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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 91 - Sometimes, Yesterday's Ally Is Today's Enemy

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Chapter 91 - Sometimes, Yesterday's Ally Is Today's Enemy

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「What are you doing, Eiji?」

「Yeah, What are you doing, Eiji?」

「Even if you ask what I’m doing…」

Currently, I’m pitted on the training ground by my two classmates.

The reason is because I used my strongest magic.

「Uhm, did you recognize my abilities now?」

When I asked so, Minan nods with a sullen look on her face. I heaved a sigh of relief on seeing her reaction and was happy for Suu who also showed the same reaction as me.

「Upon seeing such powerful magic, I realized that money or connections doesn’t matter anymore. There’s no doubt that you entered the advanced class with your own abilities, but there’s even more to that」

She said those words to me with a satisfied but serious look on her face while walking toward me.

「That’s why something’s been on my mind. How can you get such powerful magic? What is the basis for such powerful magic. Please tell me!」

In spite of being expressionless, a fiery passion seems to be hidden beneath her eyes.

Even though I experienced her cold treatment first hand, I’m really starting to cherish this kind of honest people.

「Okay. Since I understand, please maintain some distance between us, please!」

So, I stop them while smiling at them.

「I see, so that’s the situation」

Minan is nodding upon hearing my story without much of a change in her expressions.

I told her that the secret of my power was nothing but power up and ability up on myself, while downgrading the power of my opponent at the same time.

Though I can’t tell them how I got such diverse abilities, I did mention the reason why I entered this school - I didn’t know a majority of my own magic.

「You really are amazing, Eiji. Even though your methods are the results from your self-learning. Even I am excited by such findings」

「Me too. I think your performance is even beyond my expectations, Eiji」

Minan also followed Suu, with the same expressionless face.

It feels strange to me when they pour such praises upon my power. I’m saying this because I know about each of their personalities; however, so be it. This matter has ended with this.

Suddenly, Minan opens her mouth.

「――Do you want to say something?」


「I just think that you have vast knowledge about magic, right? In that case, can you answer some of my questions?」

「Okay, ask your questions Eiji」

I looked at them and unintentionally smiled broadly.

It seems they noticed my intention.

「Here. This is the shop where they sell magic tools」


They brought me to another part of the school.

It’s a co-operative store which sell tools related to magic. From books to raw material which have a tinge of magical power, to magic tools, to stationery and lunch boxes.

When I follow Suu and Minan who were beckoning toward me, we arrived inside of a doubtful room which sold all kind of things such as claws, splinters, and even leaves.

「Speaking of strong magic, it’s this. Is it really okay if I let my summoning beast to eat these things?」

「It’s possible if it’s only this much. Can you show your summoning beast to us?」

Minan is nodding while Suu tells me so.

「Naturally. We came together for such reason」

They tell me about the things that are sold in this place as I buy the things which caught my interest. Things such as the feather which held fire attribute, sacred tree with water attribute, and holy light trapped inside a crystal.

If you’re to ask what I’m going to do with such things.

The answer is in the book that I read from before in the library.

My summon beast, Hana is growing according to what he eats, and yet it has not evolved lately.

And then, I realized that the answer lied in density.

It seems he needs to accumulate a certain amount of demon element inside his body to evolve. The necessary density becomes deeper in accordance to his evolution, and the current Hana is lacking in that density.

In short, he can’t evolve even if he ate a lot of things with thin density of demon element or weak monsters.

This is the reason.

This is the reason why I let him eat stuff I bought from the magic tools store to let him evolve.

I keep buying things while hearing their explanation in order to make Hana evolve.

My dream is to make him strong. I would like for him to turn into something like a greater demon who can use four elements magic.

A great summoner who can subdue a greater demon.

Sounds good to me.

「Well then, all of these please」

「Are you really going to buy all of these? Quite a luggage huh. The items sold in this place is quite expensive, you know.」

Suu is frowning as he looked at what I bought. It seems to be a surprise for him.

But I have quite bit of money on myself due to the payment from the coliseum.

「Your economic situation is quite good huh, Eiji. Since you have that kind of skills, are you active as a professional magician?」

「A magician is nothing more than a traveller, a fighter, a pioneer… Well, that’s why they get their payment for everything they do, right?」

「As I thought, you have enough skills to acquire that kind of funds, right? So jealous! I won’t lose in order to not be worried about the funding of my magic research」

Suu decided so with a strong gleam in his eyes.

Even Minan was fired up by that. In that instant, I recall the time when I was a student in the school. That’s again one of the reasons why I entered this academy.

I left after buying several items and then slowly looked at the stores in the vicinities.

「Nevertheless, there are so many things related to magic. Not just raw material, even magic tools. As expected of the magic academy, they can making magic tools too?」

「Naturally, there must be people who specialize in making these tools work here. A portion of this place is left for people to make magic tools, and there are even those that come from outside. Basically, both of them stay here to use the resources available」

Naturally, because it also has something to do with magic, the school takes charge in lending a helping hand with something that may have a relationship with magic tool. There must be people who learn to make magic tools like Phillipe in this place.

They also design and develop new magic tools in this place.

「Excepting the magic tools that are sold here, there are many unsold magic tools. Crystal or cane that can seal powerful magic or magic boards that could memorize magic. Because one part is managing and researching those above them」

「The coliseum, where those professional fighters fought against each other, is very famous, but little do they know that the safety measures that were used in the coliseum were developed by the researchers here」

「Eh, that defensive measure?」

When I show such a perplexed reaction, both Minan and Suu are displaying triumphant smiles.

「Yeah. The dead copy was made by researching a treasure that could make an absolute non-aggression barrier called 『Untouchable Left Hand』. But, despite being a copy, the necessary skill and cost required to maintain the barrier far exceed any other magic tools」

「You even have a treasure? And here I thought that there was only some individuals who managed them」

「More than just owning them, those items were for the winner. In other words, we can research about treasures in this place. It can even be used as a kind of experience. Not just a treasure, even the magic crystals and magic tools that are being used for research in the academy were obtained via various routes 」

It is considerably troublesome to look for treasures or demon crystals in any place. Magic academy is awesome and definitely worth it for the trials they provided us initally.

「Try to touch that one――」

「We can’t right, we are just students after all」


Well, one needs to make a proper application in order to use any one of them for research. Well, I might be able to ask for that as a demonstration with my status as trial student, so I should probably speak with the teacher.

Let’s check the magic raw materials and magic tools little by little.

Now is the turn for beast summon.

So, we came to the ground again. I rarely see another student when I’m training on the ground.

No walls of ice is growing from the ground, no “AAH” screams that occur when an explosion happens upon students waving their cane, it is quite the pleasant scene.

I use summon magic at the corner of the ground.

「Summon…! Use it now」

「Yup. Well, please wait for a while」

「That’s strange. What… The hell is that?」

Minan’s eyes twitched as she showed a dumbfounded face.

Hana is standing right there along her line of sight.

Currently, Hana could be highly praised as a mop creature.

Even I am looking at it dubiously with a soft expression.

「Even I don’t know what it is. It has an unkempt appearance. It looks like clump of seaweed; even so, it is a nice guy. Well then…」

I’m showing the things that I bought to Hana.

「Are you hungry now, Hana?」

「I’m always hungry when it comes to delicious things, master!」

Hana is moving her nose closer to the item that I bought for her. According to what was written in the book, summoning beast eats everything.

「Well, try to eat these then, you might be able to evolve after that」

「E-vol… ve? Then, I’ll change into a new being when I eat different things, sounds great… I’m hungry now. Can I eat these? 」

「Too fast!Naturally, I bought these things for that reason, after all」

「It smells so good… Let’s dig in!」

Though I tried to smell it, these things seem to be odourless to my nose.

I can feel that these things, filled with the smell of demon elements, are extremely delicious and full of nutrition for her. No doubt about it. Certainly.

And when it comes to the balance of elements like fire, ice, or thunder, as long as Hana had a balanced nutrition, it can’t be helped if it ends up achieving balance with many eleme――!?.

While I am thinking about such things, Hana, still in the middle of a meal, is suddenly letting out a bright light.

Here it comes.

It’s the light of evolution that I’m familiar with!

The light is getting stronger.

The next moment after the light wrapped upon Hana’s body―― The light slowly darkened, and it came out from inside the darkness.

「O-H? Is… This ?」

「Somehow, it turned into a cute being」

Suu is smiling happily.

I can understand why he’s smiling like that.

The reason is because an armadillo-like creature is sitting on its rear with four short limbs in front of it, along with a small tail attached to its rear.

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