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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 60 - Though I Raised the Level of Parasite, Maybe I Raised It Too Much

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Chapter 60 - Though I Raised the Level of Parasite, Maybe I Raised It Too Much

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The monsters that left the forest started to invade all over the place at the same time.

Feeling that I can’t hold them back anymore, I prepared my sword.

「AAH S**T, I guess I have no choice but to somehow kill one of them at least!I’ll just think something about it while slaying them――」

I decided and I changed my direction and headed toward the north area. It was at this moment-

A war cry rang into my ears.

And then, the scenery that appeared in front of my eyes is the scenery of a man and a woman releasing severals magic arrows from the canes in their hands respectively, followed by the scene of the arrows piercing through the bodies of the demon beasts.

Following that, I heard screams of death and agony coming from the south.

When I turned my face, I witness the fact that several monsters, starting from the Ogre, have been defeated.

In front of those monsters are those with their swords and axes.

「It seems we have somehow arrived in time.」

And then, I heard a familiar voice coming from behind.

When I turned around――

「Kohl-san! Moreover, Alie, Veil, and several others too――」

The other adventurers have come too.

Most of them are faces that I see regularly in the adventurer’s guild.

There are also people whom I remember parasitizing.

Kohl started to speak,「When I went to the temple after hearing your story, it was as you said. And then, when I cross examined the priest, he mentioned about the danger. It seems he was aware of the danger. Though he did say that it might be okay, but when I thought about the worst case scenario, I went toward the adventurer’s guild and assembled the people. I also received a report from someone scouting the situation and he said that he saw you fighting these monsters. So, I deployed the gathered personnel over a wide expanse of area.」

「Right, it seems like that. Haha, you saved me there.」

I started to feel relieved at the unexpected reinforcements but I was taken aback immediately.

There were even strong monsters like the lesser demon and the cocytus wolf amongst the monsters that had been summoned. A crowd of ogres and big spiders aren’t so easy to deal either.

As far as I know, the likes of adventurer who could fight at those level of opponents are almost none. Most might be able to do it if they fought an ogre or a big spider one-on-one.

Even holding them back would most likely cause a serious wound.

「It’ll be bad if you didn’t defend yourself properly you know, the monsters being summoned are quite powerful, there’s even monsters from the third floor of the labyrinth amongst them――」

「We’ll be fine, Eiji-san!」

The one who said that to me while stabbing a monster simultaneously was the one who had met me when I had reported the commission in Snori village, the robed adventurer who had raised his level by delivering the finishing blow to the monster in the event before.

「The current us have become quite powerful. We won’t lose to those powerful monsters that you mentioned.」

「Certainly, I think that you raised your level properly during that time but, as expected several cocytus wolf class monsters can cause complete annihilation you know.」

Though I was proposing to concentrate our war potential, this adventurer shook his head.

「We’ll be okay you know, after all, we have been trained by Eiji-san. You also guided the other people too. After all, raising the level of your guild is also important. I, who was trained by Eiji-san, continued to temper myself. I did something similar to Eiji-san. I co-operated with someone who is similar to the me from before and then trained that person too. They’re becoming stronger too. And then, I trained along with them too」

In short, are you saying that everyone beside myself have been raising the parasitism level by themselves.

Veil, taking over what he said, continued answering,「That’s right. Even the person who had no direct connection with Eiji became stronger thanks to the fact that they were trained by the ones who had direct contact with Eiji. As a result, they can beat stronger monsters than what they could beat until now, they could also perform highly difficult commissions, and they could even get good tools and equipment. As a result, most of them in Laurel’s adventurer’s guild ended up becoming even stronger. That’s why, if it’s the current us, we’ve plenty enough strength to beat those monsters over there.」

Third person point of view.

Arrows of magician pierced the crowd of big spiders and ogres that were coming to attack.

It contained enough power to pierce the tough body of big spider and stop its movement.

A warrior took advantage of the big spider by using that gap and then severed its legs with his axe.

There’s someone who stopped the attack of an ogre with his shield.

Amongst them were the people who once did a commission with Eiji. That time, they were ones who couldn’t move their hands or legs against a high-level monster.

But now, they fought against it efficiently. Moreover, they gained an upper hand against them.

In another direction, the adventurers were battling cocytus wolf.

There were two cocytus wolves, keeping them company at the same time while disposing another magical beast with this kind of strength in their surroundings, they steadily wounded the cocytus wolves.

「What does it mean to be able to fight in cooperation against such monsters.」

The silver knights also took out their weapons and headed toward the battle.

And then, he raised an astonished voice.

「Fufun, are you surprised? It’s because we have been trained」


Calling out to him was adventurer Mimi.

Mimi dodged the claws of the cocytus wolf with a movement that was faster than her reply and kept accumulating the damage by aiming at their weak points with her knife.

And then, she opened the distance again.

「Within the adventurer guilds which I know, there wasn’t a place where everyone’s skill was this high. Even if there was a prominent person who stood out, the overall level was never this high.」

「It’s because of Eiji-san’s training」

「Huh, Eiji-san? Is it that person? 」

「Ah, so you know him. That’s right, it started with Eiji reaching out his hands to everyone. As a result, it has reached the point where everyone can fight against monsters of this level! 」

Mimi delivered even more damage, and George swung his weapon at it when its movement dulled. When Mimi’s set up an explosion of fire using magic tools of her own, the cocytus wolf raised an agonizing scream and then fell to the ground.

To the scene that was happening before him, the silver knight did nothing but watch silently with a surprised expression.

First person Point of View.

Borrowing the view of the adventurers who were connected with me with parasite vision, I grasped the flow of battle to some extent.

The reality is that everyone in Laurel’s adventurer guild can go against powerful monsters.

It is quite a surprise. Since I had fought together with them, I was wondering whether they could even fight against these monsters. Even after I had trained them, they would have only been able to fight against a single monster of this level.

It seems those guys didn’t just stop with that result. After receiving stimulus from the event that time, they had grown by their own and had reached the point where they could train another person. Everyone was growing beyond my expectations.

I didn’t know that their levels had been raised this much.

Especially when I was raising them not because I was thinking about the adventurer’s guild, rather I had raised their levels by parasitizing them just for the sake of raising the level of parasite efficiently.

――As a result, it seems that it was raised too much.

But, that reason is a trivial thing now.

What does not change is the fact that they had become stronger.

Nevertheless, the current reality is the most important.

Just as I had predicted, not just from north and south, the monsters starting pouring out from the front too.

I turned around and said this to the adventurers who were in this place:「Understood. I’ll leave this place to everyone, please guard this place and never let those monsters reach the city.」



The adventurers raised their war cry as they charged toward the approaching monsters.

「I’ll do something about the culprit of this outbreak!」

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