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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 73 - The Coach Route

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Chapter 73 - The Coach Route

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When she noticed, Ruu was already holding one of the treasures.

That’s the world axe, Grand Guignol. Ruu can use it as if it’s natural for her. Though she didn’t think that was something special at first, for the other people, that was treated as nothing but a blunt axe. And then, she understood. That is a treasure, and Ruu’s called as a unique existence who can use that treasure since then.

Even if it’s another treasure, Ruu could use it with ease without any kind of trouble. For humans, she’s a target of admiration, and fear but Ruu, who can freely display the power of treasure which couldn’t be used no matter what the other humans do, can’t be seen as nothing but as someone who possesses the power of God, right.

And then, Ruu opened a hole in the world with her world axe.

The high density of demon element, filling the entire world, faded away into that hole.

When the demon element became weaker, the powerful monsters lost their place on the surface world.

There were ones who got weaker, ones who died, ones inside the dungeon, etc, etc, they evacuated toward the place where demon elements still remained.

And then, the weak humans were the only ones left on the surface.

After Ruu built the kingdom with the power of the treasure, in the very end, she used the power of the world axe to tear the space and time, the treasure remained in legend, and she opened the path to the seat of God and ascended toward that place.

Of course, what I mean is that Ruu, who can use the power of treasure, became a God and then continued watching over this world until now from that space, or maybe a room, or a garden.

「Haa… I can say that Ruu spent quite a dramatic life as a human」

「Of course, it is. That’s why I’m filled with life experience, right」

Ruu got cocky and proudly stated that.

Certainly, she has more life experience than me. Quite a unique one, though.

「But, Risa Haruna is also really knowledgeable about Ruu.」

「Isn’t that so. Well, though I don’t know about the particular details, she sealed the monsters which then became the foundation to build the kingdom by pioneering this surface world itself is quite a famous story, right. Of course, that doesn’t mean that everyone knows about this fact, it seems you’re also blind in this matter.」

That was true huh.

Well, now that she’s saying it, it doesn’t feel strange even if the majority of the myths surrounding the founding of a nation is related to the anecdote of God’s faith.

Whether it’s the fact that she can freely wielding the power of the treasure, or the fact that she was already holding the world axe before she even noticed it, it seems no one but Ruu was aware of it.

When I ask about it for the second time, Ruu said that it was because she was a great person. She said that she was originally not a God. This means that she is quite amazing despite not being a God.

Moreover… when you’re talking about a treasure, controlling it is truly a hard matter. Even the Eye of Akasha, which ran wild due to tools and then caused the event in Laurel, and the demon lance, Blood Licorice, which ran wild and turned into a demon, couldn’t display their true powers. Also in the latter’s case, according to Risa Haruna, it was weaker than when she was rampaging with it using the power of blood sucker.

Pulling out the full power of that kind of treasure, moreover wielding it at will. It seems that Ruu’s the holder of an extremely amazing skill but, except for some people who gain this kind of power with their class, there’s also one who’s born with it. It might be because my parasite info can see nothing but only class.

When I’m admiring that fact while enjoying the jolting coach―― Eh?

「It could be that but, you say that you made a hole in the world with world axe, could it be that――」

I bring my face closer to Ruu, and I asked since there’s a certain connection with the event which became the cue of me being summoned to this world.

Ruu nods in no time.

「Yeah. The concentration of the demon element will keep getting thicker rapidly if it’s left alone. In short, it then turns into the case in which powerful monster like the one in dungeon start appearing on the surface world. So I have no choice, when its concentration reached a certain degree, I made a hole in the world to send that demon element to another world to circulate the atmosphere, you know」

「… So, what you say that time about replacing the atmosphere was something like that, right」

「Yup. For some reason, it seems that Eiji’s world is a world completely devoid of powers like magical power, that’s why even if demon element enters your world, it’ll get neutralized by the atmosphere of your world. Maybe because of filtration, your world exists without an existence like magic」

So, that was the reason huh.

My world was using some kind of filtering equipment. Well, yeah, when not equipped with ventilation, the atmosphere will deteriorate similar to my room or this world. [Note : What’s the reason for Eiji’s death?]

「………… When you say that, then could it be that, tell me, are you currently unable to using that axe and that seat of God? Which is beyond the heaven…」

「Yeah, that’s right you know.」

「When you say that, then the thing which can adjust demon element? There’s no other way to collect it? 」

「Yeah, that’s right, you know」

「Won’t the monsters become powerful then? Isn’t the world currently in grave danger?」

「Yeah, that’s right, you know」

Logically, it ended up like that.

The world is pitted in great danger due to my summon.

I separated my face from Ruu.

「What should I do. You said that the demon element will be accumulating without the world axe but, is there no other way to decrease the accumulation?」

「Maybe there’s another way but, I don’t know about that.」

「Well then, how about the method to go to the seat of God?」

「I can go there if I make a tear in the time and space with the world axe, you know」

Uhm, in short, when arranging the information in my head.

The world axe is necessary to flush out the demon element.

The world axe is currently left in the seat of God.

The world axe is a must have item to go to the seat of God.

「In short, aren’t we checkmated!」

It’s just like the situation where the key of the car is inside a locked car. Why did it turn into this kind of trouble. No, I just accidentally summoned her with a strange skill.

Risa Haruna called me while I was in worry.

「Though I don’t know the full details, though I don’t mean to pry on your secret, do you mean that you lost the way to decrease the amount of demon element?」

「That’s right, Risa Haruna. We’re screwed.」

Ruu’s replying as if she doesn’t feel that it’s troublesome.

Risa Haruna’s holding her stomach as if she’s amused by it.

「Ahaha, isn’t that such an amusing blunder. Could it be that the day I regain my power is close by? 」

「No, that’s not laughing matter…」

「Well, that’s laughing matter, you know. In my opinion. I think that it might become soon.」

「That’s right. I think so.」

The duo of Risaharuna and Ruu nodded together.

Eh, what the hell is this situation. There’s some kind of understanding within the old-age team.

「Different from the mankind who were so brittle in the past, perhaps the current mankind could face against the powerful monsters.」

「So that’s the case. I also can be discreet with the timing, ri~ght. I’ve been called as something like the guardian of the humankind but, I wonder how I do that even when I only did things randomly. It’s better if they can somehow do that by themselves. Maybe, I think this is the right time. Even when seeing it with God eyes, I think they’re extremely powerful.」

「Haa, I see. Well then, shall we say that all is well. Well, I am also quite powerful as an adventurer. I’m relieved」

「In the first place, it shall be changed but, since it’ll take ten-odds years to dozens years until the concentration of demon element thickens, so there’s no need to be flustered. …But, since I’ve left many private properties at that place, you’ll be reflecting on that matter! Eiji! 」

「Uuuh… Yes, I’m sorry」

I apologized while my cheeks are being grinded with her fingers.

Well, it’s fine sine the world is in peace for now.

Even so, I’ll put a little consideration to find out the way to the seat of God. I didn’t put enough consideration in it when I came before but, I would like to see more of it as I know it is such a wonderful place.

I mean it piques your curiosity when you think about the place where the God is residing, right. If it’s an RPG, the feeling is just like step before the last dungeon. Rather, if God is the last boss character, it’s definitely the last dungeon.

But, there’s history with Ruu. I can say that there was history with Ruu but.

It seems that Risa Haruna was also already existing in the same timeline, what’s with this aged party.

「Well, I’m glad that I know about various things――」

And then, our coach jolted again for a while.

I expected that we’ll be arriving in Prowkai soon enough… But, it didn’t seem so.

There’s a small town, or should I say the satellite city of the Prowkai metropolis in the place we’re waiting for a while while tasting the all-you-can-eat local fruits.

There’s no particularly important event which is worth to mention, we stayed for 10 days in this city and then departed again toward Prowkai. [Note : WHAT HAPPENS IN THE NIGHT?]

This time, we’re truly heading toward Prowkai.

And then, few hours after getting on the coach――

「Dear passengers, we’re arrived. It’s Prowkai.」

I, who’s dozing off, was awakened by the voice of the coach driver and then descended from the coach.

Ruu and Risa Haruna also descended along earlier, and there, the unknown town was spreading right ahead of us.

「Ooh, so this is Prowkai.」

「Still, the atmosphere is a bit different from Laurel.」

「It’s been a long time since I’ve come to this place and, as expected, the atmosphere hasn’t changed that much.」

After each of us stated our impressions, we’re entered Prowkai.

The atmosphere is a little different, and yet the buildings and the roads aren’t that much different from Laurel. The people walking on the roads too aren’t different, well it won’t be different so much since both cities are still in the same country.

But, there was one great difference.

「That white thing, is the coliseum huh.」

The big amphitheater can be seen.

You can say that the coliseum is the symbol of this city.

Many thick white pillars, which are rising above, also give quite an impact to the view even while seeing it from a distance.

「Don’t you want to explore that place?」

Ruu and Risaharuna also agree to my suggestion.

While thinking “Aren’t we completely a tourist here”, we decided to scout for an inn first.

After choosing a middle class inn, we, who became more nimble, headed toward the coliseum immediately.

The coliseum is located in the northern part of the city, the point before that coliseum is a plaza. That place is filled with people regardless of their age, thereby being filled with thriving businesses.

There’s a lot of stalls in the plaza too; food, accessories, and there’s even weapons being sold there.

「Yo, that onii-san and the ladies over there, how about some weapons for you? This spear is the same model with the one used by that Jackrosa Tetra! You can boast that you’ve it ! 」

The man from the stall which have weapons lined up in it is calling to us.

I’ve no plans to buy it but, I should go to check it for a while.

「Jackrosa you say, who is he? Ojii-san*」[TL* : Uncle]

Ruu asked and then the shopkeeper clasped his hands together while happily answering her question.

「You don’t know about Jackrosa, missy!? That’s something that I can’t let just pass by. If one were speaking about Jackrosa, he’s the most handsome even amongst the fighters of that place. I can assure you that you’ll come back dizzy whether you’re man or woman due to his beautiful face and the way he moves his spear - like flowing water. Well then, is this the first time you’ve come to Prowkai? 」

「Yeah, we’re going to venture inside after this.」

「As expected. So that’s why you don’t understand no matter how much I say about it. Yosh, go and take a look inside the coliseum first! If you come to see him, you definitely will come wishing to get my weapon. Don’t forget that beside Jackrosa’s, I also have Kean and Haruel models! 」

The shopkeeper gave a thumbsup while sending us off and then proceeded to greet the next customer. He’s someone who goes by momentum, huh. Even so, famous fighter he says? Being able to teach us that, he seems like a good person.

「Well, would you like to meet that person he introduced before?」

「Uhn, let’s go to meet him!」

As expected, we should go from the best first. Thus, we start heading toward the arena.

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