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Chapter 89 - Advanced Class

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「In spite of just registering, since he exhibited the most superior ability amongst the students who are taking the entrance examination, I have decided to make him participate in the advanced class for the time being. Well, that aside, let’s study along with him」

The lecturer of magic school――Crane Kinke―― is introducing me who’s standing beside his podium. The students in the class, regardless of their age, are looking curiously at me.

That’s just natural since this kind of case is truly a rare one.

「Well then, feel free to sit on the empty seat」


I’ll sit on the empty seat at the back row.

While receiving the curious gazes of 30 people――

Why did this happen to me?

The reason is my beyond excellent scores during the entrance test.

Not just limited to the teacher who witnessed that test, I was even being invited to join the class in which the students who had already learn advanced magic before joining the school studied.

Naturally, I did agree to it due to the following two reasons.

First is I can experience the higher degree of magic first hand.

And the other reason is――

[Training Art User 19]

That’s the result of Parasite’s analysis of one of the students of this class. Naturally, I did that when I passed by her side without her noticing it.

I touched her with parasite with a smooth manoeuvre.

For me, due to most of the cases that I experienced until now, I strengthened the touching sensation along with [Stealth Art] at the moment I touched, along with the fact that she’s wearing a thin silk dress and doesn’t know whether I’m touching her or not, making it easy to parasitize her.

I have no need to resort to the “accidentally falling method”.

In fact, this female student doesn’t even care about that and keeps copying the notes on the board in front of the class.

This is not a skill which I obtained from a class but a skill which I got from my parasite class, my original skill class.

I don’t even feel that I’m extending my own skill toward the wrong direction in full force.

Well, it’s not like I’m going to misuse it. I arrive at my seat and then proceed to follow the classroom lesson.

Even so, this is the first day and I have already fulfilled my first reason.

The second reason is also smoothly sailing.

If there’s a magic school which is gathering the elites, there must be rare magic user amongst them. And don’t you agree that many of them might be users of advanced magic?

This is the reason why I applied to the advanced class.

This is looking good. A training art user is my first class.

I can latch my parasite on the students in this class while learning magic other than the ones that I learn from parasite - it’s just like tasting two dishes in one bite.

Well then, let’s take the class more seriously.

Today is the first day of the class.

The lecturer is teaching us about how to learn magic efficiently.

Though it’s quite a difficult matter to me since I’ve no knowledge of the essentials, there are several ways to understand the magic from what I learned this time.

And one of them is to feel when using that magic.

It is a method to learn how to use the magic by remembering the magic flow and change, ingrain it into your body, and then mimic the same.

Even if it’s easy to say, it’s actually really difficult to feel something that happens inside one’s own body and outside. And even more so to mimic it with with one’s own body. Thus, one needs a long time to learn magic.

By connecting the demon elements outside one’s body to inner body, spreading the connection even further or doing something similar to increase the efficiency. But, since I don’t have a full grasp on it yet, this is as far as I can tell.

But, as I expected, magic that can be learnt isn’t just one. In other words, I can expect that I’ll get many skills in the class which I can’t learn normally. I’m more excited now.

By the way since it’ll take a long time for the other people, it seems one will need the assistance of the magic tool so that they can feel the demon elements.

That’s why there are some stories through which I can get the history of magic, the social relationship and the raison d’etre of a magician, magic tools etc.

All of these lessons are truly useful and very interesting. More refreshing stories than any others. Even so, I often succumbed to my drowsiness whenever I heard my teacher’s story in my original world, so I did some review after returning to my inn.

Someday, when we’re spending some free time after the lesson is finished.

「How’s your school experience, Eiji?」

「It’s perfect, Su」

A glasses wearing man in his late teens is calling me. His name is Su. He’s a magician who has silky smooth hair which is the target of the envy of woman.

We naturally talked with each other since his seat is right beside mine. After talking to him, I can feel that he’s the caring and serious type.

「I’ve a better understanding of the lesson thanks to your teaching, Su」

「Though everyone does the same thing, it’s rare for someone to come to the advanced class directly from the entrance examination, so you’re basically a rare creature」

「Rare creature?」

I’m pointing at myself, and then Su nods right after that to affirm my guess.


「Ahaha, my bad, I’m joking you see. But, I’m honestly surprised since I never thought that there could be a person directly coming the entrance examination. I heard the stories about you displaying an overwhelming power in the test that was meant to measure your personal ability, and how did you do that?」

Su bends his body forward.

Su always talks using this kind of formal speech. It’s a good thing and always seems courteous to others. I can say that he’s just like Alie.

「How I did it? I just used various kind of magic and then raised their power a bit」

「Fuhn, I already heard about that part――」

「Yeah. Definitely not trivial」

I suddenly heard the voice of a third person cutting our conversation.

It’s calm and composed but loud too.

When I look at the owner of the voice.

「No one who just entered is suddenly forced to go to into the advanced class. It’s already strange by itself. It was a close fight in spite of me using my magic tool in the training yesterday. There’s nothing trivial in it. Eiji is either using money, connections, or maybe other illegal methods」

It’s a cold and merciless remark from a female classmate.

Her age is maybe around Su, and thus despite being younger than me, she’ll always be my senpai in the school.

Her name is Minan.

And I’m ignoring her who’s staring daggers at me.

「I swear to the god of heaven and earth that I’m not doing such things. It might be a something rare, but I definitely am not guilty for sure」

「As if I will believe such a blatant lie. Moreover, I’m your senpai, so use polite language when you are talking to me」

「What are you saying just now, Minan! All of us who are studying in this place are comrades no matter how old you are, what your job is, or your gender is, isn’t that clearly defined in the school rules?」

「Shut up, Su! I’m not even sure that we’re comrades since I have come this far after such hardships. And yet, aren’t you feeling bitter when he passed so easily with such a light-hearted feeling」

「Nope, absolutely not.」

「Whaaat!? Su, are you even sane!? Listen to me Eiji, I won’t recognize you as a comrade. If you want my recognition, then show us your power」

Minan is pointing her finger to me while adding 「Not like you can show it though」.

I am silently looking at her finger.

「Well, it’s not like I’m going to try to gain your recognition. That aside, since I am planning to go to the library after this, see you later guys」

I told her as I stand up from my seat and quickly walk toward the door.

At that time, someone firmly caught my shoulder.

「Wait a minute, what’s with that manner of speech? It’s as if you’re not recognizing me at all」

「Aren’t you saying the same thing to him, Minan」


「Calm down guys, and you said that “If there’s a chance”, am I right Minan? Thus, since I’ve some matters to attend today, see you later guys」

Since I feel that I’ll be entangled in troublesome matters if things keep going on in this way, I hastily leave this place while saying my goodbyes to the two of them.

Sorry for abandoning you, Su.

I’ll leave this place to you. So I said to him.

Though I hear that someone is shouting 「WAIT RIGHT THERE!」from behind, I leave the classroom without turning around.

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