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Chapter 75 - The Gladiators

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On the other hand, at that moment.

「Geez, I can’t move at all.」

Magic tool maker, Phillipe was grumbling inside the coach.

Phillipe is looking at the outside scenery while lamenting and then stretched his body as the sole passenger of the coach nowadays.

The coach is advancing alongside a vast river.

The highway, extending all the way from Prowkai, stretched alongside a big river which was flowing toward a fairly big city called City of Lake.

Phillipe recalled the matter about Prowkai.

In Prowkai, Phillipe checked the downtown inn to make sure whether Eiji was staying or not.

As a result, he knew that Eiji wasn’t in Prowkai.

In short, Phillipe guessed that Eiji had already finished with his sightseeing in Prowkai, and maybe was already on the way toward the next city.

Retracing his step was a no, since he was sure that Eiji might be in the next city.

He jumped on the carriage in a hurry while thinking so.

「Really, what a hasty guy. But, I’ll catch up to you now. Just wait for me, KUKUKUKU」

Phillipe retraced his face back inside the coach and then shut his eyes with a victorious smile floating on his face.

…………… Phillipe’s journey is still continuing.

We called the staff and then were led toward a drawing room-like place. A seemingly big antique mirror is sparkling at the edge of the room without even a speck of dust on its surface.

After we sit on a bright red chair, a man who seems to be the person that will be doing the explanation enters the room.


That was really unexpected, huh.

The man wore a very formal dress. No, I don’t mean to make fun of him, I imagined this place to be similar to the adventurer guild and the person will be a ruffian-like person for this kind of place. I imagine that he would be a boorish or rash person.

But, the staff who wore a high collared uniform was bowing to us with refined movements.

「I believe that the three of you want to become fighters?」

「Yes. Ah, No, we’re yet to become one so we would like to hear regarding the conditions.」

「Yeah, that’s only natural. We don’t mind with that since it’ll give you an understanding of the situation. Naturally, please don’t hold back with your questions since we’re happy to answer them.」

The staff starts speaking with his composed bass-like voice, it seems that after registering as a fighter, one can start participating from the very next day.

The battle rules of the arena are according to what we saw, when the barrier made by the magic tool vanishes, it ends up as a defeat. Though there’s also team battle and not just one on one battle, there’s also case withdraw field. There’s no such case as prolonging battle by recovering.

Many matches are set to be random choices but, they also hold a league battle and tournament, It seems that it’s the particularly heated one.

And even for the combat style, the use of tools is limited by the coliseum, a style called “limited” in which combatants fought with nothing but the provided items and, there was also a rule called “Unlimited, no holds barred” in which the combatant can bring their own items. This is the general classification of the combat style, the more popular one is of course the one called “unlimited”.

In exchange for the risk of losing one’s items, the reward seems to be also great.

Basically, the match card is decided by the coliseum from among the fighters who are available to fight. If one decides that he/she won’t fight on a particular day or time, then he won’t be able to.

Looking at the achievements, it seems to combine what seems to be exciting. If you have a wish or if you want to request something from the management of the coliseum, they also grant them thereby providing this kind of flexibility too. It seems that selection by random is the basis for the coliseum and the league.

「I see, so it’s like that. After I heard it in one go, I have already started to forget it, you know.」 [Note : I’m crying when TLing the explanation in one go, you know]

「No, that’s just too fast, right.」

While retorting to Ruu, I was also somewhat doubtful. It sound like glossed talk but, on the contrary I might have missed something since he spoke too smoothly.

「Why are you using magic tools? Speaking of arena, I thought it’ll be direct combat.」

Was Risa haruna’s question.

The staff is nodding as if he was expecting that question.

「Yeah, though that’s also an often asked question, the reason is for entertainment.」

「Hou? Though I think the opposite. I thought that the people wanting to see bloodshed will come more to this kind of place.」

「Yes. That was how it was long time ago. But, with the dwindling number of fighters, the audience count also decreased. Then, when we were pondering what we should do, we noticed it. Despite the fact that there are many people in the world that would like to see a real combat, it didn’t mean that they want to see a person injured. It was in the sport, the fight as a sport. Certainly, there’ll be injuries even in sport but, inflicting injury is not the purpose of sport. The fighter can fight at ease and it’s more popular with the audience too.」

「Fuhn. Even so, there are people who are dissatisfied by that, right? 」

「Yeah. Of course. But, that’s minority. Rather, the impact was greater and more and more people were satisfied by it.」

「Ah, I see. It’s because the fighters can go all out, right?」

The staff nodded to my words.

「Nice insight. The situation where one becomes dead just because a slight touch of blade wouldn’t meet the audience’s enthusiasm at all. So, the combat is carried out carefully so that it won’t inflict injury. But, when both sides attack seriously to kill and are less worried about becoming weakened, they’ll go all out with their attacks. The battle where one focuses on defense is liked by the experts of battle but, as expected, majority of the people love battle with aggressive offense and defense. Thanks to the guaranteed security, the combatants can do a showy battle.」

I see, that’s exactly right to the point.

More reason to do that if there’s that kind of danger.

Maybe that’s just how great the magic tool that forms the barrier, Protection of Aegis. I heard that it is similar to the guild card, it seems to be a replica of a powerful treasure but, even then it is quite powerful by itself.

「Currently, we’re about to hold a tournament you know? How about it? The prize is also extravagant. The championship prize is a sword that can cut through space and time.」

「Space and time!?」

We exchanged glances.

Does that mean that sword is similar to Ruu’s axe――

「Fufu, it seems that somehow the fate of the Goddess will become mine.」

「No, I’m the Goddess.」

「Never let what you get out of your hand, right Eiji? By the way, I’m entering.」[Risaharuna]

「Me too」[Eiji]

「Then me too. Though well, I don’t know what I should do」[Ruu]

Eventually, the three of us raise our hands.

Thereupon, the staff bowed respectfully to us and then handed a belt to each of us.

「This is the Protection of Aegis. Please touch this. That’s the qualification test for the fighter.」

When Ruu and Risaharuna held the belt, the staff nodded with a surprised expression when he looked――at what I think as the volume of the barrier, similiar to what was shown in the arena―― shown in lithograph-like style.

And then, I also try to touch it.

「Ooh! This-THIS IS! 」

The staff raised his voice while lowering his voice as if feeling ashamed of me.

「It’s nothing, my deepest apologies. I was truly surprised since I never saw a newcomer who could produce this level of output. Yourself and the two before you have plenty enough value to pass without any problem. It should be okay if it’s that case.」

It seems that the volume of the barrier is decided by one’s value of magical power or stamina, it seems that one can’t fight since it would be dangerous if the volume of barrier doesn’t exceed a certain point. That said, we passed the test without much problem, then we calmly head toward the area where the fighters are gathered.

「Let see what’s inside, lounge, balcony, coffee room, dining room… it seems they get amazing treatment, don’t they. Can we take this place as our permanent residence? 」

Ruu stared intently and read the written explanation.

「Maybe you can say that the arena exists for fighters. That might be the reason they’re gathering excellent fighters. Shall we try entering the coffee room?」

We, who were immediately trying to use the facility, saw the figure of Jackrosa Tetra in the middle of the room. It’s the third time today.

「Ah, good day.」

「…You guys are, fighters.」


「Well, we became one just now. We saw your match, you know. You’ve some amazing skills, don’t you.」

「Thank you.」

Jackrosa didn’t say any following words and just stared intently while slightly averting his gaze from us. It seems he’s quite the taciturn type.

Well then, maybe I shouldn’t try too hard to strike a conversation.

「Please take care of us if we meet in the arena. Say, just because we meet here, don’t go easy on us.」


「Well then, will you teach things related to this place. Ah, it’s fine if you’re in bad condition though.」

「It’s nothing… I’m okay.」

Ruu made her rude entrance while completely disregarding my consideration of him. But, you see, maybe I want to hear the story of a fighter for a bit too since I want to hear about things like the ability faction, maybe I should take advantage of this moment.

Thus, we decided to have a chat while having a light meal with Jackrosa.

After we chatted with him for a while.

「That legendary Blood Licorice, you say?」

「He~, have you heard about it?」

That said, the spear user will easily take the bait when he’s offered a topic about a spear. It seems that the topic was quite to his liking.

「Though it’s name isn’t well known… It’s famous amongst the spear users. I’m glad that there’s someone who knows about it.」

「But, we’re the ones who destroyed it you know.」


It’s not like you can easily state that fact immediately!?

Look, he’s extremely dissapointed by it.

「As expected, so it came to that, it was a demon lance after all.」

「Yeah. It’s because it harmed people, you see. My apologies.」

「But, that’s still alright. Since, it does have the capability according to its legend. Apart from that, I’m glad that I can hear about that from someone who practically saw that lance.」

Nonetheless, it seems that by one thing or another, it has become a bit easier to talk due to a common topic. Even if it’s not the best topic.

We continued chatting for a while after that, or should I say, though I noticed that we heard Jackrosa’s story for rather a long time, according to his story, it followed the story of that uncle from the weapon shop, beside him, it seems that the other fighters, Kean and Haruel, are quite famous themselves.

Moreover, according to him, Kean is an A ranked adventurer of the adventurer guild! This is the first time I have heard about an A ranked adventurer. A ranked adventurers are people that can be counted by hand. This made me excited as I was already thrilled and have no choice but to latch parasite.

It is a place where my dreams will spread because there are also some strong men who do not play much in the arena.

Moreover, since the other splendid fighters also come to the coffee room and dining room, maybe I’ll meet him when he’s in this place.

I’m looking forward to parasitizing in this kind of place.

I’m getting excited, remembering the first time I went to the adventurer guild.

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