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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1923 Ship Party ㊷

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Chapter 1923 Ship Party ㊷

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For the time being, Olivia-san seemed to have regained her composure, and looking relieved, Kaori-san stepped away.

[I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. It was a great disrespect to keep Miyama Kaito-sama waiting, and I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart.]

[No, that’s an exaggeration. Please don’t worry about it at all. So, did you two have your meal?]

At first glance, Olivia-san still seemed a bit flustered, but it was nothing out of the ordinary for her, so there was no issue. For the time being, as I had decided while waiting, I steered clear from the earlier topic and didn’t touch it.

[Yes. Mizuhara Kaori taught me various things and we were having a meal. We’ve finished eating now, but we were engaged in a lengthy conversation. There were many dishes here that I haven’t tried even at Mizuhara Kaori’s restaurant, so it felt quite refreshing. I feel like I’ve gained various insights again this time.]

[I’ve actually finished with the meal quite early, but I wanted to see the others’ reactions, so I stayed behind here. Since I’m involved in the planning stage, I’m naturally curious about their thoughts……]

[Ahh, I see, I understand how you feel. So, how was everyone’s reaction?]

[Many regard the dishes as unusual, but overall, it seemed quite well-received. Even Raz-sama came by midway and said they were delicious, which was a relief.]

Upon reflection, it was a perfectly understandable reason. Kaori-san had been quite helpful with the party’s lineup of cuisines this time, working with Illness-san and the others to brainstorm the menu, adjust it to suit the palate of the people in this world, and so on…… and so, naturally, their reactions were of interest.

[I’m glad if it was well-received. Actually, I’m thinking of having a little something myself…… Olivia-san, among those you have tried, do you have any recommendations? If you found something you like, I’d like to try it……]

[Eh? F- For me to give my suggestion to Miyama Kaito-sama and influence Miyama Kaito-sama’s meal…… What a significant role this is. It feels like the time when I once received the original text of the Treaty of Friendship from Shallow Vernal-sama.]

[No, like I said, that’s an exaggeration…… Please just tell me what you think was good without worrying that much.]

If I equate my “What should I eat~~” thoughts with the Treaty of Friendship, I might get scolded. Well, I guess that’s just Olivia-san’s way of feeling awed.

Having learned from past interactions with Olivia-san, it’s just right to go a little pushy, so let’s push forward with this.

[I suppose so…… Personally, I found the galette delicious.]

[Galette huh, if I’m not mistaken, it was made with potatoes and shirasu…… errr, small fishes, right?]

[Yes. It doesn’t have a very assertive flavor, but I liked its simple yet warm taste. The slight saltiness combined with the mild flavor of the small fish felt pleasant on the palate.]

[Olivia-sama prefers dishes with a light taste that emphasizes the flavors of the ingredients rather than strong-flavored sauces.]

[Indeed so. Although it’s only a slight difference if I were to compare them to other dishes, I think I prefer delicately flavored dishes…… Ahh, errr, was that a helpful reference?]

Galette is a type of crepe made with buckwheat flour. It isn’t exactly Japanese cuisine, but since the theme is dishes from another world, it also counts.

According to Kaori-san, it’s simple and easy to arrange, making it easy to adjust and suitable for parties……

[Yes, thank you. Since Olivia-sama told me about it, I’ll try the galette you recommended.]

[Ah…… Yes! I’d be very happy if it suits Miyama Kaito-sama’s palate. Ahh, no, it’s not like I was involved in the production……]

With a smile in response, Olivia-san’s expression, which hadn’t changed much before, looked rather pleased. Olivia-san’s expressions may not change much, but when compared to Shiro-san or Jane-san whom I met a little while ago, whether she’s being usual or when she’s feeling happy or anxious, her expressions are generally understandable.

She remains as earnest as ever, but conversing like this makes me feel that, despite everything, she’s become considerably more flexible and emotionally expressive compared to when we first met.


Serious-senpai: [Incidentally, galette is a traditional French dish, with the most famous being buckwheat galette from Brittany. Kaito may have slightly misunderstood what kind of dish it is, as galette doesn’t necessarily refer exclusively to those made with buckwheat flour. The term “galette” generally describes a “round, flat dish”, so there are galettes made with ingredients other than buckwheat flour as well. One famous example of this is the Galette des Rois, also known as the King’s Cake, a type of almond cream pie traditionally eaten in France during New Year celebrations. It’s baked with a small ceramic figurine inside, and when the pie is sliced and shared among family members, whoever finds that figurine is said to have good luck for the year.]

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