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Chapter 63 - Advent

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――Capital of Rain Saint.

A room surrounded by sturdy stone walls, its massive door was shut tight and, not even an ounce of outside sound entered into the room.

And then, inside this room where the sound won’t be transmitted outside at all, there were five people.

――The wisemen council.

One of the five seated at the round table spoke.

「A notice has arrived using fast horse. It’s regarding the awakening of the Eye of Akasha by using the grimoire」

When the old man with a white beard said that with his hoarse voice, a woman wearing tight skirt turned her line of sight toward him with a doubtful gaze.

「Awakening? Don’t you mean, rampaging? It’ll summon a large amount of things without even giving a sign of summoning, I heard that the city near the test site is in peril though」

「Something like that can’t be passed as a trivial matter madam. The important thing is the fact that its original function is a reproducing function. You can control it if you make adjustments after that」

The old man rebuked her while touching his beard.

A young man followed up after that.

「I agree. Was it Laurel? What became of that city? Isn’t this a big deal? More importantly, it is more necessary for us to fulfil our mission」

「Your statement shows that you are in a hurry. Well, you’re right about that though. Even so, if that’s the case, that child running wild was also somewhat useful. Well, after all, I knew that entrusting that thing to him would end up in being used for his personal desire.」

「Certainly. We won’t move immediately since we still haven’t understood what just happened. In that point, Grael-kun was just the right target. I had no doubt about it since he’ll do his best in trying to use it. The grimoire was safe, the next thing is to get all the remaining information, irrespective of whether we will torment him, bake him or, boil him. Well, it should be okay if we just send in a bait who won’t betray us due to despair」

The young man peeked from his red robe and his lips, red as if painted in crimson color, warped into an ominous grin.

Along with the white bearded old man, the middle aged man sitting next to him was also smiling boldly.

「That’s absolutely right. We’ve no time to spare for such trivial matters. Though losing that Eye of Akasha is a bitter news, so what? Since, from the very beginning, it was just for experiment. Since it does not have enough output for the sake of our true goal, it has accomplished its duty as long as we get the data about it. We’ve three eyes, that’s enough」

「Uhm. That’s right. We can fulfil our wish as long as we have that. For the second advent of our goddess who left the surface world along with the end of the dawn era! 」



The thing that is lost along with the big yawn is the spirit.

A few days after the Laurel was attacked by the monster horde, the city has already calmed down as if nothing had happened at all.

I also calmed down and continued spending my time in a carefree way.

Originally, since most of the citizens were ignorant of the danger that was coming, there wasn’t anything happening from the beginning except for the adventurer guild.

「Well then, should I test it now?」

In the recent raid, because I and the people who have my parasite had defeated a large number of powerful monsters, we received quite a sum of experience.

It went up at that time too, and even things like the classes that were on the verge of leveling up had levelled up during these several days. Thus, I learned new skills.

One amongst them made me itch to test it today, so I went to the grasslands in the outskirts.

「Skill【Summon of Legend】, this undoubtedly is a very awesome skill」

I believe that this skill is really awesome.

What is amazing is that the effect of the skill is unknown even after appraising it.

I never knew that there were skills where the effect of the skill couldn’t be understood by using the judgement lens. In short, there’s no doubt that this is a never seen before skill.

And, 【Summon of Legend】 was the composite skill obtained as a result of the six classes namely, magician, hunter, miner, spirit user, priest and paladin.

It’s SIX!

When I realized the fact that the geniuses of this world have around 3 classes atmost, isn’t this skill a skill which no one had ever used in the entire history of this world ?

No, I am already trembling with excitement.

I concentrated my magical power on the prairie where there’s no one in the surroundings.

I came to this place since I thought that something big might come out of it.

I might be crushing the inn if I summoned it close to the inn. It’s a legend coming out you know. A LEGEND!!!*. A dragon might be coming out of it. What should I do when something like that happens? [TL* : the legend above is using katakana, while this legend is using kanji (伝説/densetshu) which also means legend. He just makes sure that it’s not mistaken as “Regen”]

Or it might be the goblin hero or an expert magician that comes out of the [Summon of Legend] skill.

Well, no matter what comes out, I’m sure that it will be something amazing.

「Fuu…………………… Yosh. 【Summon of Legend】 Invoke! COME! 」

A gigantic formation of light is spreading on the prairie.

The ellipses and circles, drawn by using ancient letters, becomes a gigantic pillar of light while emitting light.

The middle of the formation became a thick vortex of light, so thick to the point that I can’t see it, and then it is converging.

After one minute passed, the light just suddenly vanished in a flicker.

And then, one thing is left in the center.

It’s size is not that much different from me, it’s human shaped, a woman, and she’s facing toward me.

She has pink-colored hair, she’s wearing risque clothes and her face made me remember of…EH ?

「Oh, Eiji. It’s been a while! 」


It was the descent of Goddess.

I was taken aback for quite a while.

But Ruu, who’s looking at the stunned me, isn’t surprised at all and is still maintaining her similar atmosphere.

「Oh, Eiji. Was this 『God Letter』? Umu, you want to report about something today right? 」

「No, well it’s a bit different but……… Haven’t you noticed it, Ruu?」

「Haven’t I noticed it? Noticed what? 」

Ruu’s frowning while looking at my face.

Then, she struck her hand with a “pon” while nodding,「AH, did you cut your hair?」

「Not that! I mean, I have not even cut it! Yosh――」

Let me make clear about the current situation to the Goddess who remarked that she knew that the situation I’m trying to indicate was not about my hair. Besides, I also want to clarify it.

I suddenly approached Ruu, stretched my index finger and then poked at her cheek.

Ou, it’s soft. It feels like the buttocks of a baby. Since I don’t know whether she’s real or not without touching her.

Then, it’s clear. Ruu’s certainly substantial which makes it different from when I’m using [God Letter].

「What’s the matter Eiji, why did you suddenly poke at my cheek」


This person hasn’t noticed it yet.

「Ruu. Don’t you have any question now? I touched you, you know. Look at your surroundings」

Ruu’s rotating at the place where she stood with a dubious face. And then, several seconds later. She approached me and barraged me with ten hits on my cheeks.

「Touching…………… Things, you say…………… Could it be that, I have, descended in this lower world?」

「Yes. Something like that」


「So you finally noticed it, huh. This story won’t take too long but――」

「Hey Eiji, what’s the meaning of this? I was elegantly basking under the sun in my God boundary but, why there’s a meadow? Moreover, seeing that place over there, it’s Laurel city where Eiji is right!」

Ruu seemed flustered while shaking my shoulders.

I spoke while my head jolted front and back.

「It’s my skill you know, Ruu appeared when I used a skill called [Summon of Legend]. Or, should I say, you have been summoned. With my skill」

“Prick”, Ruu’s hands stopped moving and, my shoulder also stopped shaking.

While grasping my shoulders, Ruu’s gazed into my eyes.

「You’re not joking?」

「I’m 100% serious」

Ruu was stunned at her place, her eyes started moving to various places while showing an expression of pondering about something. A while later, she continued talking to me while maintaining that posture. [Note : Just remember Aqua reaction in the first episode of KonoSuba season 1]

「I’m troubled when you summoned me without any warning, but?」

「Even if you say that, I also didn’t know that skill will summon Ruu」

「Didn’t understand you say, Eiji, you should understand the skill you’re using right」

That’s a sound argument.

「Well, it can’t be helped, since I have already summoned. It’s an interesting skill which allows an impolite act toward God. By the way, please send me to the Heaven at once. This is the only clothes that I happen to wear」

「So you’re suddenly acting like a God huh, Ruu. Understood, I’ll return you for the time being」

Similiar to when I summoned her, I put every bit of my power and faced toward Ruu.

……But, nothing is happening to Ruu’s body.


Though I try it once again, as I thought, nothing is happening.

The summoning until now, if I try to send back with the same kind of feeling when I use the skill for the summon, they vanish with similar feeling just like how they came… I am expecting that she’ll be returning though.



Don’t tell me, could it be that it’s a different case for this skill?

Since it’s not summoning something out of thin air and it’s a skill which summons something that existed in a different place in specific, it probably has a different methodology from the other summoning skills.

In that case, how to go back to the original place.

The means to return……… How?

「Hell~o. Do you hear me, Eiji~? Return me quickly, ASAP. Like I said already, I also need to be prepared before being summoned」

「I don’t know」

「EH? 」

Ruu tilted her neck.

「I don’t know the means to return Ruu to her original place!」

「U-Uh~m, what just you said is―― a lie, right!?」

「It’s 100% true. Using the skill again seems to be impossible too. It seems that it is a one-way summon skill. ……Ahaha, what should I do now…」

「Na-Nana, EIJI~~~~~~~~~~I!」

Ruu’s hands move for the second time, and my body resumes shaking violently.

Thus, the Goddess descended upon the lower world.

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