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Chapter 76 - New Power

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After chatting for a while, we separated from Jackrosa whiile thinking that we might fight if we meet again.

In that case, we still have the composure at the time of submitting application, we won’t register for the tournament if not the fact that the prize is a sword that can cut dimensions. I’ll wait and see while gathering information as we basically can’t think too recklessly like that. I won’t do all of it, I’ll at least do it step by step. I won’t stop Risa Haruna and Ruu from doing it though.

Anyway, after we left the coliseum and returned to the inn, we start moving separately.(We were doing that till now though).

Anyway, while I’m strolling in the middle of city, I’m sightseeing the scenery along the road toward the adventurer guild.

The building with white wall is conspicuous in this city which is bigger than Laurel. The coliseum is also painted in white, so it might be the color of this city.

The entertainment factors like the musician who’s receiving offering money for playing a violin-like instrument, or the puppet show that is advancing were receiving the attention outside the coliseum walls. I even caught sight of something like a theater in the city.

There was a school too. The academy is quite a wide one, it seems it’s called Prowkai magic school. It seems the students that I see passing school gates have a wide range of age but, it might be a wholesome school having classes from elementary school till university.

I found the adventurer guild while experiencing what you call a change of scenery when you’re moving places. My purpose is the same as before. Looking for more parasite targets.

Maybe because when the city changes the personnel’s face also changes, I feel something to feel good about that.

Therefore, I opened the door of the adventurer guild that was not much different from Laurel.


The sound of music suddenly enters my ears the moment I enter the guild along with the sight of the figure of Haruel dancing.

By using the space inside the guild, unlike when she fought in the coliseum, she’s dancing a real dance right now.

You can say that the figure of Haruel, performing dancing steps in high spirit in tune to the clapping hands of the adventurers of the guild, is just like a young idol performing her concert. Since I’ve never been to a concert, I correlated it with the images that I saw on the TV.

A while after I started seeing her dance, the dance ended.

「Today is also amazing ri~ght!」

「We’ll be rooting for you in the next battle too, Haruel-chan!」

While the adventurers are cheering for her, they gave their offering money into the hat placed on top of the table.

Haruel answers them with「Thank you everyone!I’m gonna win the next battle too!I’ll show them the potential of an adventurer!」.

Ha~h, Haruel is quite popular huh.

She’s popular in coliseum too but, she has amazingly avid fans in this place too. A fighter who fought with her dance, moreover, she possesses this seemingly never ending charm in her smile; her sweat running through her dark brown skin giving a healthy feeling, her revealing stomach on top of the trouser which she used as short skirt. Yup, she’s good.

When the dance ended, and she’s about to go back to her table.

And then, the people who were looking started to discuss about her dance. Rather than rehearsal, I should say it looks something like coherent training.

While thinking so, I also join them while trying to test my parasite on the other people. It seems that I can’t find a new one right now, hu…………… Eh?

When I’m thinking so, Haruel was holding on to the front table and tried to move it. When our eyes meet, she gives a sweet smile.

「You’re the person who was in the coliseum, right? Let’s talk for a while. 」

She already has sent her invitation.

「Fumu fumu, That is so. Well, whether I will be fighting is something that I don’t know yet.」

「Well, that’s the case, huh.」

Haruel and I have quite a deep talk for a while inside the adventurer guild. It seems that she happened to take a glance of my figure in the coffee room for coliseum fighters’ use. Which is why she was trying to greet me as she happened to see me in the adventurer guild.

The Haruel in front of me is wearing a round cap with two curved blades hanging on her waist. It was the same weapon as the one she used in the coliseum.

「Just when I thought that the way you fought is like a dance, I was truly surprised when you were really dancing in this place, you know. Now, I also understand the reason why.」

「Like a dance huh. I’m happy when you say it, how was my dance?」

「It’s a beautiful sight for the sore eyes, moreover you’re strong. It’s killing two birds with one stone, isn’t it?  Or rather, you get two rabbit right? That was how I feel. Moreover, you’re really popular. The cheering for you is loud, you know.」

When I state my honest impression, Haruel smiles even brighter and then clasps my hand.

「Thank you! I’m happy to receive your words. Moreover, I’ll be even happier if you become my fan too! 」

「You’re a shrewd one, aren’t you? But I do like it.」

「Hehehe, it seems you saw through me, haven’t you~. Well then, we’ll see again in a match, right? 」

「Yeah, certainly. It seems that you can become powerful even by dancing.」

「I originally didn’t dance in that way, you see. There is a dance which uses swords. When the scout from swordsmanship dojo danced that, and when I tried to do that, I found that it’s interesting. It seems I’m quite talented in it as well and I eventually became quite strong. Well, that’s the reason I’m in this coliseum, I’m thinking of pursuing my own style by participating in it.」

Haruel moves her hand as if she’s dancing.

I can feel the discipline on her fingertips while they are not idling.

「Battle and dance is also a trial of strength, that’s splendid. It’s pleasant for everyone to see.」

「I can feel that you’re making some progress but, I became a fan too huh. I feel that your fighting style is good too.」

Haruel clasps her hands again while saying “Thank you~”. Though I can feel her innocence, I won’t be touched by this.


…The heck, I’m distracted and making such disgusting a smile, brace yourselves, brace yourselves, Eiji.

After we talked about some silly things for a while, I left the guild.

Also, the subject of conversation of the other people of the guild when I came to hear is, first, I gained a more detailed information regarding the fighter called Kean.

Though I already heard the rumor which said that the number of A rank adventurers could be counted in one hand, it seems he was a magician type. Which means that he must have high proficiency via continuous use of magic. Though I can pull it off by stacking many skills and using power, it seems I am still unable to do that for unique skills. He’s a parasite candidate to raise the level of magician to an even higher level.

Since there wasn’t anyone as powerful as an A-ranked adventurer in Laurel, I’m feeling anxious despite not having met him yet.

I’m frequently going back and fro between the coliseum and guild to do investigation for the level of adventurers and fighters of this city. Because it was impossible to find the unique one all at once. Latched my parasite to the one who seemingly has a fast level up pace and now looking for ones with a rare class.

I was especially excited that all the powerful ones are gathering in the coliseum. It seems that Ruu and Risa haruna are spending their time in leisure, once in a while Ruu will just roll around in the bed while staying inside the room all day long but… Essentially, she has the same spirit as me [NEET]…

As expected, since there was nothing at the seat of god and was never able to leave.

And then, having spent my time in that way, my class skills experienced their third tremendous growth. I gained completely new powers, which made me itch to test it around this area――

「This place seems a good one.」

The riverside to the south of Prowkai is just the right place to try out various things due to it’s vast area. There are even big rocks and trees, there’s basically no lack of targets for me to do something.

Moreover, with the small stream nearby, it was just the right location. I heard that it was a good place from the inn lady. Thank you, inn lady.

「Well then, I wonder where I should start from.」

I displayed my status.

【Name】Eiji Choukai

【Class】Parasite 48 Mercenary 21 Mage 25 Swordman 20 Priest 28 Hunter 24 Shaman 26 Fighter 16 Miner 23 Thief 24 Spirit User 25 Enchanter 25 Farmer 25 Paladin 20 Berserker 17 Woodcutter 14 Dancer 9

【Stamina】 312

【Attack】 321

【Defense】 290

【Magical Power】 311

【Magic Attack】 303

【Magic Defense】 335

【Agility】 279

【Skill】Axe Mastery Berserk Defense Penetration Plant Suicide Attack Axe Mastery Forest Adaptation Mountain Adaptation Silent Steps Exchange Steps Sword Dance Locked Stage Spirit Magic : Tree Spirit Magic Axe Abnormal Status Resistance Magical Charge Pentuple Parasite Shield Mastery Armor Mastery Regeneration Form and Nature Bestowal The Best Spear Blade Shield Magic Shield Magic Bullet Enhance Aim Enhance Power…

Good, all is well, raising your level sure feels good.

Since I could latch my parasite on Ruu, naturally there’s good ol’ Berserker class in my status, and its level raised splendidly.

The dancer class is from Haruel and there were several people with splendid classes so, the new classes increased and the existing ones also leveled up; as expected, I was right……

The axe mastery which I have is from both Berserker and Woodcutter classes. Both axe masteries are showing their effects with a BOOM! Since it turned out that way, I can expect that I’ll become even stronger when equipping an axe.

But the swordsman dies, so it’s better to go with the one I’m used to, so I’ll keep using the sword since the axe is wasted on me. Now, I can understand that the source of Ruu’s raw power is due to this duplication of this skill.

Defense penetration is a berserker skill, a skill which works on a defensive opponent and can make my attack to ignore parts of their defense power. Berserker’s power increases by sacrificing its defense power. As expected of berserker, a class which gives the feeling of being an extreme muscle head.

Dancer is speed type while woodcutter gives the feeling that it has something to do with the forest. It’s charm is that it can use magic by manipulating the spirit of tree with spirit magic.

Though I got various kind of skills, the number is as many as usual. I don’t mind of reconfirming all of it side-by-side forever on the display. Rather, aren’t I already having more than 100? I don’t feel like counting it though.

「When I think about… I have already walked too far. Well then, I shall do it then. Undine! 」

Though I called a new spirit, I didn’t use much spirit magic. It seems that it’s extremely convenient since my position is close to the river.

The river water used for the skill is raising like a water fountain.

Well then, now it’s time to test this skill.

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