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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 77 - The Water Strider Will Slide On Water Even In a Different World?

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Chapter 77 - The Water Strider Will Slide On Water Even In a Different World?

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The power of Undine, the water spirit is one of the powers that I can use with the【Spirit Magic】skill.

I change part of the water flowing in the river with Undine’s power, make it rise, shape it into a chord and twist it, transform it into the shape of a ball and make it float, and I try to throw that water ball toward the stone at the dry side of the river.

It’s quite cool.


This time I’m trying to put my strength not in the river, but on the air above it.

When I release my amassed magical power in one go, water flows like a waterfall from the space on top of the river and caused a wave on the surface of the river.

Like this, it not only involves manipulating water, it can create water too.

So, it is at a dimension where the power of Undine can be used in places without water too.

The skill I’ll try next is ‘Magical charge’.

This new composite skill which I learned is a power which will lower my magic defense and raise my magic attack.

It feels like a berserker’s magic, huh.

I’m amassing fighting spirit to use the magical charge―― fire water poles!

The water balls make a wonderful smacking sound along with the flick of my hand, it bumped a rock and turned it into splinters.

「O~h, it gave enormous power, huh.」

Even the water ball got quite an increase in speed and power.

The process of transformation is simple too, cool, it seems this is a user-friendly skill.

I test various skills for a while.

Hana too… It’s been a long time since the last time I summoned it. Though I occasionally raised its level, it seems there’s not that much change to cause a new evolution. I don’t think that unfashionable dasukin form is its last evolution but, lately, I think that it needs some kind of impetus. Can’t I get a hint for a summoned beast from somewhere?

By the way, as soon as Hana knew that I was in a new place,『Let’s beat the monsters of this place, master.』

And started monster hunting while saying that. It’s as lively as usual huh.

Though I’m glad to the increase in the level of farmer, it’s most regrettable demerit is the consumption of magical power.

「Well then, maybe I should do that once in a while too, huh.」

There are many things that I want to try like paladin, dancer and berserker.



Just when I was about to do that.

I suddenly saw a visitor appearing on the riverside.



We greet each other at the same time as we were bewildered at this unforeseen meeting.

Standing there was Jackrosa Tetra.

「I see, so you’re doing a proper training in this place, huh.」

「Yeah… I can concentrate more on my training in places with less people, this place is also an open place.」

Jackrosa and I were chatting while looking at the river from the riverside.

Jackrosa is carrying a big shield and a long spear.

「Certainly. I can focus my mind in this kind of place too. It’s a good place with refreshing view.」


Jackrosa picks his spear while saying so.

It feels like he’s in full motivation.

「Well then, we can continue our training. Respectively.」

Thus, we started our individual training sessions respectively.

Jackrosa repeated the kata of shield and kata of spear so many times, and displayed the combination moves of those two.

Like this, I’m also testing my skills while looking in admiration at him who’s smoothly combining both offense and defense.

「How about doing it for a bit.」

And then, Jackrosa addressed me.

Though he doesn’t have that much loud voice, for some reason, I can hear it clearly.

「Doing what?」

「A mock battle.」

「Well, bring it on.」

Jackrosa nodded lightly to my voice.

I’ve a tree stick gripped on my hand. Similarly, Jackrosa also has a wooden branch which he picked around the same area.

Since we can’t have a match with our weapons no matter how you look at it, we’re doing a light sparring session with this.

First is my preemptive attack.

Despite swinging my wooden stick in the distance between us, Jackrosa accurately defended against my strike with his 『Spear』.

And then it was followed by a counterattack toward me with a smooth movement, all the while he’s defending.

I couldn’t just shorten our distance against such smooth movements. When I’m trying to approach him again, the pole successfully landed on my flank.

It would be a dangerous situation if we’d a match with our weapons.

Opposing that, I’m trying to turn to receive that strike and use the new skill which I learned from the new class: dancer ――【Exchange Steps】, which will increase my evasion by using light steps.

Jackrosa thrusts his wooden pole.

I avoid it with a side step.

Yup, it feels light. Moreover, even as he raised his wooden pole overhead, I dodge it with back steps. Certainly, this skill made my legs easier to move. What I saw with my eyes is that the tip of my toes were reacting automatically.

Having done that, my body’s naturally following that movement. In short, the key is in my lower body.

「Well then, now is…」

It’s my turn to follow that with a counterattack.

The bark of the wooden stick is broken with a snap.

I was about to launch an attack in the gap after his attack, but Jackrosa didn’t have something like that. He was always prepared for a counterattack.

A while after that, I interupted our match by saying something.

「Ha~h, it’s my loss huh. You’re really strong, aren’t you, Jackrosa. It might be impolite of me to surprise such famous fighters but, despite having enough combat experience, it was a complete loss for me.」

When I think about it, I realise don’t have that much experience in personal combat, huh.

Thinking properly, the person who learned a way of combat does have a difference in terms of power with a monster, despite having similar basic specs. I gained some good knowledge.

I’ve found out that the solid way to battle is by always sticking to the core.

「That is so. Though you’re probably still holding back.」

Jackrosa’s slightly tilting his head.

I replied to that while leaning my wooden stick to a rock.

「Well, though there’s that when you speaking of that. You didn’t use magic. When you say a match, it won’t give the feeling of real combat, right? 」

「Well… certainly, you can also say that. I’ll be grateful if we’ve a match of longer distance though…」

「Well, if my opponent is weak at long distance, I’ll shoot magic to divide his focus. Well, I also have close combat means but, that’s in the case that my opponent is poor at long distance.」

「Yeah. Well, it is certain that it made you feel the need to train in sword or spear.」


At that time, there’s an announcement of level up.

It’s raising splendidly since it’s still a low-leveled job.

But, is Haruel fighting against a monster? It doesn’t seems so.

That aside, the fighter is on a totally high-level but, could it be――

「Hey, it says that there are many strong fighter in the arena, then the ones who have high level class are a lot too, right?」

「I don’t know everyone but, there are definitely many strong fighters.」

「By saying so, I wonder you are saying that after fighting against strong fighters.」

Jackrosa nodded in agreement.

As I thought―― I think even more so after hearing the story.

It seems that you also gain a handsome amount of experience even if it’s a fight between humans.

I used to think that you’ll gain experience only by beating monster until now but, it seems that’s not the case.

Now when I heard about that fact, I never heard that you won’t gain experience by fighting against humans. In the first place, I’ve even failed to notice it since I had fought the silver knight. It seems that’s the case in the fight against human or else, it’s for other humans except for me.

Even so, I don’t think it is strange on thinking about it. The thing called raising the level of the class to gain power is done by harvesting energy stored in the body of the monster.

In short, you can also think in the opposite way that this also involves accumulating energy to some point inside the body of a human. And the amount of this energy maybe quite big, exchanging this energy can only be done by battle or robbing their life, or maybe after the energy condenses inside the human body. Or maybe not that too.

I am guessing this since Jackrosa also doesn’t know the detailed theory but, anyhow, experience is entering even from battle against fellow creatures, it seems the amount is as strong as the effort involved.

Well, when it comes to whether the efficiency is better compared to beating monster, it doesn’t seems so. Since everyone will do so if it’s that easy to raise your level just by a little training.

「I see, so it’s like that. For that reason, a strong fighter becomes even stronger huh.」


We’ve a chat while watching the river again.

「Come to think of it, why did Jackrosa become a fighter? I recall that you were a noble, doing things like this isn’t that rare, I don’t know more details though.」

「That’s… for the sake of curing my personality.」

「For your personality?」

Jackrosa nods and looks down with an expressionless face as if hanging his head lightly.

「It’s about going out in front of many people.」

「Ah, certainly it gives off such an image in a party or a salon. Even for that, you feel that it’s unacceptable unless you can stand properly in front of the masses.」

「Yeah. But, I’m weak in that sort of things. Whether conducting myself, or speaking. I feel especially nervous when I think that I will become the center of attention of the public.」

Ah, yup, I understand your feeling.

You’ll start speaking E~~~ or A~~~~ when you notice that you are being seen by many people.

「Thus, I thought of getting used to the notice of everyone in the arena for the sake of my training. I tried to get used to it bit by bit. Since it’s okay for me to not speak even when I become the center of attention here, I chose this place.」

Though it made me feel like receiving a curve ball, well, since that’s his original interest, let’s leave it at that.

「And then, I was able to get noticed.」

「Hee, it’s a success then.」

「Even so, I still can’t get used to speaking fluently in public. Thus, I decided to speak less, and before I know, I was dubbed as the “Silent Fighter“. Since I was called so, I decided to not speak too much in public to uphold my image.」

「… Hahaha. So, it ended up becoming half-training.」

Jackrosa nodded in agreement.

They say things like “Cool and Refreshing Fighter” about him. If it’s known that he has this kind of personality, the image which he built will be in jeopardy. It might be painful to retire as well. Popular people also have their own share of trouble.

「Well, I won’t mind it since I’m just a traveller who happened to be passing by. Thinking so, you told me about this.」

「Though you’re in the arena, you don’t seem to be interested in it. That might be why I feel it’s easier to talk with you. Maybe, that’s how I feel.」

「Certainly not that kind of a strange guy.」

I toss a stone on the surface of river while laughing as if mocking myself.

The fish quickly made its escape when the stone created a ripple in its landing place.

「Saying that, I wonder if it’s edible? Are they edible, Jackrosa? 」

「That’s an edible variant one but… are you going to catch it?」

「Since I took the pain of coming to river, I think I need to try this place’s gourmet. Undine! 」

Using spirit magic, I made the fish swimming in the surrounding water rise in the air. I scatter the water when it reached the river side, and then the fish flapped around with its lively movements.

Yosh. This is how you should use spirit of water.

「Let’s do it this way. Oh, Jackrosa? 」

「Me too. I’m itching to do it when I see you doing that, after a long time.」

Jackrosa aimed by using his lance like a harpoon.

After that, we made a fire in the wilderness.

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