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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 92 - Summoned Beasts

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Chapter 92 - Summoned Beasts

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「Do you want to eat this, Hana?」


After returning to the inn, I gave Hana some vegetables. The mustard leaf-like vegetables quickly disappeared into Hana’s mouth.

It has the appearance of a wombat.

I called it Hana for my own convenience. It’s appearance is that of wombat, even it’s stupid face.

But, when I’m looking at it’s Status.


【Class】Hunter 30

【Strength】 250

【Attack】 220

【Defense】 294

【Magical Power】 184

【Magic Attack】 201

【Magic Defense】 336

【Agility】 188

【Skill】Variation Magic Arrow Magic Tool Mastery Magic Barrier Digging: Dexterity Hawk Eyes Terrain Adaptation: Forest Bow Mastery Magic Arrow Rain Suicide Attack: Beast Knowledge of Medicinal Plants Suicide Attack: Plant Judgement(Earth) Judgement(Plant) Nutrient Conversion Raising-Out-of-Season Crops Growth: Self Farming Tools Mastery Mis-shot Intuition Boost Strength Boost Aim Boost …

From the look of things, it has become stronger.

And gained even more skills.

Things became difficult the moment it turned into Lv 30. It would have definitely been a wrong choice if I had left it on it’s own.

When I’m looking at it, that beast is looking at me with it’s cute face.

But, this summon beast isn’t all about appearance. Hana has quite high abilities, despite it’s cute appearance.

Speaking of it’s previous mop form, it seems it didn’t have any skills related to its special characteristics. I thought that the skills that were learned previously will be inherited. However, this wombat form can’t talk due to it’s racial trait.

In spite of being unable to talk, I get this feeling that this guy knows what we are talking about. Well, it’s not that much of a problem since I can somehow understand what it wants to say by it face and gestures.

Its roar also sounds cute, so it’s an OK.

I’m caressing Hana’s back who just finished it’s meal. It’s eyes mellowed as if it feLT good and then fell asleep as such.

「G’Night, have a nice dream」

After sending back Hana while wrapping her in the light, I go to the riverbed.

「How do you do, Jackrosa?」

「Uhm. I became capable of using it as long as it is simple magic」

After saying so, Jackrosa put more strength into his spear and the spear starts emitting a purple lightning at its tip.

I’m experiencing a normal class despite entering the advance class as a trial student. There’s no way to explain everything to the students in the advance class unless it also has a practical example.

「Wow, it’s lightning magic」

「I’m planning to memorize several spells till I can put it into practice」

Jackrosa is saying so with his never changing calm tone.

His voice accompanied by the crackling sound of lightning, somehow made me sleepy……

「…HAH. No no no no. Cough. Then, the result have started to become visible, right?」

「Yeah. As expected, I’m the best when I fight using my spear, but I feel that using this kind of strengthening and support isn’t bad either」

「I might be bad against an opponent who uses a sharp blade. So, I think it’s worth to learn a bit of countermeasures against them」

Jackrosa is nodding with a satisfied face while lifting his spear.

Thereupon, I’m looking at him and then mentioned,

「That’s right. I’ve also gained a lot of knowledge in the matters regarding summon beast and how to take care of them till they evolve」

「Summon beast?」

「Yeah. I’m actually a summoner. Well, it’s been a while since I used it and I want to take it to a brief walk till it gets used to its new form. I’m about to take it out for a walk right now」

「Eh, Summon beast? BEAST SUMMONING!?」

Just when I’m about to summon Hana, for some reason, Jackrosa keeps asking me questions about my summoned beast.

Things like it’s name, it’s form, it’s power, it’s charming point, all of those questions were regarding the summoned beast.

「Eh, you also got the permission to join this class, Eiji?」

「Eh, Suu. Well, double class is quite troublesome afterall」

The one who entered the coffee room is Suu.

He seems to have come for a relaxing break.

He introduced himself on seeing Jackrosa. Well, he seems to be surprised on knowing that the other party is Jackrosa of the coliseum and then introduced himself again.

「To learn magic. As expected of the top class fighter of the arena, you never neglect your training to always improve yourself」

「Yeah, it’s something like that since I can’t just accept the loss. Thus, I came to this place for the first time and trying to learn magic here」

「I can be a little proud if a celebrity like you said those words. No need to hold back, please ask any questions that you want to ask」

Jackrosa is nodding after hearing Suu’s words.

When I thought that Jackrosa might become the victor of the next season, Suu is looking at me.

「You made me surprised too, Eiji. To think that you’re an acquaintance of Jackrosa. As expected, you two became acquaintances due to your skills, huh」

「Well, that is more because of the coliseum.」

Suu is looking alternately at Jackrosa and me with a grateful face.

「As expected, you’re so amazing, Eiji. I’m glad that I can become your classmate」


「Have you nonchalantly touched them? You are trying touching them carefully. Though it might be suspicious if you try to do something like that, it might be more natural if you clap their shoulders」

Eh, he noticed it?

No way, though I thought no one has noticed it, I can’t let my guard down around Suu. His observation skills are terrifying. I have no choice but to be careful.

「E-EH, I see. But, I’m a bit embarrassed to have a conversation with him, I think I will hesitate and then pull back my hand at the last moment」

「Hee, I see. Well no need to hold back then」

I’m a bit hesitant to touch him right now. The situation isn’t right for the moment. And I don’t see that this is the right situation to touch him.

I heaved a sigh of relief while looking at Suu’s face.

―― But, I can see that that Suu’s eyes aren’t smiling at all―― This guy is a master.

Thus, I spent the break time with Suu and Jackrosa.

After the break period, the trial entrance period also came to an end.

Though I have to travel to the advanced class to take a lesson there, there’s still some free time for the class to start.

The weather is sunny and not bad to spend the day in leisure, so I headed toward the the courtyard.

「Kyu~, Kyu~」

Oh, this roar is Hana’s.

I did say that it can spend it’s time walking around while grazing at the same time, so it was at the courtyard of the academy, huh.

When I’m about to go there――At that time.

「Kyuu, Kyuu~」

I can hear a slightly different voice.

This voice is ――Eh?

What I saw is the sight of Minan tickling Hana’s belly.

「Yoshi Yoshi, here here here」

She is playing with Hana with a carefree smile that I never saw before, as if she’s truly enjoying it.

I stand still at my place――


I couldn’t hold back my laughter.

No, I mean Minan is. How should I say, her image is really different from the Minan that I know. Right.


That moment, Minan is turning around with a earth-shattering speed.

「A… Ah, D… Did you see it?You saw that, right?You heard it, right?」

Minan is speaking with a lisping tone.

Her feet are tottering as if she wanted to find a hole to bury herself.

「Yup, I saw it」

「F-From, from which part did you hear it?」

「… Kyu~Kyu~」

When I’m trying to mimic her action as close as possible――Ah, she turned red.

Seeing the cool Minan, who usually swings her fist, lowering her gaze like this in shame makes me want to tease her a little.

「YoShi~Yoshii, what a cute thing. Let me pet you~」

I’m trying to narrate the event about Hana’s stomach tickling with a falsetto voice.

Minan face become even redde――Eh?Minan’s condition is changing?

Minan is raising her bright red face and then glaring at me.

Though she is trembling, it’s not just because of embarrassment; Oh no, that look is dangerous, she is angry……



「I won’t let you live since you witnessed it. I’m gonna kill you even even at the cost of my life!」

Her magical power is gathering at a high speed.

Wait a minute, even if she determined to perform a suicide attack, she is way too determined!

「Sorry! I was just teasing you a little! I promise from the deepest part of my heart to not tell anyone about it!」

I keep apologizing till we held hands.

Minan returned to her calm appearance.

Maybe because she regained her calm, Minan’s fist loosened, in spite of her still making a grim face.

「… Naturally, if you really said it, I definitely will come for your life」

「I understand, I understand. I’ll only talk about it in my dream. Sometimes, I like to remember funny events like this since it’ll become a valuable joke mate— SET ASIDE YOUR SPEAR, MINAN」

「I really will stab you the next time you make a fool of me」


Oh crap, she is way too scary.

No need to go that far when I’m just teasing her. It’s unintentional, after all.

「Moreover, stop your friendly act」

「Yes, my deepest apologies」

「…Even so, are you really okay with letting your summoned beast to roam freely like this?」

As expected, even I can’t crack a joke on Minan who made a request as if she can’t endure it.

Life is precious. I don’t want for it to come to an end because of a sneak attack.

Moreover, since my summon beast is so cute, her reaction isn’t strange at all.

「It’s okay, you can play with it at anytime since Hana will be happier that way」

Minan is nodding with a satisfied face.

After I managed to finish that matter peacefully, I let Hana to saunter again and then we returned to the school building, since it’s almost time for the next lesson.

――That moment.

『A~h, A~, can you hear this? Uhm, is it working properly… I think that everyone already understands this, but this academy is already under our control』

……… EH?

Minan and I are looking at each other’s face.

The sound is coming from the intercom magic tools that are usually used for broadcast inside the academy, but what the hell is that?

『The one who’s monitoring all of you are my undead. Resistance is futile. Since the reason for my action is not to put all of you into danger, nothing will happen as long as you act like a good child, and that will make our job easier. That’s why, please behave yourself for a while, till we find the things we’re looking for. Naturally, I won’t show mercy if you try to escape or put up a resistance. Though I did say that I have no intention to harm you, I’m not that naïve either. Please be a good child if you don’t want to become a new comrade for the zombies. Well then, be a good child till I mention you’re free』

In the end, everything turned quiet again.

「What just happened. Is it some kind of a joke?」

Minan feels something is amiss.

「Get down, Minan!」

At that moment, I touch Minan’s shoulder and tell her to duck like me.

I forced Minan to be quiet by pressing my index finger on my lips toward Minan who tried to say something.

A moment later, I can hear footsteps of something passing by us.

Together, we peek at the thing that is passing by the central plaza from the corridor windows.

「What… Is that?」

「Looks like it really happened」

A zombie is loitering in the corridor.

Prowkai magic academy is being invaded by undead.

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