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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 79 - School and Street Performance

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Chapter 79 - School and Street Performance

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Inside the coliseum.

Ruu and I were in the completely filled stand for spectators and viewing from the audience seat.

Risa Haruna and her opponent finally made their entrance.

「Crush’emー! Risa Harunaー! 」

Ruu’s cheering loudly while flailing her arm high up.

While I say, “Do your best, Risa Haruna-san” in my heart, the long awaited match begin.

Risa Haruna and her stick user opponent exchanged looks and then the sound of gong reverberated loudly.

Risa Haruna’s walking casually with carefree steps.

Her opponent on the other hand also slowly approaches her while raising his stick.

The warrior wielding a stick makes the first attack. It’s long reach slowly comes to Risa Haruna.

Risa Haruna catches the stick with both of her hands which is coated with red crystal and then kicked her opponent right from the front while her skirt gently drifted.

The warrior is blown away with a still surprised face.

A cheer suddenly erupted in the arena.

That’s a mixture between surprise and astonishment, yup, one will be surprised if they saw someone who wore “Villager A”-like skirt catching a strike with her bare hands and then executing a yakuza kick like that, right. [Note : Picture for yakuza kick]

But, as expected, the stick warrior also won’t let the match be decided by one attack. After acknowledging the unexpected power of the rookie, he begins to attack more seriously and then the match turns into a seesaw game of offense and defense.

While both of them are taking each other’s blows and launching attacks one after another, there’s the intense feeling of exchanging blows right from the front, or it might be just in their nature.

Even Ruu become heated and started yelling「GOOー!THERE!AAH, SO CLOSE!」Or rather, Risa Haruna’s way of battle is quite muscle-headed, huh. She’s completely unable to using things like vampirish skills in battle, a style originating from the power of a monster. Even so, the impact of her battle is giving out a good feeling.

「Too soft――」

That voice, nothing more than a soft muttering amongst the loud cheering of the crowd, remained in my ears. When I unintentionally look at that direction, on that place is a face which I remembered.

「Ah, you’re――」

「Yo, we meet again huh.」

It was the voice of the man who came to ask the way in the middle of my training with Jackrosa on the riverside.

Somehow, it was as he said, he came to the coliseum.

「First of all, let me say my gratitude. I could safely find several nice places in the vicinity of the city thanks to you and the guy who was with you.」

「You’re welcome… By the way, when you said “too soft”, did you mean the match?」

「Ah, so you heard that, huh.」

「Yes. But, I think that it’s impressive with the completely head-on collision at such a high pace.」

When I say that, the man is smiling as if digesting my words.

「Yeah, yeah, I understand that. That’s the recent fad right. But, try looking at them, there’s not even one scratch on them. Is that a true battle?I couldn’t even get excited with that kind of fight. It has the impact but, “will I do or get done?”, a battle which is lacking that kind of tension is a shallow battle after all.」

The man is looking at the battle with a mixed expression of dissapointment and faint smile. I see, well there’s that kind of a view too.

The so called fight in the older days of the coliseum, even if the current method is popular now, I understand that there’s always an expert who likes the tension of the possibility of being wounded in just one attack.

「There’s this kind of people too, right. Even so, generally, isn’t this way better and more impressive without splatter and too much bloody scenes?」

「Good grief. It’s wretched this way. Is there no one here who’s pursuing real combat? It made me want to teach them. There’s a lot of strong guys and yet, they are being wasted on this kind of battle.」

He’s a splendidly violent man huh―― Ha~.

「YAAAA~Y! YOU DID IT, Risa Haruna! 」

At that time, Ruu’s raising a cheer full of joy.

Risa Haruna landed a critical blow and the shield of her opponent has fallen below the minimal requirement value.

Gong signalling the end of the match reverberates again.

At the same time, the man also left without even a shred of interest.

While I’m thinking that there really are many kinds of people, I shift my attention to the victorious Risa Haruna.

「Not bad, Risa Haruna.」

「Thank you, Ruu. As expected, it feels good to move my body with every bit of my power under the sunlight.」

Risa Haruna’s gulping her fresh drink while wiping her perspiration.

Oi, that line just now is betraying your identity as a vampire. It seems her power is more or less somewhat weakened during the days, and according to Risa Haruna, it seems that she’s using strengthening skill in the night.

Though it seems familiar, she said that this way is better since it seems that the patethically weak in the day is terrifyingly strong in the night. It’s just matching her character. And she knew it. [Spoiler : Risa Haruna is extremely strong.]

「If it’s like this, maybe you can arrive at a good point despite being a special battle.」

「That’s right. But, it’s plenty enough as long as I can fight a fair and square battle, it’s good enough for me.」

「You’re overflowing with way too much sportsmanship, you know.」

We head back toward our inn while bantering like that.

Well then, as I’m thinking about what should I do, I leave the inn. さ

Come to think of it, I’ve said coliseum and training but, I suddenly recalled that I simply haven’t strolled around the city, much.

Though coliseum is the most famous attraction, I especially want to see the other places too, should I just stroll around this area today?

I enter a suitable restaurant after walking for a while.

The recommended menu of that place is a dish made with plenty of edible wild plant-like vegetables. I hear that it is a famous product in this area.

In comparison to a certain reeking-with-blood famous product[i], splendid food is healthy.

By the way, on trying the recommended set meal of edible wild plants, I found it delicious. It’s exquisite bitterness is creating a good taste. Croquette of edible wild plants was quite a refreshing flavor.

When I’m about to finish my meal.

「Ah, Risa Haruna-san.」

「Oya, so you came too, Eiji-kun. It seems that somehow you entered a different place. You’re going to stroll around the city after this, right?」

「You know?」

Risa Haruna nodded silently.

As I thought, it feels like we’re having the same idea.

「Yeah. It’s because you’re also someone with a lot of free time like me, right. It’s a rare thing, so shall we go together?」

「That’s right. Please show me the good places, you’ve come here before, right? 」

「But as expected, the townscape is different from 80 years ago.」

「So old!」

As expected of a vampire… So, we decided to visit several places, as expected it’s already a completely different place.

「Hou, dolls moving with magical power huh.」

「In addition, they sell their craftsmanship too. It seems that both of them are loaded with magical power.」

There’s a merchant who’s selling his commodities while doing a demonstration by spreading a cloth on the street. The knee-height mechanical dolls are rotating their arms while tottering around the cloth despite not being bind by threads.

Such complex movement is impossible for just a simple puppet, it seems it’s moving with magical power. There’s also one who’s selling a lamp without fire or a ring which can produce fire on the same level.

After we walk a bit more from that, we found a big building with ivy on it’s wall. When I’m trying to looking into the building which is not as conspicuous as the coliseum, Risa Haruna also stopped in her place and shifted her gaze toward the building.

「Hou, it is quite elegant huh. The thing of having creeping plants is a good thing, right. Though in reality, it’ll become a place where insects are easily gushing forth.」

「You’re really knowledgeable about these, aren’t you? Could it be that you’ve tried it before?」

「Yeah. Naturally. By the way, I wonder what kind of building this is? 」

「No, I don’t know either but, let’s see what kind of building this is.」

「That’s a school, you know.」

「He~, so it’s a school hu~h… Eh, this voice is.」

When I turn my head toward the third person who suddenly said that, on that place was the figure of a smiling girl with a bob-cut and wearing trousers.

「Haruel-chan, what a coincidence.」

「Uhn, it’s been a while… Not, right. I’m so happy that you remembered me you know~, Eiji-kun.」

Haruel’s firmly grasping my hand.

WOOOW… SO SOFT. I’m so glad for being alive.

「So, the one who’s with you is, Risa Haruna, is it? I saw you by chance, we’re fighters right.」

「Yeah. You’re a famous fighter too. Best regards.」

「Yeah. Feel free to ask anything since I’m a bit of your senior! I definitely will give you a satisfying answer! 」

Haruel is doing a handshake while smiling widely with Risa Haruna. That’s a healing smile huh, now I’m fired up. Should I practice my social skills too? I do not have that much experience in my social life.

「I’ll ask then, that school, what kind of school is it?」

「It’s magic school, you know. The place for rearing magicians. Since this place possesses splendid magicians with quite a bit of power, I heard that it has quite a bit of history and extremely hard to be admitted in.」

「Hee, is there puppet magic or magic tool in there?」

「Yup, moreover, it’s quite famous as a souvenir or a toy. Many of them are doing street performances since there are many tourists in the coliseum, you know. See.」

On looking at the place Haruel pointed at, there was a gathering of humans who were surrounding a man hurling something that looked like chinese sesame seeds in the air.

It seems he’s gathering a splendid amount of offering money, too.

「I can do it too if it’s just a bit, hey, look at me.」

Haruel retrieved her knifes and curved sword too and then casually repeatedly did catching then tossing into the air like a juggler.

「Hey, aren’t those sharp items!? It’s dangerous!」

Rather, aren’t they normally doing that with swords and knifes with dulled edges!? If they’re using real blades, there won’t even be an arm.

Haruel throws the sword even higher which caused me to feel resigned in my heart.

「It’s really okay since I’ve got quite some pride in doing these kind of things. Moreover, my evasion skill is also my pride, you know.」

Before I know, the galleries are filled with many people.

Haruel’s throwing it high into the skies and then catching it while doing a back flip.

A sonorous clapping sound comes from the gallery and then she’s bowing her head after sheathing her swords, she left while taking us along and said,「Thanks for seeing!BYE BYE AND SEE YOU AGAIN!」to the gallery.

A while later, Haruel separated her hand from me.

Her face was flushed slightly while taking a long breath and placed her other hand on her chest.

「A~h, I was so nervous. The truth is, it’s been a while since I did that and I was filled with thoughts of whether I’ll drop it or not.」

「Yeah… We were feeling the same you know, though you did it perfectly.」

Haruel thumps her hand on her chest while smiling awkwardly.

「That’s right, when thinking about how happy you’ll be if I successfully retrieve it, say, I did it right. Or rather, it’s because I am just happy when I think of the smiles of everyone who see me, so I just do it without thinking about the consequences.」

「I see, I’ll keep it in my mind.」

Risa Haruna’s nodding… As if, please don’t say “I’ll keep that in my mind”, you better think about the consequences a bit.

…But, well, it certainly was a nice show, this might be the reason for someone like her to have that much of fans whether in the adventurer guild or the arena. Rather, basically there are many people who are with such kind of smile.

「Thank you, Risa Haruna-san. Let’s have a good match if we ever meet in a battle after this.」


「Eiji-kun too, let’s fight with every bit of our power!」

「No, I won’t enter the fight though.」

「E~h, so that’s it. And here I thought that since you registered at such timing, you’ll definitely participate in the special matches. I see~, then, you’ll be cheering for me, ri~ght?」

Haruel clasps my hands and shakes it vigorously.

And then turns back after releasing my hands.

「Well then, see you later! I’m looking forward to the coliseum, you kno~w~」

Haruel left after saying that vigorously.

「I wonder how it’ll become if both of you really fought against each other, Risa Haruna-san?」

「That’s hard to judge. She’s a skilled opponent and regardless of the result of the match, I might be able to do a satisfied battle. It seems that she’s a fun person, too.」

Risa Haruna’s smiling lightly.

Thus, Risa Haruna and I resume our stroll; after strolling around the city, the day already turned into night by the time we go back to the inn.

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