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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1922 Ship Party ㊶

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Chapter 1922 Ship Party ㊶

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Relying on my ability, I went to Kaori-san and Olivia-san. They seemed to be together, sitting down to eat at a food and beverage corner.

They had their backs to me and didn’t seem to notice my approach. As I got closer, I thought it was time to talk to them, but at that moment, I overheard their conversation.

[Like I said, Kaito-kun has plenty of romantic experience, so I think it’s better to be straightforward rather than thinking too much about this and that.]

[Indeed, with Miyama Kaito-sama’s wisdom, he would be able to see through my shallow plans, and in terms of experience, there’s no need to doubt that Miyama Kaito-sama is by far superior to me.]

Arehh? They’re talking about me? The same thing happened with Ryze-san and the others, but it felt awkward entering into a conversation where they were talking about me.

That said, I can’t just stand here eavesdropping on them, so I’m sorry to interrupt, but I’m going to ask them about it.

[This is quite troubling. How do you suppose I han———]

[Kaori-san, Olivia-san, hello.]

[-! ? ! ? ! ? ? ! ? ! ]

When I spoke up, Olivia-san seemed startled enough for the chair she was sitting on to make a loud clatter, and after straightening her back, she turned her pale face towards me.

……Eh? I- I didn’t think she would be so surprised. I’m sure I didn’t speak that loudly……… somehow, it makes me feel apologetic.

[M- M- M- Miyama Kaito-sama!?]

[Ah, yes. I’m sorry for startling you.]

[N- No, it’s no problem at all. A- As expected of Miyama Kaito-sama, your presence concealment ability is akin to that of the Phantasmal King. Despite usually radiating a brilliance and presence like the sun that illuminates the three realms just by your mere presence, to completely erase one’s presence without any hint of conceit in such a situation…… It’s proof of your complete mastery, no, of your complete control of your power, and I’m honored to have learned another wonderful thing about Miyama Kaito-sama!]

It’s no good, she’s clearly about to blow her fuse. She’s on a full-on praising spree…… Also, the reason she didn’t notice my approach isn’t because I’m hiding my presence, but because she was so engrossed in their conversation, and since we aren’t in Friendship City, Olivia-san’s abilities are diminished……

[Olivia-sama, please calm down. You’re acting even more unnatural…… Ahaha, Kaito-kun, hello. I’m also focused on my conversation with Olivia-sama, so you suddenly popping out of nowhere surprised me.]

[Ah~~ I’m sorry for interrupting your conversation.]

[No. That’s all well and good…… but errr, Kaito-kun…… How much have you heard?]

[Errr, from when you said I have a lot of romantic experience.]

[I see……]

It might have been a conversation best left unheard. I don’t think anything particularly important was said from what I heard…… As I thought about this, Kaori-san leaned in close to Olivia-san’s ear and whispered something to her.

[It’s alright, Olivia-sama. From there, we haven’t said anything specific, and I’m sure Kaito-kun hadn’t found out about it.]

[Y- You think so? If it’s Miyama Kaito-sama, who possesses wisdom that is as close to omniscient as possible, wouldn’t he be able to see through everything from the slightest conversation he heard?]

[No, he’s not like that. It’s going to be alright……]

I couldn’t hear the content of their conversation, but from their atmosphere, it seemed like Olivia-san was feeling flustered while Kaori-san was trying to calm her down. In that case, was Olivia-san feeling uneasy about being overheard?

Hmmm, I’m curious…… but if I thoughtlessly ask here, because it’s my question, Olivia-san will tell me honestly even if she doesn’t want to, and I want to avoid that…… I suppose it’s best if I don’t ask?

Waiting for things to calm down between the two of them for the time being, let’s then proceed as if we didn’t hear the conversation earlier.


Serious-senpai: [Ah, I see, since she had only talked about this with Shiro during the Founding Festival, Kaito wouldn’t know that Olivia was going to ask out on a date……]

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