing about it now, I can certainly understand what’s going on. Or rather, seeing how upright she is as usual, looking incredibly apologetic while telling me that, I get the feeling she wouldn’t have said anything unless I had asked.

I mean, that reminds me…… Ein-san hadn’t rushed in first huh. If Jutia-san had caught wind of that information, then Ein-san would definitely have gotten the same information. And yet, she hadn’t rushed our way at all.

No, it might be that she’s just being considerate because I told her to stop greeting me before the party started, but even if she didn’t approach me on her own, she only gave me a brief greeting when I went to greet Kuro…… Maybe she had been strictly ordered by Kuro beforehand.

[It’s not a completely new creation, but from what I heard from Nebula, they added a small amount of tea leaves that tasted great, but weren’t allowed to be released to the public due to various reasons.]

[Oh my, was it perhaps a treasured tea? Uuu, I’m curious, I’m curious, but under those circumstances, it would be rude to ask for those tea leaves, so I guess I’ll just have to settle for what I can get as a souvenir.]

[That would be much appreciated. Ahh, but this is unrelated to this tea today, but we’re planning to release our new tea leaves soon.]


[Whoa!? J- Jutia-san, you’re being too close.]

[Ahh, sorry, sorry.]

I was surprised when Jutia-san came very close to my face after hearing the words “new tea leaves”. When Julietta leaned in close enough for her breath to brush against me, combined with her beauty, I couldn’t help but feel my heart race. Also, as usual, she emitted a pleasant scent reminiscent of a forest.

[Yes, as a new product from our tea brand, we’re planning to introduce several chocolates with a concept of pairing well with tea…… something like the ones we previously brought to the Harmonic Symphony. Additionally, we’ll also be selling tea leaves for warmer climates that are easy to brew with water and suitable for drinking as iced tea.]

[I see, I see! You’re now selling tea leaves suitable for iced tea huh…… My oh my, I’m looking forward to it.]

[Just like before, if you’d like some tea leaves, you’ll have to ask me or Anima for them. They aren’t ready yet, but when the tea leaves are ready, I’ll come visit your place again.]

[Thanks! I’ll be ready to welcome Kaito when the time comes. I’ve really, really been under Kaito’s care after all.]

[Ahaha, I’ll be looking forward to that time then.]

Seeing Jutia-san happily talking, I couldn’t help but smile too, and just like that, we continued to enjoy chatting for a while.


Serious-senpai: [S- SEIGI-SAAAAAAAN!? W- What the heck, even though there was dialogue with characters like Chapel and Rachel, who are almost at the level of extras that most readers would have forgotten, Seigi-san is getting the summary treatment!? Is this kind of absurdity really allowed!?]

? ? ?: [……It’s not yet time for him to speak yet after all……]

Serious-senpai: [You’d really going to wait 5 years for that to happen!? Let him speak!!!]

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