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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 90 - Magical Power Comparison

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Chapter 90 - Magical Power Comparison

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When I told them that I’m entering the probationary period in magic school, Ruu’s and Risa Haruna’s reactions are rather lukewarm.

Since none of us have any kind of goal, and if there is any, it was just for traveling and doing something that you normally don’t do.

And I think I’m enjoying it.

Naturally, we were having private time when going to various place and doing our best to enjoy it.

For that reason, I chose to attend the probation period of the school and do my best to learn magic.

That’s why, I often coming to the library.

「Good grief, such a hard to please girl」

I’m thinking about Minan’s face while standing in front of the bookshelf.

Her bob-cut hair and the miniskirt is her everyday wear.

There’s a burnt scar on her hand which made me think whether it has something to do with alchemy.

I often think about her and spy at her, but in spite of her hatred against me, she’s definitely an adept in alchemy.

I’m not thinking about taking the alchemist class yet as I don’t have a good image in her mind.

Well then, such a thing won’t be a problem to me within this trial period.

「I see…」

There, I’m muttering such words while flipping the page of the book.

There are many kinds of book about magic, whether it from east or west, in the library located at the northern part of the academy. Even a freshman can take their time to read the books that are kept here.

There are several kinds of magic used by a mage. They include magic arrows, magic bullets, and magic swords, but even those following the path of an alchemist can use these kind of magic under certain circumstances.

It seems they can make something to some extent like making clay with magical power.

Magic arrow, magic bullet, and then magic sword―― Though there are magician who can use them, it seems the alchemist also can use those magic upon satisfying certain criteria.

It’ll become an amazing ability if it gets added to my repertoire of skills.

I’m lucky to be able to meet Minan. And I am more than willing to hear her say, “I will become your friend”.

And then, I’ll say, “Okay, let me to think about it.”

Next, I found a book that explains about how to summon an animal, so I read it.

This is it— found you!!

『Variation summon beast. In spite of being an extremely rare case, there are some cases in which the summoned beast can change their form after being summoned. And then they’ll become a new beast upon fulfilling certain criteria』

I found the description about the summoned beast that will evolve after the summoning.

There are few reasons why I came to this place, one of them was to know something about my summon beast, Hana.

Recently, it’s evolution isn’t functioning the way it should be, that’s why I decided to look for a way to evolve him and the methods to control it.

I start concentrating even more to read the contents of the book.

So time goes on.



I understood now.

So, I have decided.

Though I want to learn magic, I also want my summoned beast to become more powerful.

Which one should we start from then―― Uhn, it should be the summoned beast.

「Then, let’s do this」

So, I placed the book back at its original location.

「『Features And Classification of Summon Beast』. You can use a summoned beast, can’t you, Eiji?」

「Yeah, more or less, now let’s talk a-EH? MINAN!?」

Suddenly, I hear the voice of a girl with brown hair and bob cut style.

Her figure looks like a predatory bird in my eyes, and then I look at her direction.

「We’ll see a good thing, so follow me」

Minan forcibly dragged me out of the library.

Thus, I leave the library.

‘Eh, what is happening?’ is what I am thinking, but so be it.

I don’t know why it came to this, but what is this ‘good thing’ that she said a while ago?

What can I get by seeing it, is it enjoyable?

When such matters are rolling around inside my head――

I look at Minan’s face.

Though she look cools, for some reason, she is showing a sadistic triumphant smile.

And, she is walking with large strides.

――She doesn’t seems to be disappointed, but I might be wrong.

No, in fact, I don’t think she’s in regret. I know that since Minan’s back is forming a good line.

「Here we are!」

This is the place where I released several of my composite skill on one corner of the ground to measure the power of my magic. I also use a corner of the ground as my training area.

The stones and lumber were piling up beautifully. It’s just like the place where I tested my power a few days ago.

There, I saw Suu.

「You really brought him along huh, Minan」

「Naturally. Now get away from there, Suu」

When Minan sent a signal to drive away Suu with her arms, Suu, who was examining the lumber and stones, was looking at me with an apologetic face.

「And then, what are we going to do?」

So, I ask as if trying to perceive her intentions.

Minan is pointing her finger while raising her magical power.

「The magic academy of this Prowkai isn’t that kind of easy school. And amongst them, not even 10 % have the chance to attend the advanced class. Suu and I managed to learn in that class after tremendous effort and hardship」

I nod at her words in silence.

「And yet, you just suddenly entered the class, Eiji. Such a thing is impossible to happen. So, you should have used some unfair means. I just can’t figure out whether it is via your connections or bribery」

Minan is pointing her finger at me as if to denounce the criminal.

Yeah, in fact, I just want to know the limit of my power. I fear that it’ll be troublesome to say that.

「No, I just used my magic normally and then that teacher, Klein-sensei said that I have to participate in the advanced class」

「As if I’m going to believe that! You can’t enter the advanced class just like that. Even if that is true, the exam to enter should be a high leveled one. So, I expect that you already learned from somewhere」

「Uhm, should I say that there’s something that I don’t know 」

「And all of that is lead to one conclusion - Eiji, you have not entered the advanced class through your real skills」

Minan said those words with a serious expression. I want to retort to her detective-like way of speech, but so be it.

「No, in fact, it’s different from what you say, please trust me」

Since she is a rare alchemist, I want to become her friend. I think it’ll be more efficient to demonstrate my skills while parasitizing on her.

Moreover, I can feel that her gaze when I talk to Suu is rater terrifying, so I want to soften her gaze for a bit.

「Minan, you are being rude to him. I’m sorry Eiji. Minan is often mistaken as a violent person. And still childish on that side. But still, it’s true that I’m also jealous of you since I’ve my own share of troubles. But, she definitely isn’t a bad girl」

「It’s nothing, Suu. I’m neither angry nor I feel uncomfortable around you. In fact, I never even doubted you」

「It’s as if I’m the bad child here. You men」

When Suu followed along, as if it’s already planned before, there’s a crowd starting to surround Minan.

「Good news, everyone. I have come here to show you guys that Eiji isn’t qualified to enter advanced class with my magic」

Minan is gathering her magical power on her palm.

With such concentration of magical power, it’s as if— No, it’s different.

It’s real.

「Is this the power of an alchemist-!」

「That’s right. Look at her eyes. It’s an alchemist javelin」

Minan threw the blue colored spear-shaped air in her hand.

She threw it like throwing a spear, and she easily threw countless javelins toward a tree that was dozens of metres ahead of her which then split into two parts.

Moreover, all her javelins hit the target. This is her difference from a trickster. As an extremely practical weapon, even more so when the speed and the attack can be adjusted.

What a nice skill, a sight to be seen.

I turn my gaze toward Minan who is at her peak condition.


She was looking at me with a triumphant look that she never expressed before.

Never did I expect to see her showing this kind of face.

But I know that this is the result of her training. That’s why she can show that kind of face and act in that way.

I guess I should do the best I can do to gain her recognition.

「How is that. Though this much must be a piece of cake, can you do it? No, I guess you can’t right――」

「I can, you know」


「It’s okay as long as I show a similar level of magic with yours, right?」

Maybe because I calmly muttered those words, Minan’s eyebrow creased.

「Do you really mean what you say?」

「Naturally. Foolishness does not exist in my character.」

「…No more words. Let me see whether you are stronger than me. Alchemist Shield!」

She materialized her magical power like before.

Yup, this time, defense is more important than offense.

This is a tower shield that is even taller than her height.

「Well then, shoot your magic on my shield. I’m going to send them back to you」

「Can I? I mean, I can make a shield too, you know」

「That’s unreasonable. The stronger one should be on defensive side, right?」

She’s glaring at me with an unflinching gaze.

Those are the eyes that are filled with self-confidence on her own power.

「He~h, I see. Okay then. Put your everything into your shield, Minan. Since it won’t become a test of power unless you do so」

「How confident of you! I hate that guts of yours, but as you wish, since you know the manner of giving your best once you start doing it 」

「Nice, then I’ll come at you with every bit of my power」

We were beginning to knead our magical power in front of Suu, who was looking at us with an excited face.

I’m using enchant magic on myself. Divine protection of Ondine. Magic Charge. Defense Penetration. Power of Nature――.

Weakening curse on the shield made by Minan. Law of All――.

Piling up the support skills one above the other.

And then, I gather my magical power toward the tip of my finger.

If your opponent is telling me that she’ll use her everything, then it’s just the right manner for me to use my everything too.

「Here I come. I’ll use magic arrow」

「That is the most basic magic of a magician. Such a measly thing…」

「Yup. That’s why it’s better」

Minan can only use such a confident look in her eyes till this point.

Right after this, I shoot a magic arrow with my everything, just as I promised.

A silence descended for a while.

The sound of a rock exploding resounded across the surrounding.

Minan is looking from behind the shield with a dumbfounded face.

My arrow pierced through the shield, passed right beside Minan’s face, and then pulverized the huge rock behind her.

It pulverized the rock with a small hole on it.


Minan continues to blink for a long time, while touching her shield that got its side destroyed. And then, she turns around to gaze at the pulverized rock with a robot-like movement.

She closed her eyes, and then looks at me again.

Suu is also repeating the same set of actions as her.

Minan dropped her shield and then walked with an unsteady gait.

「W-What the hell are you?」

「I-I don’t know what to say, but, are you really just enrolling for a trial?」


Minan’s scream reverberated throughout the training ground.

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