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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1921 Ship Party ㊵

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Chapter 1921 Ship Party ㊵

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After talking with Rosemary-san and Camellia-san, I returned to the venue and headed back to visit the people I hadn’t greeted yet. This time again, I used the ability given to me by Eden-san to go to someone in the vicinity…… but what I found there was a rather unexpected combination.

One of them is Akane-san, and the other is Elise-san…… Do they know each other?

[Hello, Akane-san, Elise-san.]

[Unn? Ahh, Kaito huh, you’re making your greeting rounds?]

In response to my words, Akane-san smiled brightly and lightly raised her hand to welcome me, and Elise-sa also spoke with a smile comparable to that of a blooming flower.

[Hello, Kaito-san! Thank you for inviting me to this wonderful party today.]

[……Ah, yes. I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself.]

Although there was a beaming smile on her face, the emotions she conveyed through my Sympathy Magic were something along the lines of “Just quickly get your greetings over with and leave”.

I mean, Alice can also do that, but how in the heck are they doing that!? I can’t read people’s minds, Sympathy Magic only allows me to somewhat sense emotions carried by their magic power, but somehow, with some unnecessary amazing technique, they’re conveying their emotions so precisely that words come to my mind.

[……Errr, have you two known each other before?]

[No, we met at the reception of the venue, and since it was easier for us ordinary folks to talk to each other, we ended up spending time together. I also heard that Elise-san’s store makes a variety of accessories, so we were talking about how it would be nice if we could include her products in our line-up as well.]

[Both Akane-san and I feel somewhat overwhelmed by the other guests…… but when the two of us are talking, there’s also the advantage of not being approached much.]

To be honest, putting aside Akane-san, I don’t really feel like Elise-san is type to be intimidated by such things…… Ahh, but she did seem overawed back in the Six Kings Festival…… Well, she had quite an intense character when in front of me, so I didn’t have that image of her in my mind……

As I had such a thought in mind, Elise-san smiled gently and lightly beckoned me over.

[Kaito-san, I think that’s a lint I’m seeing there. Please squat down a bit so I can take it off.]

[Eh? Like this?]

At Elise-san’s urging, I crouched down, to which she reached out toward my shoulder and whispered into my ear in a voice audible only to me.

[……You got any complaints there or what?]

[N- None.]

[Then, stop with all these stupidities and quickly get going to the next person…… Properly keep an eye out for rests though. Like, it might be a good idea to grab something light to eat at the food corner just as you’re heading there to say hello to someone.]

Although she whispered her demands in a somewhat intimidating tone, the fact that she added words of concern at the end suggests that she doesn’t dislike me after all.

It seems like while she’s in that outsider-oriented facade, she doesn’t want to talk much with me.

[Yes. I got it.]

[Thank you. Well, it may have been just a quick greeting, but I’ll be on my way to the next area.]

[What, you’re quite the restless guy. Ahh, speaking of which, Kaito, have you already gone to say hello to Kaori?]

[No, I haven’t said hello to Kaori-san yet.]

[I see…… I think Kaori-san is with the Founder. Even though she had been acting like that, she’s a strong girl, but she does tend to feel easily intimidated, so if you see her, you go talk to her and help her relax.]

[I understand. I haven’t said hello to Olivia-san either, so I will look for the two of them.]

Smiling at Akane-san’s typical caring words, I briefly said goodbye to the two of them before heading toward the next location. While I’d like to go see Kaori-san and Olivia-san next, the ability I have doesn’t specifically help me search for someone…… Unn? Arehh?

Until now, I could only vaguely sense where someone I hadn’t greeted yet might be, but when I thought “Where’s Kaori-san?”, I suddenly knew where she was.

I see, so if I’m trying to vaguely find someone I haven’t greeted yet, I can determine where they are, but if I try to find a specific person, I can determine their location…… This is truly a valuable ability, and I’m sincerely grateful to Eden-san for it.


Serious-senpai: [At this rate, it looks like this arc will end around ㊿?]

? ? ?: [He did finish greeting the main characters, so that would likely be the case…… Or rather, those special characters only go up to ㊿.]

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