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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 74 - Fighters of the Coliseum

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Chapter 74 - Fighters of the Coliseum

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「Fumu. This is so good eh.」

Risa Haruna’s showing an expression of admiration while eating the fruits from the foodstalls. When I also try to eat the grapes to test whether it’s really that delicious, certainly, the moment my teeth tore the thin skin of the fruit, a certain refreshing and sweet fragrance aroma spread within my mouth.

Yup, it’s delicious. When I think so, Risa Haruna’s heartily eating a cherry-like fruit and a small peach which have soft hair growing on them from the other stall.

「Say Risa Haruna, so you’re a fruit lover.」

「Rather than fruits, I love any kind of food.」

Risa Haruna replied with the cherries shaking on her hand.

「I’m really fond of delicious things since long time ago, you see. I love humans since they’re putting more ingredients and cooking than those zombies and liches.」

「Those are undead right, I just can’t imagine the scene of them cooking their food.」

「So that’s the case. Moreover, it’s been―― a long time ago since when I came for the first time but, I noticed that the food has become more delicious than the food of those times. Maybe, they do selective breeding. Thus, I can enjoy while wandering around today.」

He~. So they do something like that in this place too. Maybe the people whose farmer class level is high have done their best.

…Yup, I recalled that it’s within the call of my parasite.

There’s an arena, if there are fighters, there should be considerable chances to parasitizing the other parties who have some ability.

Maybe because that ossan* of the gift shop was the third one who said that, the other fighters might have quite the influence too. If possible, it’s better if they’re stronger than me. The effect of parasite is also higher on those people. [TL* : Uncle]

「Even so, let’s go there after we eat… a bit more. I’m sorry.」

Being pushed by human wave, I’m colliding with the people beside me.

There is a blonde haired man with a spear on his shoulder.

Say, I feel like I saw this spear before… Ah, isn’t that from a while ago.

Could it be that he’s that Jackrosa, in person?

No, it might not be him, he might be someone who bought a replica souvenir or some sort of it.

「I-Isn’t that person over there is Jackrosa-sama?」

「It’s the real one, when I see that cool expression… AH, he glanced at me just now!」

「No, that’s just your imagination, right.」

I just heard something.

When I looked toward the direction where those voices are coming from, three young men are making merry in the surrounding at our distance.

It seems he’s the real one.

Could it be that he’s going for a meal before his match after this.

It’s nothing but a big chance for parasitizing huh.

Thus, I’m trying to nonchalantly touch him.

Uhn, it came with a slight spark. It seems he might have a skill or equipment against abnormal conditions. Even so, there’s a certain Anti Dispel amulet in me, I’m glad that I made that one.

Well then, let’s see the information right away.

【Paladin 50】【Priest 25】

… It seems I just saw something amazing.

Paladin 50 it says, a LEVEL 50 it says!

I said “it’s better if there’s someone stronger than me” indeed but, isn’t this like an unknown high level one suddenly came to me. In addition, he also has priest class, it seems the battle style which I can see already is screaming the combination of super iron wall with shield and healing magic styles.

Anyhow, I just suddenly caught a fine result.

This is a good sign, so I can expect for the next one too.

The three from before came to me while making a delighted face. Or not, of course they’re not coming for me, they’re coming for Jackrosa Tetra.

「U-Uhm, please do your best in today match.」


「Uhm, I’m your hardcore fan, will you do a handshake with me?」

Jackrosa clasps his hand with the man in the middle of that trio in silence. That man wrapped his hand with his clothes with a delighted face. What, is that protection against oxidation?

「I’m sorry, my friend wanted to talk no matter what! The truth is you can’t do unnecessary things to the fighter before his match.」

「It’s nothing. I don’t mind about that.」

Jackrosa replies in calm and uninterested tone to the man who left behind while apologizing repeatedly to him.

I wonder if he’s used to it or is it just his personality? Maybe he’s an unsociable person for curtly giving that handshake, he’s quite a vague person.

I keep staring at him and then, Jackrosa left his seat to head toward the coliseum. Though I feel that he looked at my direction in that instant, it might be my imagination. It’s not like I’m doing something strange.

But, as expected, there’s a powerful person in this place. I should go inside right away.

I call Risa Haruna and Ruu and then enter the coliseum.

There was a lobby when we entered the coliseum. The place to make an arrangement to purchase the audience seats by paying money is in this place. If one were speaking of their first impression, it would definitely include having a maze-like interior though there’s a guide that will give a polite and thorough guidance.

Since it seems this place is also a famous tourist attraction, maybe there are many people like us. After ascending the stairs, we’re arrived at the audience seats.

The audience seats were also shaped like stairs, It’s often the case that the price of good seats are higher. There’s even a private room with special seats, that place even offers high-ranked beverage and food. Well, since I’m not going to try with such full-blown seats, I decided to try the normal seat.

There are many people in this place. It seems the battle is quite a popular amusement.

「That’s an amazing number of people, right Eiji! 」

「Yup! More than I expected!」

The surroundings are also considerably noisy, it’s hard to do a conversation unless you’re shouting at each other. My feeling says,‘The heat is at it’s peak!’.

「Why are they not starting it quickly! AH! Here it came! 」

The fighters made their entrance into the circular arena.

The cheering became even more thunderous.

The audience seats are surrounding the arena which are located in the lower place. The arena is an empty smooth field of land.

But, after I heard the explanation, it seems they’ll put an object if it’s necessary. It’s not like they have only simple battles, they also do battles of certain conditions.

「Oh, he’s the one from a while ago.」

Jackrosa Tetra made his appearance.

He’s carrying a round shield and long spear, I keep hearing the audience calling his name when he’s entering the arena.

His opponent is a man of magician style who wore a robe.

They take positions which are considerable distance from each other and, the battle began with the sound of a gong as the signal.

The match was an one-sided battle.

Though the magician attacked from a distance by using magic skills such as magic arrow, magic bullet, moreover ice-based, all of those only struck Jackrosa’s shield.

And then he advanced bit-by-bit, the magician who couldn’t escape to the side kept retreating behind and was then cornered to the wall.

Finally, when the magician lost the place to retreat, he entered Jackrosa’s spear’s range.

But Jackrosa isn’t flustered.

He kept cutting off the opponent’s place of retreat while guarding against his magic and steadily attacked with his reliable spear.

The chain combo of swinging his spear after guarding from an attack and following it by fixing his stance with shield again was accurate, smooth and, fast; it was as if it’s part of one series of movement. The matter of him having polished his basic skills and abilities is something that can be seen at a single glance.

And then, after receiving several blows, the gong made incessant sounds, and the magician falls on his knees and the battle closes down its curtain.

「That person is really powerful right!」

「Ah. It seems that he’s not just simply popular. His attack are fast and heavy. Just one of his attacks will greatly shave away your endurance value.」

The endurance value said by Risa Haruna is a certain lithograph which is displayed above the head.

It’s similar to his own status which can be seen by us, the status which can displayed by means of a gauge and the percentage is displayed on the indicator built on the walls of the arena.

Endurance value―― That is the value which decides victory or defeat in this arena.

The people who fight in this place are equipped with magic tools which function like a barrier, this endurance value will keep decreasing when one receives attacks.

It seems one will be declared loser when their endurance value reaches zero.

And yet, it seems there’s no one who’s gravely injured.

With guarantee for safety and peace of mind in this way, the children can also come to see the fight.

And yet, even while I’m thinking that there are such convenient magic tools, the battle advanced to the next card.



It suddenly turned into loud cheers.

What kind of a person is that just coming out?

When I look toward the arena――

The back of a girl who’s walking toward the arena comes out from our side’s gate. I can see a relatively small build and light brown-colored hair with bob cut.

She turned toward our place while walking toward the arena. When she waved her hand with a smile from ear to ear on her charming face, the uproar intensified even more.

Some part of the audience are even standing up from their seats.

She’s really popular huh, or rather she has good look and is also giving a good service. I can understand her popularity.

「But, I can’t place parasite just by looking. The most important thing is skill.」

That’s also amazing.

Haruel is a warrior who fought with sword in both of her hands[dual wield]. Though her opponent is also a warrior who is fighting using sword, while warding the attacks with her sword, she keeps on evading her opponent’s attack with paper-thin margin and continues attacking her opponent as if she’s dancing in the arena. That flowing movements are as if she’s dancing rather than fighting, it is as if she’s manipulating her opponent to dance with her.

And then, the completely uninjured Haruel won her fight.

Haruel won and then she left the arena after showing a dance with her sword right after the fight. The cheers become even more amazing when she did that.

The coliseum fights are highly popular in Prowkai, strong fighters are dime a dozen.

After watching several matches, we, who were satisfied, left our seats.

「It’s good, right? As I thought, the ambience is different when looking it LIVE. I can feel the heat, you know」

「Goddess is truly a hot blooded one, huh. But, it certainly is impressive. The best of all, the number of spectators is terrifying.」

「Ah. That’s quite the splendid number. How is it, you want to try it too?」

Though Risa Haruna’s looking into my eyes, I know what she means.

「No, I’m just an ordinary person, something like that is impossible for me.」

「That isn’t the case. Though I just saw it in the lobby a while ago, they’re talking about about how they’re always recruiting a fighter unconditionally. It seems anyone can become one when they pass the aptitude test.」

「You’re quite sharp, aren’t you. Even so, it doesn’t mean that I want to become a fighter」

「I see. That’s regrettable. But, it seems I’m gonna try it for a while since it seems interesting.」

Risa Haruna’s heading toward the place where the staff are walking on the lobby. She’s quite a battle junkie huh… No, please wait.

I suddenly noticed it.

The fighters who were fighting a while ago were in that place, we just met a fighter a while ago but there might be no better convenience than this. But, if we’re on the similar standing as a registered fighter, there might be a chance to meet them again, right?

Even if I had only met them today, they’re definitely worthy of being a big shot, they maybe ahead of me atleast in one field, and there maybe someone who’s even higher than that.

While it might be true that we’re registering as a fighter, it doesn’t mean that we’re going to fight right away, rather it was more like a probing situation for the time being.


「Let us go too.」

「EH? Me too? 」


Ruu too, I might be able to use her for information gathering.

We talk to the staff in the lobby following Risa Haruna.

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