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Chapter 65 - Thereafter

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For the time being, I’m going to buy clothes for Ruu who’s eating at the inn first.

Though Ruu certainly said that it was embarrassing when she first arrived, she meant that the degree of exposure is too high but, it is okay.

Though I thought about why she was wearing that, I couldn’t even say that to her with how the situation was at that time.

Ruu seems to be very enthusiastic in the middle of city, I also spent a carefree time with her without even noticing it. It seems she was going out occasionally, was she really a Goddess? That said, she has naturally adapted to it.

On the other hand, I bought a map.

It was a rough map of the geography around this area.

When I look at it, the mountains, forests, villages, and cities of this area located so and so in detail in it. There’s also the usual forest, Paienne labyrinth, the Snori village, and even further.

Looking at the faraway places, it seems that the one written as Prowkai is a big city of the same level as Laurel and is positioned quite close.

Could it be that there’s a satellite city in the vicinity? Though it might be not in the same level as a city, there’s a small city and a village around it. Just like the relationship between Laurel and Snori.

「I say, when I’m looking at this again, this world sure is big. It’s natural but, it far exceeds the range where I can use my foot to travel it」

And then, several days had elapsed after Ruu’s summoning.

We’re facing each other in the dining room of the inn today too.

「By the way, what’re you going to do after this, Ruu?」

「Uh~n, Hafu* you see」 [TL* : She’s eating]

When I asked that to Ruu who’s eating the stew filled with vegetables, she made a large gulping sound and swallowed it.

「I have come to the world after a long time, I wish to go to various place you know.」

「How about taking you to another city?」

「It sounds tiring, I don’t want to go to various places. I saw that this city is splendid with the God’s eyes, I wonder if the scenery of another place could be better and fresher than this. The walking distance is also reasonably close right」

「Hee, you’re surprisingly the active type」

「I mean」

Ruu’s pointing the tip of her fork toward me and asked,「What’re you going to do after this, Eiji?」


「Yeah, what do you want to do, Eiji?」

I think for a bit while eating the boiling soy beans which contain some sweetness in it, then I answer,「I―― Well, I wonder about that. I also feel like going to a different place than this city. Though I’m not Ruu, it’s been a long time since I came to this place, I also noticed that it’s slightly wasteful if I keep going on like this in this place. I also wonder how the other places around the city are」

「Humph humph, as expected right」

Ruu stabbed the potato in the stew with her fork while grinning widely.

I also eat my own stew. It’s delicious. It’s rich in flavor.

「What is “as expected“」

「I was thinking that Eiji is definitely the type that really like to do these kind of things. When you’re anxious about something, you’re the type who’ll try it for the time being」

Is that so?

It might be so.

I was scared at first but, yeah, I unintentionally got attracted by things such as skills and unknown classes.

I decided to finish my dinner.

Not, it’s basically already finished right. Maybe it was already done at the time I bought the map.

「When you are done with the preparation, we’ll be departing for a slightly long journey even as soon as tomorrow」

That said, I headed toward the adventurer guild the next day.

There’s registration, and since if there’s someone indebted to me who wants to know my whereabouts after I’m gone, they can ask the guild and know it.

It’s the auspicious day when you’ve just thought about it.

A mercenary honors speed over skill.


「Ah, Eiji-san!」


The guild which is as flourishing as usual is somehow a relieved scenery for me.

At that place, Vel and Wendy are having an idle chat across the counter.

Since it’s also my counter, I joined their chat.

「Wasn’t it just a while ago since you rested leisurely? You need to do more commissions from now」

「The battle few days ago was a violent one. I also want to move my body once in a while. Thanks to that, I come to the adventurer guild everyday」

「So envious, I’m tired and relaxed at the same time though」

「No, you can’t, you should be more active as the person with the most merit」

Vel pushed herself on my chest while grinding her fist.

She does a lot of skinship like usual.

As expected, I also don’t feel excited so soon… it seems there’s a little bit and, it disappears right away, yes something like that.

「By the way, my apologies for disturbing you two in the middle of your flirting session but」

「Wha, W-We’re not flirting, Wendy!」

「I wonder about that? It seems that way to me though」

Wendy shifted her gaze as if teasing Vel and let out an impish smile. She said that while smiling at me.

「You came today to take a commission right, Eiji-san」

「No, I have not come for that」

「Then, what for?」

「I came to give my greetings and thanks to everyone since I’m going to leave this city」

Wendy replied immediately.

「Eh! Is that true! 」

「Yes. Since I also want to see the other places of this wor…… Of this country」

「What is it, that’s our loss then. Though I’ll be happy if you’ll continue to actively take commissions in this place」

「Ahaha, I will say my gratitude if you say so」

When I shifted my eyes to Vel, she also looked intently at me.

「Are you, really leaving?」

「Yeah, it was already quite a long time but, I’ll go to the other places anytime now」

「I see………… Well, that is so. It seems you came to this place in the middle of your journey in the first place, it’s just natural that you’ll be heading to another place. But, it doesn’t mean that you won’t come back to this place, right? 」

「That’s natural. Till we meet again then」

「Well, I wonder about that」


Vel seized my body and coiled the arms on the scruff of my neck.

Just like that, she said this while grinning widely,「I’m an adventurer too, we might meet again before you even reached your destination」

「I see. I’m looking forward to it」

Moreover, I also thought the reply was Vel-like and I replied while smiling at her.

And then, Wendy cut in with a troubled face.

「I’ll be troubled if you don’t come back since I can’t leave that easily!」

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