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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 86 - Victory In His Hand

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Chapter 86 - Victory In His Hand

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I converge my magical power and then fire a rain of magic arrow.

It rains down incessantly in the entire room creating ripples on the water, and then――


「OUCH……………… AH!」

The arrows rained down incessantly on both me and Isakuza.

It pierced both of our skins and gave damage to both of us.

Though I’ve been standing as straight as possible while protecting my neck and head, I can’t escape unscathed from damage.

My opponent’s also in the same situation as he has sustained several wounds too.

「You, what are you going to do――!」

「I’ve said it before right, I know the way to beat you. This is my answer. With this, even you can’t evade it, right.」

Magic Arrow Rain.

That is spreading around low powered magical arrows over a wide range.

And then, here we are, currently trapped in the room with a limited range.

In short, there’s nowhere to escape.

Whether it’s the opponent, or me.

「As expected, no matter how much you try to avoid it, even you won’t be able to escape from the rain. I won’t be able to hit you with my normal attacks. But, it definitely will hit if it’s an attack that will cover a vast area, even though I will be included in that too. NOW TAKE THIS SECOND VOLLEY! 」

The rain of magical power pours down incessantly.

Light bursts forth from the semi-transparent ceiling of the room made with skills, and then pours down incessantly without any gap.

「Kuh! Are you sane! You’re taking the damage too! 」

「I’m naturally well aware of that. If I make the arrows to not fall on me, Isakuza will surely push me away from that place and then stay on that place. If I have to achieve what I said, I can do it in this way only.」

And then, I fire the magic arrow rain again.

Even if it’s a low powered one, the damage will accumulate considerably when I fire it multiple times.

Isakuza and I are shedding blood at various places.

Yosh, I could show a rain of blood in accordance to my declaration. His own rain of blood.

「Oops! It’s not done yet!」


The wounded Isakuza is facing against me.

But, I calmly cope with him.

I’ve confirmed about the matter of penetrating his defense.

And then, the shower of arrows pour down incessantly even further during such slight gap.


「It’s slowly becoming easier, you know. Since you couldn’t even defend yourself against it when you were still fine, it’s even more effective when you’re injured.」

I made that declaration while bluffing as if it doesn’t hurt at all.

Yup, it’s the characteristic of a swordsman. Though they have excellent offensive ability and mobility, their stamina isn’t that great. Evasion is their style of battle.

I, on the other hand, am balanced with many classes, my abilities are well balanced, my stamina is also fairly good.

In short, if it’s under the assumption that I won’t be able to avoid the attack, I’ll just endure it. Even if we’re receiving similar attacks.

Somehow, Isakuza has also noticed that fact.

That’s why he was trying to beat me.

「No way, is this in accordance to your plan――Eiji!」

「Nope, it’s just normal. I actually hate pain and just want to win easily. Thus, this is the best conclusion after thinking how to win easily. It was naturally coming to this if I couldn’t do it with zero pain.」

And then, I keep shooting arrow rain skill even further while defending against my opponent’s attacks.

And then, finally.


Isakuza fell on his knees.

Water’s splashing on his face.

While falling, his face was facing toward me and then he opened his mouth.

「Why, you can―― Do something like this?」

「―― Calculation. To put it simply, attack and stamina」

「… Humph, you’re, strong」

And then, Isakuza fainted.

At the same time, I also cancelled the skill which created that room.

The water is making a splashing sound as it spread on the ground of the coliseum; the one who came to me first was Haruel followed by the staffs.

And then, I saw Ruu leaping from the audience seat. It was a splendid light jump.

「Are you alright!? Eiji-kun!」

「Yeah, I’m okay you see. It ended up according to my calculations since my injury is lighter than him.」

「You shouldn’t act recklessly like that, you know. Even how you win, it’s completely like you’re committing a kamikaze at――」

Haruel’s sniffling with tears flowing down from her lacrimal glands.

When I see that, the feeling called ‘thanks goodness that you’re alright’ made me feel slightly proud for doing those reckless actions.

And then, I ask the staff to detain and give treatment to Isakuza while I decided to go to the medical room to receive treatment myself.

「Eiji! You did it! 」

Ruu was shouting with an excited voice.

And then placing her hand on my shoulder who was walking unsteadily,「You really have some guts to win against that kind of strong and sh*tty guy like him; moreover, you plotted against him to make him tattered like that! Now I see you in a better light! 」

「Thank yo~u for your prai~se. Nevertheless, I don’t want to use this kind of method again.」

「E~~H! What a waste! And yet, you became really passionate when you engaged in such bloody combat.」

「I don’t want to do such atrocious kind of combat!」

When I glared at her hand as I brushed it away, Ruu’s laughing with “ehehe”.

「Ahaha, sorry it’s a joke, you see. I’m relieved since you’re this lively」

Ruu’s smiling toward at me.

How should I say, I also feel safe when I see Ruu making that kind of face.

…I’m glad for being alive.

And then, when I am having a taste of victory at this late moment――



The sound of a large gong resounded inside the coliseum.


The chairman of the competition declared it loudly with the magic tool that possesses the function of amplifying the sound.

At the same time, cheering voices, as if breaking the coliseum from inside, erupted from the audience.

It was overwhelming.

I can feel great excitement that was as if it was shaking the ground.

Ruu pushes her fist to my chest while I am still dumbfounded by the situation.

「Congratulations, it’s a great victory」

「………… AH, thank you」

Thus, I leave the arena while basking under such cheers.

「I avenged you, Jackrosa」

「That kind of talk… It feels like I’m about to die, you know」

The one who’s retorting is Jackrosa who watched the combat from indoors with the staff’s permission.

With his amazing resilience, he already can move around despite having bandages all over his body.

「As I thought, you’re extremely strong, right. I’m surprised, you know」

「No~pe, it’s not the case. My opponent’s ability was completely overwhelming mine. That’s why I used various kinds of tactics along with a kamikaze attack」

「Uhn. I think the fact that you having come to that point… is the evidence that you’re really strong. Since you can’t win when you’re weaker than your opponent unless you do so. Even I can follow your example」

Jackrosa nodded lightly as if he deciding on something.

Though I think that he will become much stronger if he can investigate his own power more thoroughly. Even so, it’s better if you can do various things in case you’re going to face against various situation all alone. Though the efficiency will become better if you form a party where each person will focus on only a single thing.

「Well, it’s a good thing that you’re being eager like that, but let’s heal your wound first」

「Yeah. At that time… will you spar with me again? 」

「Of course. Since I’ve things to learn too」

Jackrosa was smiling lightly when he heard my words.

「As a fellow fighter, I’m glad that you avenged me」

「Risa Haruna was also looking from this place」

Risa Haruna was also in the same room.

She was standing by for her match, but it seems she came to this place when she heard the commotion.

「It seems you completely turned into a superstar, haven’t you? Most of the audience were charmed by the battle. A mysterious intruder beat the opponent who was not defeated by the top fighters of the coliseum」

Risa Haruna laughed merrily on that, but it’s not a joking matter, you know.

I didn’t have any plans to fight in the first place, and I definitely don’t want to attract attention in such manner.

「Oya, aren’t you making quite the reluctant expression there」

「Eh, I’m not, you know. Aren’t you aware of my personality? 」

「No~pe, I don’t know. As a fighter myself, I’m envious of you who became a popular fighter」

Risa Haruna’s laughing in a stiff manner.

This person absolutely understands me the best.

Well, apart from standing out, maybe I should feel relieved that I can see the competition proceeding smoothly after this.

I was surprised at the fact that there’s a human who’s far more dangerous than a monster though. The potential of a human being is far more amazing than what I thought.

Which means that it’ll also increase the potential of the parasite.

「Next schedule is fighter Risa Haruna――」

The one who came was the staff of the coliseum.

That’s right, there’s still Risa Haruna’s match.

At any rate, I should just cheer Risa Haruna for now.

Though an unexpected event just happened, the remaining matches were still held.

Haruel’s match was treated as a match without any victor, so the other semifinal became the final.

As expected, since they can’t perform the match as planned, they rescheduled it for a different day.

Haruel’s opponent isn’t in a condition to participate the match after getting done in by Isakuza.

Though there was Haruel who won her match without even fighting against her opponent, since there was an intruder in her match, Haruel declined her right to fight in the final even though she was completely unscathed.

And then, there came the discussion as to whether to let me fight, but as expected, it’s impossible since no matter how you look at it, I have not even entered the preliminary match. Thus, they decided to make the other semifinal as the final.

Though the result is the general outline, unfortunately it’s ended in Risa Haruna’s defeat. As expected, her opponent was also someone who climbed through the semifinal.

We couldn’t get the rumored sword, but we won’t be troubled even if we don’t acquire it as it’s just a normal sword.

Since the reward was splendid, we were given a treat by Risa Haruna.

A while later, I was in the coliseum.

It seems that Jackrosa has already recovered from his wounds, so I came to see his fight after his rehabilitation.

The result is an undisputed victory. I’m glad that he has fully recovered.

…… When I thought so.

「Oi, that, isn’t that guy him?」

「N? Ah, you’re right, he’s the intruder who saved Haruel-chan a while ago」

My surroundings become suspiciously noisy.

This is bad… This is a bad idea… I’m wearing muffler-like clothes and a deep hat, since I’m waiting for the event to settle down for sometime. Even so, this is………

「You’re absolutely right! May I have a bit of your time! I want to talk! 」

「Please give me your autograph! Ah, it’s okay even if it’s your private property! 」

The disturbance instantly spread around; people start locking on my surroundings.


「My apologies, I am taking my leave since I have an urgent business right after this!」

I break through the encirclement via the gaps between the people while saying those words and just like that, I escape from the coliseum.

I shake off the people who somehow noticed my intention and then heaved a sigh at the back alley of the coliseum.

「Ha~, it seems I won’t be able to peacefully watch matches for a while after this. Good grief, truly good grief」

I was walking in the alley toward the inn while thinking whether I can live an ordinary live by covering my entire face with a mask.

「Uhm! I have a wish!」

I suddenly heard a voice which called upon me.

As I turned around, the one who’s present in my field of vision is a boy who’s wearing a berret-like hat while still having the trace of innocence on his visage, but his eyes are filled with determination.

「I have a request for fighter Eiji-san」

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