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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 81 - Looking for the Tsujigiri

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Chapter 81 - Looking for the Tsujigiri

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The staff members of the coliseum appear in panic and carry Jackrosa to the sickbay. We also follow them.

「Are you okay, Jackrosa?」

「Yeah, Eiji. I’m not dead. It hurts like hell, though」

Jackrosa replies with his usual tone.

Certainly, it seems his life isn’t in danger. But, his legs are in quite the pain and won’t be cured right away.

It seems that it’s impossible for him to fight in the arena for a while.

Jackrosa’s saying this while looking at us.

「Be careful, since it seems that someone is targeting us」

「Who? Who’s that person? 」

「I don’t know. I failed to see his face. I don’t know about his voice either since it was low and echoing. But, I can feel that… the culprit is a man」

He hid his identity and aimed at Jackrosa.

What the hell is he aiming for…

The other people are also asking for the information about that person while Jackrosa received his medical treatment.

According to what he said, that man attacked so suddenly using a sword. Though Jackrosa naturally fought back, it seems that Jackrosa received serious wounds as he was unable to use defensive skills.

The man then left a worthy note, “As expected, this city is still good”. And then, he left after saying that.

After hearing his story up to that point, we left the medical yard since he was going to receive full-medical treatment.

We were discussing about what we heard just now in front of the sickbay while sometimes hearing sounds like 「Uhn……… 」 or 「It’ll stink but plea-se endure it」 from inside the sick bay.

「Why did something like this happen? Jackrosa’s quite done in by him, you know」

「Yup, there’s a dangerous guy outside, right. Even when seeing from our point of view, he’s definitely one of the four heavenly kings of the arena」

Ruu’s truly a well-informed person, huh.

She became completely addicted to the coliseum.

「When you say so, could it be that it’s the same guy who ambushed Kean?」

「Well, it’not like there’s no possibility for that. In the first place, there are not that many people who can make strong people of the arena to suffer like that. And, it’s really troublesome to have two such persons take turns attacking this kind of figure without minding the crowd」

「Certainly. If that’s the case… As expected, he has some sort of aim. Judging from Jackrosa’s words, it seems that he’s done with this if it’s not worthy. Could it be that he’s aiming at the fighters of the arena and purposely aiming for strong fighters? 」

What a strange guy.

It seems that his goal isn’t something like money. The other party isn’t someone who’s eager for it. I can’t fee-………… Ah.

I turn toward Risa Haruna’s direction.

Risa Haruna also nods at me having understood my intention.

「I might be in danger too. Maybe it’ll be quite interesting if he came at me」

「No, it’s not something that you should feel glad, you know」

「It’s okay, I’m an immortal, you know」

「Immortal, you say?」

「Hey, it just means that you don’t have a lifespan, you’ll die if stabbed」

This is also no good, huh.

「Well, jokes apart, this situation is quite bad, you see. So, what should we do?」

「Isn’t that simple, Eiji? It’s okay as long as the culprit is captured by us, you know! 」

Ruu’s waving her forefinger with “chichi”.


That’s unexpected coming from you, huh?

There are many people spanning a wide range of age from child to adult in front of the gate of magician school. Rather than school, this place that looks like middle school or high school seems similar to a coaching school.

Ruu and I are looking at that crowd of people.

「Is this place really okay, Eiji?」

「When it comes to magicians, they’re reputed as the ones who have variety of information in their hands」


「Well, it’s not like we’ve some sort of place as a hint」

Ruu and I decided to gathering information about the identity of the attacker that is shrouded with mystery. We’re troubled since danger is approaching Risa Haruna, and our other acquaintances too.

Moreover, though I don’t want to brag about it, the current me also fairly strong. I won’t give him something of a trigger for a surprise attack.

In that case, it’s better to attack the enemy with number after knowing his identity beforehand.

Thus, we start doing that with just Ruu and me. Risa Haruna’s absent since she’s tuning herself for the next match.

Wouldn’t it be overkill if she really goes all out?

「Hey hey, that dangerous looking guy who wore mask over there?」

「EH? Mask? Rather, it’s you? 」

Ruu immediately called to one of the students.

Sure enough, though we made the other party bewildered, we somehow managed to pass it after giving suitable explanation. Now let’s split and start collecting information.

Uhm… Let’s try that person.

I call the man who’s in his prime.

I felt that he might have more information since he has a teacher-like atmosphere.

「Excuse me, can I have a bit of your time? There’s something I want to ask you」

「What is it? If you have a question about the teachers of this Prowkai magic academy, let me hear it」

The man nods while stroking his short moustache.

Maybe I am just lucky for somehow not asking about the current event.

He also knows about the recent event; our conversation advances smoothly――

「It’s okay, our magic school is flawless. This place does store old magic tools, and there are also precious magic tools - many of them at that. Those are used for training and studies, and then various kinds are for repelling intruders」

The man starts talking as if feeling proud of it.

This is amazing. As soon as the topic of the conversation moved toward magic tools, the conversation continues to go on.

「Moreover, we of the teacher camp are first class magicians. Though it certainly is noticeable in the arena, if I must say, those are child’s play. In the first place, the place which possesses the greatest power is not the arena but this school」


「So, there’s no need to have any sort of worry about whatever that evil perpetrator is doing. The students, teachers and, teaching materials, everything is completely safe[i]. You can focus on your study, you know. If you’ve interest in it, how about experiencing the life of a student? We, the Prowkai magic academy is always welcoming toward the fresh egg of a magician. Since there’ll be one soon, please come anytime. Ah, these are the guidelines. Here you go」

「Ye, yes. Thank you very much」

I separate from that man after receiving leaflet-like things.

Though I noticed that it’s just something like canvassing for the school… No matter which world it is, they seem to be desperate to get new students, huh. Maybe this world is also experiencing declining birthrate.


I’m starting my information gathering again.

「Say, the magic academy is actually useless, right」

「Well, it’s along that way. Look, the leaflet is rising along the wind」

「Oi, Stop doing that」

Ruu and I were complaining in front of the adventurer guild.

Yup, we couldn’t get any kind of information.

My plans easily fail, and now we came to the guild due to Ruu’s insistence.

「Fufufu, this place will surely have real information, you know. Take a look, Eiji. EXCUSE ME! 」


When we open the door of the adventurer guild, the adventurers inside the building look at me and Ruu.

「We are gathering information regarding the culprit who performs tsujigiri against the fighters! IT’S US! IF THERE’S ANYONE WHO KNOWS ABOUT IT, PLEASE TELL US! 」

BAANG! Ruu is easily gathering information with those so called sound effects mentioned above. This kind of method is absolutely impossible for me; I can do nothing but ask one by one. This is the characteristic of a winner, huh.

After Ruu says so, the eyes of the adventurers look at us with sharp gazes. They slowly approach us.

Moreover their expressions are grim, and we are being surrounded.

E-Eh, what’s with this dangerous atmosphere?

「U-Uhm everyone, if we’re being a hindrance to your business, we’ll be back aga――!」

Before I could finish my words, the adventurers in the adventurer guild are rushing at us like an avalanche. And then――




The adventurer who surround Ruu and me in a circle are pushing out their faces toward us while saying those words in turn.

Ruu and I exchange glances and then say at the same time, 「These guys are no good, huh」

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