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Chapter 62 - Repatriation

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I’m sorry」

Grael lowered his back deeply while apologizing.

Marie’s body solidified while showing a surprised face.

The place where I, Kohl and, Grael are currently is the inn where I’m staying at.

That’s right, it was because there was a need to apologize to the oyaji and Marie about the the kitchen garden’s mishap.

Grael obediently lowered his head.

As expected, maybe because he was reflecting about his recent failure, or it might be because he understood that Kohl and I were glaring at him right now, he apologized for the time being.

「Uhm, that. It’s okay you know. If you’re apologizing, then the matter is settled. Since the field has been restored and the vegetables will grow again if I plant and then take care of it again」

「You can condemn him more than this you know, Marie-chan. He won’t feel anything with this level of punishment」

Though I say that from her side, Marie shook her head in denial.

This child, is a saint.

Grael, who was bowing for a while, raised his head after being urged by Marie and then left the inn with feeble steps.

Well, my stomach feels slightly sour.

I was able to make that lump of vanity to bow down.

The next thing waiting for him is his already decided punishment according to the regulations. Beyond that is not my concern.

After Kohl and the inn’s oyaji chatted for some time, I saw him off when he left the inn .

After leaving the inn, Kohl said this to Grael who was waiting outside.

「The current event is because of your pride and your arrogance that everything is within your ability, Grael-dono. No matter what kind of punishment befall you, accept it with a sincere heart」


Grael nodded with a meek face.

While looking at his appearance, Kohl let out a sigh and added more to it.

「You should be grateful to Eiji-dono. It’s thanks to Eiji-dono that everything ended without any damage to the city. If the damage had ever spread to the city, though we’re acquaintances, I would have sealed the city and your life would have been decided」

「……… I’m sorry」

I have no way to know whether those words he said to me were his real thoughts.

And then, Kohl and his assistant left the inn along with Grael hanging his head down.

As for Grael, after that event, it was decided that he would be confined till he got his judgement.

The aftermath was dealt after that. Treatment of the wounded, patrolling around the forest to make sure that there are no monsters left, entering into the temple and investigating the priests with regard to the this event, and this and that. Of course, I’m helping too.

When things settled down, Kohl held an evening dinner party for celebrating with the adventurers who were a great help during this incident.

In addition to that, you might even say that it’s amongst the aftermath events.

Naturally, I participated too but, iya~, I’m satisfied to have plenty of delicious food to eat. Mimi, Georg and, Vel have come too and we’re having quite a wonderful time.

As expected of the event that Kohl organized, this is a wonderful event.

And then, the pleasant time was over soon.

I was leaving the party, at that time I was about to leave,「Did you enjoy the party, Eiji-sama?」

I was called by Alie.

Just when I am about to leave the hall.

「Uhn, it’s a wonderful party you know. The dishes were delicious, there was even a musical performance. That’s wonderful since I haven’t heard it recently」

「Yeah, the musical performance was wonderful. I’m glad if Eiji-sama enjoyed it」

Alie is smiling with an elegant smile.

I feel something like being relieved, and my usual feeling is returning.

……………Ah, in case of the usual feeling.

「Come to think of it, you didn’t wear that full dress huh. It does give a slightly different feeling」

「It’s because I am acting as an adventurer who protected the city today and not as a noble. I’m the same as everyone」

「Is that true?」

Alie approached me with glittering eyes.

「In that case, I’ll show it to you anytime. If you come to Neman that is, since I’ve many in my home」

「He~, I’ll be looking forward to it you know. I think that there are still many places where I would like to visit」

「YES! By all means, please come to the city where I was born」

「Ooh, Eiji-dono. Alie’s here too huh」

At that time, Kohl had come to call us.

He’s wearing a full dress. I can say that he’s normally a nice ojiisan but, as I thought, he’s exuding some kind of dignity on wearing this full dress.

「Kohl-san. Thank you very much, this is a nice party」

「Well now, it was a trivial matter when compared to the thing that you’ve done you know. I’m truly grateful to you. It is thanks to Eiji-dono that the city could protected. Please allow to me say my gratitude again」

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Kohl clasped my hands firmly.

I also firmly grasped his hands.

「Nevertheless, Eiji-kun is not just talented, you’re even quite keen in seeing through corruption and scandals. Moreover, maybe you were secretly grooming the adventurers in preparation for something like today. You know, I really admire that part of yours」

Somehow, the reality just changed.

「No, it’s definitely not for something like that, we just had accidentally took the same commission together……」

「You’re being humble again. Is there such a coincidence?」

There is you know.

But, I’m can’t say that it is because of parasite, so I have no choice but to continue to pretend that it’s just a coincidence.

「Different from an average adventurer, you’re thinking about the whole city and the guild…Though being an adventurer is also good for Eiji-kun, I want you to show that power for the sake of the country. What do you think? Are you interested with something like being a part of a chivalric order? 」


When I pondered about such a matter, Kohl had appeared right in front of my face.

「No, I’m just a traveller, so things like chivalric order might be a bit too much for me…That’s it」

「You don’t need to show that kind of humility, since your ability has already been accepted by everyone. You know, if it’s you, I’ll could give you power or status similar to that of a noble. With respect to your keen insight, ability, achievement and everything else」

Kohl came up with that offer with a serious face.

Please forgive me, those kind of things are absolutely unsuitable for me.

You are definitely overestimating me.

「But… things might easily turn serious when you become a noble. Even if you have enough ability, it’s a world where excellent ability possesses no influence in your status directly. If we’re assuming that you’ll become one immediately… That’s it, are you interested in an arranged marriage? 」

「Heh!? 」

「You’re not bad even in terms of age. If you succeed a house by being adopted into a noble’s house, you can easily enter into the circle of the nobles. Right, that definitely won’t cause any problem. HAHAHAHA」

How can he start talking about this kind of topic, this uncle.

The communication skills, that are needed to live along with the spouse’s family into which I get married, are something that I lack currently.

Nevertheless, whether it’s their work or private life, a noble always has various difficulties and, I want to live a free, peaceful life.

「O-Ojii-sama, W-what are you talking about so suddenly」

Beside me who feels that it is way too impossible, Alie started to speak with a flustered expression.

「No matter how you put it, that’s too hasty, I also need to prepare my hea――」

「Why is Alie the one who’s flustered? Especially when it’s not a talk that has something to do with the Duo house. I am just stating my general opinion」

「HA……! HA-au~」

When Alie let out a mysterious voice which can’t be put into words, her face that was slightly red due to the liquor had become even redder, and then she was overloaded.

Kohl and I are laughing at the same time.

Do not make strange misunderstandings, Ally. It seems she does have a considerably careless side.

Anyhow, I think that it’s still too early for me, I told myself that it was free, and I leave the party place after bidding my farewell to those two.

And then, I’m returning toward my own inn.

On the way, the display which I’m familiar with appeared in the dark of the street.

Parasite 【36→38】, Skill 【Quintuple Parasite】 acquired.

Ooh, I learned a Parasite skill after a long time. From the skill name, it seems that I can latch up to 5 people at the same time with parasite skill.

From now, I’ll get plenty amount of experience~.

I fought myself, and the people on whom I latched my parasite also fought a lot of strong enemies.

With this, Parasite is increasing more and more and is continuing to advance forward.

I have arrived at the inn while I was pondering about such things.

And then, I opened the my room’s door in the inn as usual.

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