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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 66 - Remembering Something That You Should Do Before Departing

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Chapter 66 - Remembering Something That You Should Do Before Departing

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After chatting for a while, I told the destinations where I’m going to go after this, I’ll leave this information to the adventurer guild if there’s someone who came asking for my whereabouts.

Though I was thinking whether Phillipe would cry, it couldn’t be helped since he was absent. Well, I think he might understand since I’ve told my whereabouts to the adventurer guild so that he could go there and know my current location if there’s something that he must do no matter what.

「Well then, next is……………… AH」

While I was thinking about that, I had neared the inn. It was right at that time I saw Alie leave from the inn.

「Alie, how rare of you to come to the inn. Could it be that you have some bussiness with me? 」

「Ah, Eiji-sama. I was thinking of going back since you were absent, it’s good that we met」

Alie trotted toward me while her black hair fluttered around.

「I was also thinking of looking for Alie. Since there’s something I need to tell you」

「A business with me, what might it be?」

「It’s nothing, well it’s okay if I tell about it later. Ladies first please」

「No, I’m fine telling it later. First please, Eiji-sama」

「No no no―― or so I say, there’s no end to this, well, please take the first turn!」

I suddenly approached Alie and told her to go first.

Alie sighed slightly and opened her lips.

「The truth is… I decided to leave this city」


Don’t tell me, Alie too?

「The truth is that I want to stay for a bit longer but, a letter has come from my hometown」

When she said that, she took a letter from the bag that she held and showed it to me. Since the seal had a tear on it, she might have put it inside after reading it. How Alie-like.

「What kind of letter it is?」

「It’s from my mother who’s telling me to return at once. She said it in soft way, but」

Alie’s looked at the letter with a rare expresssion of troubled eyes, so I unintentionally burst into laughter.

「Why are you laughing. Haa, though I managed to prolong it, this is already the third letter, it is written with angry words, “If you’re being irresponsible and not returning, never pass under the gate of the house again”」

Maybe it goes along with the saying, “On the third time, even someone with a face like buddha will get angry“.

But as expected, she’s kinder than buddha to her daughter.

「I see, she really is angry」

「Yes. Moreover, she listened to my selfish wish to become adventurer as I wished, but as expected, I can’t say anything more selfish than this, I have no way out」

「Ahaha, you’re right. Well, she definitely will be pleased if you show a lively face」

「Yes, that’s right. That’s why I will go back to Neman at once. But, I definitely will come back again! Eiji-sama! 」

「A~h, Alie… About that, even if you come, I think I won’t be here anymore」

「EH? 」

I explained the plan I have in my mind to Alie who was showing a blank face. Thereupon, Alie’s face became dumbfounded and then her voice became slightly lively.

「So it’s like that huh. Leaving this place to travel to various cities」

「Yeah, I’m thinking of going to Prowkai. I have still not decided where I’m going to go after that yet, but I might be going to various nearby place from there. But, I am planning to go to the place they call as the capital for the time being. You see, I’m curious to know just how big the capital, Rain Saint is」

「In that case, you’ll be heading to the same direction as Neman right. Please come to visit my home if you have some free time. Since Neman is along the highway right before Prowkai」

「Maybe I will go to visit. Rather than aiming for one place, I’ve been thinking about going around to visit various places」

「I’ll be looking forward to your visit, it’s a good thing that Neman is similar to Laurel. We definitely will meet again. Or rather, maybe we’ll meet faster over there than when we met in this place」

「Certainly, it might be a nice coincidence」

We ended up laughing together.

「Ahaha, we really have some strange coincidences, don’t we. Nevertheless, Prowkai huh… It’s a place famous for its arena. There’s this vigor which makes me all fired up.」

「Alie likes it too huh. Hee, somehow, it’s… not surprising」

「Uh, don’t you feel that I’m a slightly dangerous person?」

Alie hung her head down.

「Nope, not at all. It is something I’m glad for you know」

「Is that true? It seems that Eiji-sama expression doesn’t say so… It’s like you’re teasing」

「Well now. Please give my regards to Kohl-san… I am indebted to him, I’ll be back again」

「Yes. Well then, please take care of yourself」

Alie and I do a firm handshake and then separate our ways.

With this, the thing that I wanted to do the most has finished.

I’m gathering my luggage and the confirming the time of the carriage.

「Yosh, let’s go」

I look at my room for the last time, and then head toward the lobby of the inn.

In that place, was Marie and the inn oyaji.

I bent over to align my line of sight with Marie.

「See you then, Marie-chan. I’ll come again when I come to Laurel」

「Yes. See you again…」

Marie immediately closed her lips closely while hanging her head down and then immediately raised her line of sight to look at my eyes.

「Please, you definitely must stay………… HERE.」

「Yeah, it’s a promise」

「It’s a promise. I’ll look after the kitchen garden properly」

「I’ll be looking forward to that」

I greet the inn oyaji who stood by her side.

Folding his hands like usual, he stood up immediately while looking at me with a scary face.

「I’m indebted to you, old man. Well, I’ll go then」

And then, I looked back after leaving the inn.

At that time, I heard a voice from behind.

「You may come anytime. I’ll keep your room in the same condition」

I halted my foot and then looked at the old man.

………… I was moved by his kindness.

「YES! Thank you very much! 」

Thus, I left the inn which I used to stay at for a long time.

Placing my luggage on the stage coach, I depart and then, wait for the person that will come.

「Too slow…………………… We’re almost leaving you know」


「Too slow!」

When I appeared from the coach, in that place was Ruu who was wearing a white blouse, slightly similar to the best clothes of town girl A*. [TL*: NPC]

Though I’m not used to her current appearance… It’s acceptable I guess.

「Hell, that’s not it. I’m not dressed, you’re late, Ruu. What are you going to do if the coach is leaving?」

「Ooh, so Eiji already came. Very nice job」

「It’s not “already came” you know. But, well, it’s okay since you’re just on time. Hey, get on quickly」

Ruu nimbly jumped on to the coach. Somehow, it seems that the reason she was almost late is because she was buying sweets. I think she’s too faithful to her greed.

… Ah, it must be good if I can also eat pickled syrup of Laurel’s melon. That’s delicious, I don’t know whether I can eat it again or not since it’s Laurel’s speciality. Aah, how careless of me.

「What are you feeling down for, Eiji. You must be feeling down since you’re too faithful to your greed for food」

「I don’t want Ruu to say that…」

At that time, the coach started to move and the driver shouted「WE’RE DEPARTING」. It seems something like this should be said before departing.

「Ooh, travelling on a coach feels good, isn’t it」

Though the coach is swaying back and forth, Ruu matched it by moving her body. The coach advanced on the highway leaving Laurel behind.

「Yeah, it’s fun you know」

Well then, I wonder what will be waiting at the place where I go next――

Thinking about what event would come next, I also look at the scenery outside with Ruu.

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