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Chapter 85 - In Stage

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「Good, that’s a good one, Eiji. That tenacity to not end it immediately. But, will you come to attack a bit more? You couldn’t even shed my blood except for the first one, isn’t it? 」

The best swordsman in the world, Isakuza, is trying to agitate me in the momentary rest that was born during the midst of our battle.

His grin is so annoying as if he’s looking down on me when I look at it.

「My bad then, it’ll end right away you know.」

「Oioi, how about enduring it for a little more? Don’t they say that a young man must have guts? 」

「I won’t retort since it’s a fact. But, I can beat you even without guts, Isakuza」

Isakuza squinting his eyes and then said「Hou?」.

「You’re definitely look confident despite being pushed back by me. If you’ve a secret skill, bring it out quickly before I start yawning from boredom」

He speaks in a completely carefree manner.

Well, I definitely understand why he can act that carefree seeing the flow of the match so far. まあ、

「Right, Eiji-kun. Do you―― really have the way to beat that guy?」

Haruel who’s standing not far from me inquired.

I can hear the voice coming from the audience seat at the same time too.

Oioi, I’m still alright you know.

I won’t even try to trespass unless I’ve enough confidence.

After all, one on one is too much even if the opponent is the top gladiator of the coliseum.

Uhn, I noticed the voice became even louder to the point that it was comparable to the beginning.

Well, I guess it can’t be helped since it has already reached this point.

「Running away isn’t a bad thing since your opponent is the man who’s called as the strongest in the world.」

「It’s okay, I already found a way to win this battle. Moreover――」

I say that to Haruel and then went forward.

I approach Isakuza while pointing my sword at him.

「You are really powerful, aren’t you Isakuza. To be honest, you’re the strongest of all opponent that I fought so far, whether it’s monster or human―― But, I won’t lose」

「Hou? And your basis? 」

「Since I’m not alone.」


Isakuza shows an obviously confused expression on hearing my words.

But, I keep going on.

「You don’t understand what I mean, right? You might be the strongest as an individual but in the end, you’re just alone. As for me, I have the power of many people which I have met so far! 」

Fuu, it’s decided.

… I’m not lying.

At the same time as I say that.


Isakuza shows an expression of complete dissapointment when he heard my words.

He then shakes his head while speaking in an irritated tone.

「Idealism huh, it’s not a nice thing to say if you think you can do something with that. How foolish. Everyone has no need to train from dawn till dusk if they can win just by that feeling. How about I teach you just how much of that kind of guys who came to kill me while saying those flowery words.」

「Idealism? You’re mistaken, mine is real. Skill 【Locked Stage】! 」

The surroundings instantly enveloped in darkness the next moment.

A 10 metre or so semi-transparent wall is enclosing me and Isakuza inside the arena of the coliseum. This is a composite skill of dancer and parasite - the effect is to make a room.

At the same time as the room is invoked, it’s terrain is adjusted.

All abilities rise by 20%; moreover, the automatic recovery of stamina and magical power also receives a large correction.

This is one of the biggest merits in making the room.

With a light “kin” sound.

Isakuza was slashing at the wall with a dubious expression.

「I see, so you somehow make a barrier-like thing which prevent someone to enter or leave it huh. That’s a strange skill you’re using there, Eiji」

「Yeah. With this, I can fight you without any need to hold back」

「You did that so you won’t cause any damage to your surrounding?」

「Na, It’s to prevent you from escaping outside」

「What? 」

Isakuza eyebrows twitched for a moment after hearing my words.

「Show your power, Ondine!」

At the same time, massive amount of water starts gushing out from my foot.

The spirit magic of water spirit connected to the lake somewhere else is rapidly increasing the volume of the water.

This is the limit huh.

The magic ceased when the water got collected until it was slightly above my ankle.

Though I just summoned water, its massive quantity is greatly exhausting.

The room which I made is currently submerged.

「You, don’t tell me your aim is――」

That’s right. I made this room for the sake of collecting this water. And then, the collected water is――

The slightly impatient Isakuza’s rushing to attack.

Though I’m dodging his rush up while at the same time receiving his slash till this point―― Now I’ll dodge his slash.

I changed the orbit of the sword that’s aiming my chest diagonally from my shoulder with my sword, it draw a trails as if slipping through my armpit.

While at the same time, I shoot magic arrow as I take some distance from him.

It’s a fast move but Isakuza evaded the magic arrows and then rushed at me again. This time, he’s going for my neck.

But, I also barely avoid that by pulling back my upper body.

――Yosh, I avoided it!

My lips unintentionally loosened.

On the other hand, Isakuza’s lips are crooked.

「This is how I’m avoiding your attack」

「What are you talking about when it is just one or two hits!」

I shoot magic bullets toward Isakuza.

Though Isakuza avoided that attack, his attack came one beat slower; moreover, I avoided that attack.

I’m healing my wound with 【Hand of Healing】 skill bit by bit during the gap of

evading his attack.

And then, I continue firing magic arrow and water cutter of Ondine again.

It can’t hit him, but it’s necessary to blunt the attack of Isakuza; I keep using this hit and run tactic.

Just as planned.

「Chet, shameless action!」

Isakuza’s clicking his tongue.

It seems he’s getting irritated since he doesn’t know what to do at the current situation.

And yet, even if I can attack from my side, he’s taunting me with that. I know very well that his irritation keeps going up as his attack never reached me despite him attacking much more than defending from my attack.

「Getting irritated is a bad habit in battle, but it can’t be helped since you’re this strong. Rather, I’m surprised that I’ve to do this so far」

「Bark all you want――!」

「It’s not a joke. To be honest, I think you’re the top in terms of power. That speed and technique is by all means not something that I simply can cope with. Even so, I’ve many powers. And if I use that――」

Reinforcement skill.

It’s a sorcery-like weakening skill of the opponent.

It wasn’t enough with just that.

For that reason, I used interference skill at the same time on me and my opponent.

And that is by amassing water on this ground.

I knew that I was going to fight.

The starting point of my opponent’s speed and complicated footwork is his feet.

That exquisite footwork is the core of the sword skills.

That’s why I can greatly diminish his power if I can weaken those parts.

The resistance of water isn’t something that you can laugh off eventhough the volume of water just reached your ankle. I’m quite sure that my movement is also quite hindered.

This means that both sides are being weakened.

But, mobility by using his feet is the swordsman Isakuza’s way of battle, and it’s a great demerit against me who is battling by using various kind of skills.

It’s obvious that Isakuza’s way of battle is greatly hindered.

Moreover, it’s good as long as my attack penetrates Isakuza’s defense when he goes for attack. Nevertheless, the defensive side is in an advantageous situation in which they only need to defend against enemy attack while being cautious at his counter.

Even in sports, aiming for a counter by strengthening defense is a popular method used to beat higher ranked opponents. It was the method of battle employed to close the gap between the ability of the fighters.

The result of this is, despite my legs and arms being torn without being able to do anything, I can perfectly seal his attacks until now.

Naturally, the power of everyone(which I got from Parasitism)is showing it’s potential for the first time.

It’s not a lie since it’s not the power of one person.

Nevertheless, isn’t he really amazing from the fact that I’m completely outmatched unless I apply these various tricks on him.

I’ve acquired various kind of skills and classes, but I still have a long way to go before I can master the power of the so called swordsman class to the point of truly using it like him.

「Kuh, power of everyone you say, don’t spout such nonsense」

「It can’t be helped, it’s a fact after all. My strong point is to do various things. Even when I do this, it’s still not easy to beat you.」

I’m staring intently at Isakuza.

Isakuza’s provoking while he confirmed the movement of his dulled legs.

「And then, the next attack will beat you」


「Skill 【Magic Arrow Rain】!!!」

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