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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 80 - On the Verge of a Major Upheaval

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Chapter 80 - On the Verge of a Major Upheaval

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「Eiji! Come here quickly! 」

「I know, I know, no need to pull my hand, Ruu.」

I withdraw my arm from Ruu’s hand and then rush toward the coliseum.

Few days after we came to Prowkai, the time for league matches finally arrived. In the end, the sword that cut the space-time was nothing more than an extremely sharp sword to the point that it’ll cut space-time, but, since Risa Haruna was simply too motivated with the coliseum, she decided to participate in the special league match.

So we came to see her match to cheer for her.

I’m naturally not participating in it.

With the goal to become strong, participating in this kind of battle is a bit standing out.

It seems Ruu also doesn’t feel like doing it, but her cheering spirit is flawless.

She’s in extremely high spirits since this morning.

「Who do you think will become the overall champion? Eiji」

「Uh~n, there are a lot of strong people, you see. I’m cheering for Risa Haruna, but Jackrosa Tetra is quite powerful himself, isn’t he?」

「Hohou, quite sharp eyes you got there, Eiji. It’s Kean for me.」

「Kean. I’ve heard about him. He’s quite strong, right.」

Ruu nodded a few times.

I know that Ruu came to the coliseum few times and I think that it seems she saw him during those times.

「The other promising one is the magic swordsman――」

Ruu’s explaining more to me with a triumphant expression.

It seems she already became an expert before I noticed it. She’s the type that likes to watch sports rather than do it, huh.

Meanwhile, the first match has began.

Haruel appeared right away in the first card. Haruel’s waving her hand to her fans; she’s giving a full fanservice today too, huh.

And then, in the middle of it, I noticed… it’s as if her eyes met with mine.

And then, her nice smile stopped for a moment.

「Ruu, Haruel smiled at us just now」

「What are you being happy for, Eiji? That’s obviously just your misunderstanding. Because she is just smiling at everyone .」

「But, I don’t think so, you see~, I feel that she is obviously looking toward me」

「Ha~. What a typical misunderstanding~, you better wisen up yourself a bit, Eiji」

Ruu’s sighing deeply as if being amazed by my action.

Gugugu… But, it certainly feels like the reaction of an obviously misunderstood fan… For me to end up like that, Haruel is such a terrifying girl!

The first match ended up right away when I am still shivering in fear.

It’s Haruel victory. As expected, Haruel is strong.

Though Risa Haruna who came out several matches later also easily won her match. She’s receiving quite an amount of cheer; it seems she’s quite popular herself, huh.

「Woow, that newcomer is quite the good one, right. Despite being a beauty, the difference coming from her power during battle is out of this world」

「I think the fact that she’s fully composed during the match is superb」

The reaction of the audience is also the best.

Maybe you can say that it’s due to her charisma.

Anyhow, it seems that the first day of the special league is on its proper track. Risa Haruna also won her match with a landslide victory.

Kean too will surely win his match tomorrow.

When it comes to Kean, he’s one of the few amongst the A-rank adventurer cum fighter. I’m also paying attention to him.

And then, we head toward the staff room from the audience seat to greet Risaharuna.

It might be difficult though. This place is strangely busy.

There are a lot of people who are running around noisily, or shouting something; there are also people sitting in the corridor.

「What happened, Eiji? Did something happen? 」

「Who knows, I don’t know, but the situation is a bit unusual.」

When I listen carefully to the angry voice.

Though it’s hard to differentiate it since the place is really noisy, but I could understand a bit about the situation.


Kean can’t participate tomorrow……?

What’s the reason, I wonder.

Ruu and I stop our gait at the same time without any agreement beforehand, but we continue to listen attentively at the same time.

「What just… happened? Attacked? Oioi that’s a joke right, something like a guy attacking and even managing to injuring Kean is―― EH, it’s not a joke. Swordsman you say? Then, how about Kean’s condition! Still unconscious? OI, HOW COULD THAT HAPPEN! Even if you’re shouting like that at me, how could I know something like that! 」

Ruu and I exchange glances.

The big shot amongst the fighters in the arena gets attacked by a mysterious person and received a heavy wound. In short, there’s an even stronger person hiding in this city.

That sound dangerous.

「We better tell Risa Haruna about this, right」

「Yeah, let’s go quickly」

Ruu and I walk quickly toward Risa Haruna place.

Risa Haruna already knows about that information.

Haruel knows about that too, though it’s unknown how. When we separated that day, we decided to put our guards up.

And then, second day of the league.

As expected, Kean is absent from his match, but the contest advanced smoothly except for his absence.

There’s truly no trouble in this day, and the tournament advanced smoothly.

Though an atmosphere of unrest is spreading due to the event that happened in the first day, the surprising thing is that the tournament advanced smoothly after that.

And then, the preliminary league ended, the final tournament began.

There are 16 contestant left. The trio of Risa Haruna, Jackrosa and, Haruel also remained.

Isn’t this basically Risaharuna winnig the overall victory[championship]?

That kind of thought came for a moment.

And then, on the day of the final tournament.

The first match is a battle between Jackrosa Vs Haruel.

There’s a heated discussion about who will come out victorious; the people are buying souvenir or food to eat in the plaza in front of the coliseum, and we also arrive at the plaza.

And then, when it’s almost the time and we merrily entered to the coliseum via the authorized personnel entrance, it happened.

A scream spread out aloud.

When I look at the direction of the voice that destroyed the atmosphere―― My eyes opened wide in astonishment as I run toward that place.


Jackrosa was propping himself with his spear while dragging his bloodied limbs to enter the coliseum.

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