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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 9 - The First Request

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Chapter 9 - The First Request

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After leaving the shrine, I went as I had planned to the adventurers guild.

I was already accustomed to seeing her face everyday, really.

When I was thinking of whom I’m going to parasitize today, I saw a familiar face.

「Oh, isn’t it Eiji? How are you?」

「Veil. Well, not bad」

It was the adventurer who has guided me through the town when I wanted to go for the first time towards the adventurers guild, the female adventurer, Veil.

And similar to the last time, she is wearing a light mantle and started the conversation with an “Oh”.

「It’s a lie. I come here often but, I have never seen you grab a request」


This is bad.

I can’t tell to her that I only came here to choose to whom I’m going to parasitize.

It’s more, she is being parasitized.

「Huh, when I was trying to select a request, it happened this and that and then I began to hesitate in which choose. Ahaha, I’m indecisive」

Veil folds her arms, and with a “I see, I see” she nodded exaggeratedly.

「I understand you, yes. Because you just became an adventurer, you’re being careful, I see. The opposite of me. If it was me, if I think this will be ok, I will go with a *boom*, because I’m the straightforward type. I want you to learn a little. Ahaha」

She puts her hand behind her head and with the mouth wide open, Veil starts to laugh.

With her hand in the same position, she tilted her body looking at my face with curiosity.

「But you know, if you don’t go when it’s the time, then not matter how much time it pass, you will never have your adventurer debut. It’s okay, I know what to do. I will choose it for you. Let’s go」

「Eh, no, I’m not…」

「Come on, come on, stand up, stand up!」

Her arm and mine were intertwined, and suddenly and forcefully she dragged me.

Why so forcefully――No, this is, her well-developed chest is being pressed against my arm. Kuu, this sensation… Why is so… Why is so… Aah…

While my strength was weakening, I ended up being taken to the counter.


「Wendy! Please, a request for a beginner」

「Veil, why do you want a request for a beginner… Oh, Eiji-san, hello」

「Ah, hello」

She was the one who made all my registration procedures, the receptionist Wendy.

It’s not surprising that the receptionist knows Veil, she is the one who is giving the request to her.

「It’s possible that, both will work together?」

「No, that is not――」

「That’s right!」


Are you serious?

Wait a moment, please a moment, Veil-san, you answer was very quick――.

「I understand! You finally have the motivation to do it, isn’t that right, Eiji-san! I can say that the difficulty of this is by far the lowest」

And Wendy was also fast.

The documents were quickly pulled out, and were placed in front of us. Without a moment of delay, Veil picked the document, and with her face next to mine, we both saw the document.

These people are really coordinated.

But, well, leaving that aside.

She understand what is she doing?

Is she aware that her skin is so close to me even though I’m a man, Veil are you aware of that?

No matter who is, always talking to you like you were her friend, a cheerful girl that raises your spirit and makes you feel startled. It can be that maybe she likes me, but then I could be wrong. I want you to stop stabbing me, an unpopular man with the feminine gender like me.

I’ll never be fooled again, and I’ll never be again captured in another trap after make me remember a sad memory. This type of person is always acting intimate with anyone, no matter who is. You definitely are not a special guy, Eiji.

I examine the document while I pretend that I’m calm.

Of course, in my interior, my heart is beating extremely fast and all my nerves are concentrated on my cheek.

・Goblin subjugation ・Laurel Wolf subjugation ・Seed Sukuri harvest

…And so on, these were the request that Wendy had taken out. As I expected, there are a lot of subjugation and harvest.

「Now, which will be good?」

「Isn’t it the harvesting ones or the medical plats easy to complete? 」

「Eeehー! If we are going to do one anyways, then it has to be a monster subjugation」

「They seem dangerous so I think it will be a little dangerous for a beginner」

Veil rejects my words, but Wendy corrects them.

「It’s not like picking herbs is going to be safe too. For example, the sukuri seed is only found in the deepest part of the forest, and even there are monsters and aggressive animals. People who knows the way can avoid the animals, so it’s safe for them, but someone who doesn’t know anything will be――」

Wendy raises her hands and makes a pose as if she were showing her claws.

Now I understand, it’s dangerous to enter in a territory that you know nothing about. I’m sure that if it were possible to collect them without any danger, then it would not be requested to adventurers.

That means that it’s better to take the request to fight monsters that you know that are weak.

I started thinking for a moment, and then I chose the Laurel Wolf subjugation.

And while Veil is laughing with a satisfactory smile, my hand is pulled.

「That’s right, that’s right. Then let’s go, Eiji!」

「Please be careful in your way!」

After being seen off by Wendy, my arm continued being pulled off by Veil and so, we left the adventurers guild.

Even though they are troublesome persons, but this may be the perfect time.

Because I wanted to find out how much strength I have by now.

And now that I have an expert by my side, even if my strength is not enough, I will not have any problem.

It’s the perfect time to try.

The place where Veil and me went was a forest in the east of the Laurel town.

The wolf called Laurel Wolf is living there, but in these days, it seems that the number of wolves have increased and they come out of the forest to attack the cattle.

And because it happens often, to control that their numbers does not increase too much, periodically they put the subjugation request.

After reaching the forest, we went towards the point where the Laurel Wolf appears according to the information of the request. And suddenly, the wolves appeared.

Two wolves of light brown fur were growling to intimidate us.

「They have arrived」

「We can’t complete the subjugation request if they don’t come」

「Well, that’s true, but they look as if they will jump over us at any time. SuuーHaaー」

While I breathe deeply, I take out the sword that I have bought before and I put myself in position.

And at the same time, the two wolves attacked.


I attacked them from the front.

I prepare myself with the sword, and to the wolf who passed by my side I gave him a thrust with my sword. Even I was surprised by those smooth and natural movements. With a fast movement and with only one hit, I ended killing the wolf.

Moreover, the two wolves at the same time.

The skill【Consecutive sword】has been activated, and with only one stroke I ended up adding another attack.

I turn around, and I look towards the two monsters lying on the ground. Even though I don’t believe it, the sensation of my palm tells me that it’s something I’ve done.

「That’s amazing, Eiji. After having said that sort of thing, you have defeated them with ease」

While hearing the applause of Veil, I felt it.

「Yes. It seems that I have become really strong」

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