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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 78 - Grilled Sweetfish

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Chapter 78 - Grilled Sweetfish

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The fire is making cracking sounds, the moment the fat dangling from the skin of the fishes entered the fire is the moment when the red light became even brighter, accompanied by sizzling sounds.

「When I was a kid, I caught fish using a harpoon in this place. I like it more than drama and party.」

What Jackrosa is talking about, while checking the condition of roast fish, is his tale. It seems that he liked to act in the wild more than this world’s gaudy nobles.

It seems that the nobles have good livelihood but, he couldn’t bring himself to adapt to that kind of life. If I must say, that might be what you call as “high society life”, that’s an absolutely unreasonable life, right.

「How about you, Eiji?」

「I am not that good either. That place also has people like me. Since I’m an indoor type, I’m doing the opposite things instead. Maybe, it’s about to be roasted perfectly? 」

「Yeah. It has already been 10 minutes.」

I decided to eat one since I’ve got the permission from Jackrosa.

He has full knowledge from what kind of fishes exist here to the way to eat the fish in this place, he taught me how to skillfully kindle the fire, pierce the stake and, remove the viscera.

Well, shall I eat then.

Ooh, I pick up the burned part. The outer skin is giving out a nice taste of roasted parts and is releasing a savory aroma.

Let’s dig in.

「Ouch-ouch… So good!」

Why does it taste so good when we just roasted it after lightly sprinkling salt on it?

The faint saltiness is enhancing the umami of the fish, and then, it’s skin.

I really like the skin. This slightly burned skin is fragrant and crisp. You could even say that I am eating the fish just to taste the skin.

We quickly finish up while being satisfied with the fish.

There’s nothing I can say when I can test new skills and eat delicious food. Let’s get back after a bit of rest.

While I was thinking so.

I caught the figure of a man.

It’s the figure of a man in his thirties, he’s carrying a sword on his hips and walking straight to our place.

Since I noticed him earlier, I will stand up and then greet him.

「Yo. Are you people of Prowkai? Both of you.」

「I’m not, but I’m currently staying in Prowkai. Maybe I’ll go after I am done with my business? 」

The man nodded lightly and then glanced at Jackrosa who stood up slightly later than me.

「I hear that the coliseum is famous place, so I felt like to go there for once. Though it seems that it’s still too early, may I ask where’s the closest gate to Coliseum? 」

「You’ll be around it’s vicinity if you keep advancing along this highway. You’ll know when you enter the city since it is a grand building. If it’s the case, you can enter from that entrance. You came on foot.」

「Walking on foot is not bad either. I’ve following the traces left by the coaches. It seems this place is quite amazing too.」

The man is looking at the river side.

I notice that his eyes are similar to mine when hunting for something.

「Are you going to train with the sword on your hip?」

「Yeah. It seems that I can concentrate in this place. You guys are also have this kind of goal too, aren’t you? Maybe it’s better to use different places.」

The one who answered that question is Jackrosa.

「There’s a considerable amount of people who use this place. In addition, there are a few places suitable for training in the vicinity of the city, too.」

「Hou. I heard a nice thing there. I won’t know that unless I investigate it. Well then, I’ll excuse myself too. Since investigation is important. Though there’s a possibility that we might meet again, best regards for that time.」

The man left with a bold smile on his face.

Maybe he’s interested in the coliseum too. That, or rather than being a spectator, he was a participant.

If that’s the case, he may have been looking for form to fight.

We’re done with our meal while thinking about those things and then returned to Prowkai.

The next day, Risa haruna, Ruu and I were in the waiting room of the arena. This is for the sake of going along with Ruu for doing a research.

「So, the matter that you said as research is?」

「The prize of special competition, there was that right? The one that guy say as ‘A sword which tears through even the dimension’.」

「Ah, so it’s about that.」

When we leave for the special battle which is being held today for the fighters of the coliseum, we were told that the champion will receive a prize. We should confirm about that matter.

「Yeah, it’s that, you know. That, I’ll say from the conclusion, first, if we’re speaking of how to know about that, I will go and then kidnap the sta――」

「No need to say from the conclusion, is it?」

「Don’t be so flustered, Eiji. That words is just a figure of speech.」

「That way of speaking is completely beyond the level of what you say ‘figure of speech’. But, well, I’m fine with whichever your choice is. Whether it’s from the process or from the conclusion.」

「Well, I’ll start from the conclusion, but that sword is a counterfeit you know.」

「So that’s why you said from conclusion fi…………… EEEH!? A COUNTERFEIT!?」

Ruu’s shrugging her shoulder while saying “good grief” to me who was unintentionally making a clacking sound on my chair.

「Yeah. I caught the staff member and made him to show the prize to me, but I didn’t feel the power of a treasure from it. Thereupon, when I asked whether this is the real thing, he said that it was just a sword that was sharp to the point of being able to cut time and space, it doesn’t mean that it really possesses that kind of power.」


What’s with that misleading name.

「I mean, a well-known person will understand from the very beginning that sword doesn’t have that kind of power, it’s famous amongst weapon maniacs after all. In that case, when it’s explained to the one who’s not fully clear about that, it’ll be clarified with a laugh. It was extremely embarrassing for that useless surprise, you know. Even so, now we have already lost the reason, right?」

Ruu let out a sigh while placing her chin on her palm.

Certainly, there’s no need to aim for it if it’s just a normal sword.

Well, I thought that it’s way too good to be a true story, you know. There’s no way a thing around this area would have that unique effect.

「Geez, you’ve disturbed the coliseum, huh. But, well, are you okay with not entering? We’ve already registered but, we can leave as we have the rights. You’re satisfied with only watching it then.」

「No. That isn’t the case.」

But, Risa Haruna shakes her head in denial.

And then keeps going on while snapping her fingers.

「I’ll enter you know. Since it’s a special event.」

「Eh, seriously, Risa Haruna-san. Rather, I don’t even know what is so special about it.」

「Don’t think too much of that. Since I realized that my splendid body has become slightly dull from the previous battle, I think that I need to get back my intuition a bit. Moreover, it’s been a long time since my blood boiled for battle.」

「O~h, Risaharuna is a hot-blooded person! Let’s do this then. It won’t be interesting if none of the three who registered is participating. I’ll be rooting for you.」

「Fufu, thank you, Ruu. Well then, let’s register then. Maybe that item can become a part of the collection, we can sell it to get our hands on charitable activity funds.」

Risa Haruna left her seat while saying something that was hard to distinguish whether it’s a truth or a lie. But, somehow, the things about entering remains true.

Such splendid action, isn’t it.

By the way, Ruu and I have no mood for entering. I’ll watch her match and cheer for her. It seems Ruu also took a liking to that idea. At least for now.

And then, Risa Haruna is registering―― just like that, she passed the first match in the blink of an eye.

Truly a day of unexpected events.

She was recommended to have a normal battle apart from a special battle, so she decided to do that.

「Well, I’ll go then.」

Risa Haruna goes toward the stage while leaving those words.

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