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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 8 - I Ended Up Surrounded By a Massive Amount of Classes

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Chapter 8 - I Ended Up Surrounded By a Massive Amount of Classes

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After that, the time passes for a while.

No really, my laughter doesn’t stop.


【Class】Parasite 17 Mercenary 6 Mage 5 Swordsman 5 Priest 3 Hunter 3

【Stamina】 77

【Strength】 68

【Defense】 60

【Magic】 72

【Magic power】 59

【Magic resistance】 59

【Agility】 70

【Skill】Parasite x3 Parasite・Class Mastery of short-range weapons Strong attack Magic tools mastery Magic arrow Sword mastery Swift sword Dispel Bow mastery Magic blade

When I went to confirm my status, it has become like this.

It has not been long since I have acquired the Parasite・Class, and my status has become something like this. I have many skills, even my attributes has risen even more than when I had leveled up my parasite level.

Mastery has the effect of letting me use the weapons skillfully, so I tried to practice with a cheap sword that I had bought and even though I had never practiced swordsmanship, even I was able to wield the sword. It was something natural as if my body knew how to use it.

Even more, it seems that the offensive attack increases when I grab a sword.

But above all, I’m so happy because of the magic arrow. This is a skill that I acquired when my mage class went up to level 5, and as the name says, I can now use magic.

What can I say, suddenly a feeling of being in a different world came to me. There are occasions that even if you are a parasite, if you speak of magic, then this kind of magic attack is the one that you want.

I have even acquired the skill that I never thought I would get it. And it’s the skill that Rux first told me, the compound skill.

A skill that only those who have learned several skills can obtain, a powerful skill that you can only learn depending on how you combine the skills.

And the magic blade is one of those, a combined skill.

When the level of my classes, swordsmanship and mage went to level 5, I learned it.

But even so, right now I don’t know if the effect is amazing or not, and it seems that you have to insert magic attribute to make the sword stronger. So it will be effective only if I insert magic attribute in it. Because I have never fought with any monster it’s that I don’t know what to do, about how to insert magic in it.

Ah, by the way, when I was in high spirits using the lens for third time to check the skill, it broke down.

I think that I have used it more than necessary, yes.

After having learned the Parasite・Class, I have changed a bit my plans for the future.

Even though I have found a really strong person, but now that I know that I can get experience of their classes, I will begin to change the way to who I choose to parasitize so I can gather many different classes.

And of course, my class level continues to rise as always. The class of the parasitized person and mine, both continues rising at the same time.

Therefore, I went to the adventurers guild and touched every kind of person.

I changed the way of choosing to whom I’m going to parasitize, but even if I think about collecting classes, I think it will better to do it only after increasing my level. Finding the perfect combination is really difficult.

Now I see that apart from my class, the others are slowly rising up.

And it must be because I’m only receiving the experience of only one person for that class. Even though the experience I get is the main cause, some must be leveling up quickly depending on the class.

That’s why, I was thinking over and over if I do it carefully or not, it’s difficult to decide.

While I was inside of the inn, troubled by that, I learned a new skill.

【Parasite・Info】 You can obtain information on the person parasitized.

To put it briefly, I can get to know the class and the level of the person parasitized.

I will know if their class level is low or not after having being parasitized, and if I know that, I can stop my skill and look for someone new. It’s simple but useful.

Everyone can see their own status but not the status of others, and I’m the same, I can only see my own status, but not the status of other people.

That’s why, to have this type of skill is a great help. Even though what I can see it’s only their class and level, but even with that it’s enough because I can’t go and simply ask a stranger about their status.

After having seeing all the other skills, I thought, my skill is different from the others, It lets me get stronger.

It’s shining completely, my parasite class, really.

And like that, many days passed.

And like it’s expected, the leveling up of my parasite class has weakened, but the other classes have experienced a significant increase in level.

But even so, they have by far the greatest offensive power.

I was in the middle of going towards the adventurers guild while I was in a good mood with the purpose of choosing new classes, when I came across a shrine.

No, I found it before, but I decided today to go inside.

The shrine was entirely made with big white stones, a shine of chalk. The design of the pillars were exquisitely made, so it was worth of seeing.

There is an altar in the front of the entrance, and anybody can only enter until that place. There is a massive door at the back, and it’s likely to lead to the place where the shinto priests are working.

Several places are decorated with pink flowers, but, it may be because the hair of Rux is pink.

And in a very outstanding place, at the front after going straight, the goddess statue is being worshiped.

This is Rux.

They have grasped her unique peculiarities, this stone statue has a splendid workmanship

All the visitors except me, are praying respectfully.

To think that she was really a god.

And not only that, there is even a statue with the exact appearance of her, she must have descended sometime. Or she only showed her appearance?

What can she be doing at this time, Rux.

She said it took considerable power to open the hole, so she must be taking a rest.

Since I came to this place, let’s pray? I am grateful that you have given me this class even if it’s this parasite class.

It was impossible to get three classes like it was normal, but now my results are far greater than what I have expected, now I was able to learn more than three classes.

I left many offerings after seeing the altar. This is something to be glad, I give my thanks to the goddess Rux and the visitors and then I left the shrine.

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