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Chapter 72 - Ruu

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「Well, shall we go then?」


The next day, Ruu and I started our preparations to leave Eigen.

I can do things which I couldn’t do until now like digging and cutting, like going into the mine and jungle, I’m really enjoying it.

We left the inn while thinking about what kind of new things we’ll do next.

It was at that moment.

「My, here you are, Eiji-kun.」

When I look at the direction of the voice that seems familiar, a certain blue-eyed, blonde-haired woman exuding a unique charm was standing at that place.

「Risa Haruna-san? Why are you in this place?」

We mutually exchange our situations.

Having unusually travelled toward the same place―― In short, it appears that she’s travelling without any peculiar goal but ―― the thing that I understood is that we’re the so-called fellow travellers, so we decided to travel together toward Prowkai.

In regard to the things that a coach will just come twice a week to this village, Ruu and I, who noticed our foolishness after packing up, decided to waiting for one more day and boarded the coach the next day.

For that reason, currently Ruu, I and, Risa Haruna have boarded on the same coach which is advancing along the highway.


Risa Haruna let out a deeply emotional voice.

「Never have I thought that Eiji-kun will be going along with her.」

「Her? Is it about Ruu? 」

What is this, I wonder.

An acquaintance……… It seems not, she came to the surface world just recently.

「Sure things. I never imagined that you’ll be lodging in the same room as the Goddess. Truly an out-of-common norm man.」


I bend my body forward.

Just now, she said “Goddess” right? Risaharuna.

「Do you know her?I mean about Ruu, Risaharuna-san」

「Ah. Of course. Because that girl over there is the Goddess personage who’s revered by humans, right? She really is the resemblance of it. The stone statue of the temple. No, should I say that the stone statue is the one that looks exactly like her.」


Certainly, Risa Haruna isn’t a normal human but, why does she even know something like Goddess.

When I’m surprised, Ruu was looking at Risa Haruna with a look as if saying “well done”.

「He~. To have a human who knows about me is also something rare you see. In the first place, I think the statue is just right though.」

「The reason I know that is because I’m not a human you see. It’s because I was one of the monsters that was sealed by the Goddess. So, you can’t expect me to forget it.」

Sealed by the Goddess?


What do you mean?

「AH!You’re a monster huh. It’s no wonder, moreover, could it be that you’re a long lived one? 」

「Ah. I’ve been living for few hundreds years.」

「O~h. I see. That means, even at that time… I wonder if it’s okay with you.」

When Ruu squinted her eyes to stare as if peeking at Risa haruna’s intention, Risaharuna burst into a laugh as if it’s strange.

「That’s already a story of the long distant past, I’m not really resenting you for that. At least, that was a trivial matter to me on those days though.」

「Hohou, I’ll keep that in my mind. As expected of the one who has experience and wisdom.」

They’re talking about one thing after another without holding back for some reason.

Their conversation……… Is, something I really can’t follow through.

Even after they were done with their super elderly talk, the content still is incomprehensible to the newcomer me.

Or rather, when I’m thinking about about it, I wonder what kind of person Ruu is.

I heard about the power of the God when we’re in the space she call as the “Seat of the God” but, in the first place, why would Ruu be able to enter that kind of place.

Moreover, she’s also revered as a Goddess and has her name known by many people.

I completely never heard about that.

「Hey Ruu――」

In the slightly shaking coach.

Along with the clattering sound of its frame, I asked the details about how Ruu became a goddess to Ruu and Risa Haruna. And then, the link of that story with Risa Haruna.

The story begins with the tale of a very long time ago - to the point that no one knows when it is exactly.

It went back to the time period during which Rain kingdom didn’t exist yet.

At that time, powerful monsters, far more powerful than the one that currently on the ground, were running rampant and it seems the human race was living a quiet life clumping together inside the caves or deep in the forests where those monsters wouldn’t notice them.

Naturally, there’s no country as those humans were living separated from each other.

But, at a certain point of time, the monster started to dissapear from the ground. And then, when the people noticed that the ground turned into a safe place, one girl appeared.

She cleared the forest with the axe that she held in her hand, leveling the rocky area and then made a plain. She brought various resources to humans with this process. People started following her, and the place for humans to live expanded by large margin.

And then, the one that was born due to it is the Rain kingdom.

After the people started to prosper and began to build their kingdom, the girl laughed as if feeling relieved and then, she disappeared. Henceforth, the humans came to call the era upto the period of the founding of the nation as the era of the dawn, everyone revered that girl as a Goddess.

Thus, the world of the humans flowed on till the current era.

「I see, for a God with this kind of detail is――」

Was that the reason she loves pioneering?

Or maybe, the axe and pickaxe is the meaning of her existence.


「Why did Risa Haruna do most of the explanation?」

「I mean that’s the tale of a long time ago, you see. Or, should I say that I can’t remember that far, Risa Haruna has a good memory right.」

「Since that was the most important even for us, the monsters. When we were celebrating our heyday, we suddenly weakened when we’re on the surface ground, our power was lost, and we disappeared to the depths of the dungeons.」

Risa Haruna says so.

In short, you’ve been living from those days huh.

Crap, I wonder what is the average age of the people in this coach.

「Even so, it’s not strange if you’re really despising her for that.」

When I ask that, Risa Haruna shakes her head.

「Most of the things you say as monster is an ephemeral capricious existence. The thing that happened few hundred years ago is mostly a trivial thing to us. Well, one part of us might hold grudge for that but, I’m personally fine with this situation. I’ve been enjoying the culture and the world of humans. Though whether it’s humans or demons, I can say that it’s trivial matter and I’m okay with whichever side prospers.」 [Note : Let me say this first, Risaharuna’s extremely powerful and special case according to a certain loli which will appear later]

「Fuu, thank goodness. And here I thought that you’ll suddenly bite at us.」

Ruu says so while laughing.

Maybe, Risa Haruna in that ancient time might have not met Ruu on the surface world. Which means that she saw Ruu but didn’t stop her, she might really be fine with whatever happens.

…… Even so, how did Ruu manage to pull out such stunt?

Ruu’s current power, I think, it’s not to the point of being able to cleanly sweep away the monsters on the surface, to be honest, does she have such amazing power and even was able to found a nation using that?

「You see, I actually can perfectly master and control any kind of treasure. I’ve this kind of skill. That’s the reason for me being called as God by humans. Fufu, amazing right.」

Ruu placed her hand on her waist and made a manly pose while saying those unbelieveable words.

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