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Chapter 59 - Invasion

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The treasure 『Eye of Akasha』.

Its true power is something related to summoning, though I have not deciphered as to how they are being created into reality.

Though I’m more fascinated by the power of the treasure than catching Grael for a short while due to it being more powerful than what I had expected, the situation started changing drastically.

The Eye of Akasha suddenly shined brightly, and Grael threw the cube-shaped treasure away as if static electricity coursed through his body.


The cube shined brightly and then faded to a hole in the air.

The howling of a demon was heard at the same time.

And then, an imp appeared from the hole.


The Imp raised a roaring sound and attacked Grael with its magic.

Grael evaded that attack while unsheathing his shortsword for a counterattack and launched an attack on the Imp to defeat it.

It seems that he can somehow handle it to this degree, but unfortunately, what comes after this…

「What does this mean!? Why is there a monster!? How did I reproduce this kind of thing―― Don’t tell me!」

A rampage.

It’s the same case as with the demon lance from before―― No, it’s a little different. I can’t feel its transformation into a demon. To put it simply, it seems that it was impossible to control this kind of monstrous power.

During the time Grael and I were astonished by the sudden change in situation, even more monsters were being summoned.

This time, an ogre and a greater imp appeared one after another.

Grael’s line of sight started shaking as if he was bewildered.

He is staring alternately at the cube and the monster.

It seems these two opponent are too hard for him, he seems to be thinking whether to fight against the monsters or to retrieve it, but that thought disappeared the very next moment.

A cocytus wolf appeared from the hole.

It was a monster that was one rank higher than the ogre.

When Grael saw that, he started to escape immediately.

I also escaped at the same time.

Somehow, things have started to turn toward a horrible direction but.

The summoned monsters are showing a painful expression toward Grael for some reason.

If I had not known about this, I would not care about it and feel relaxed. Since it has already become like this, in addition to arresting Grael, I must do something about the Eye of Akasha too.

Ha~, as I thought, nothing good comes out from something like peeping! [Note : I got a smack on my head during my childhood for the same reason.]

I arrived at the entrance of the forest while complaining in my mind like that.

Grael left the forest at the same time―― But, the cocytus wolf approached him from behind.

An icicle was shot from the cocytus wolf’s mouth.

Grael received that attack on his leg and fell down.

When he turned his head, his face was wrapped with fear.



At the moment the cocytus wolf bared its fang and leapt toward him, the magical power bullet I fired directly hit its flank.

I moved toward Grael’s position and dealt the finishing blow to the staggering cocytus wolf by chopping its neck with my sword. Grael’s eyes widened to the extent that it would pop out.


「What is happening, Grael.」

「Why are you in this kind of place…」

「I was tailing you since you had such a weird expression. I even know that you brought the Eye of Akasha. Answer me quickly, WHY ARE THE MONSTERS OVERFLOWING」

Grael shut his mouth.

But, the other monsters that had fallen behind, the ogre and the greater imp, reappeared.

「If you’re not answering, I’ll go and check it out myself. Good bye.」

Thereupon, I entered the forest while ignoring the shouting Grael.


「The state of Eye of Akasha is more important than the circumstances of someone like you. There’s no meaning in saving you if you’re not even willing to talk at all, right?」


Grael pleaded with a miserable squeaking voice, just where did his normal composure go to.

Despite the fact that I wanted to sigh at his miserable appearance, I defeated the ogre and greater imp from a long distance with magic in an instant.

With the sword in my hand, I ordered Grael,「Well, make it short」

Grael started speaking about the matter regarding the true power of the Eye of Akasha.

Despite generally being known as a treasure that records everything about this world, that was nothing but only half of its real power.

The other half of its power was the ability to reproduce those records.

This reproduction wasn’t in terms of information or image.

It was to recreate the actual existence of the records in this world for the second time.

It’ll record everything, and then it’ll reproduce those records.

In short, it possesses a terrible power which could recreate anything and everything.

As for the thing called grimoire, he told that it was a tool used to release the second half of its full power.

It seems that the ancient words written on the grimoire released Eye of Akasha’s true power.

When Grael was doing his professional duties in the government secret agency, he had got his hands on the grimoire, and he decided to use the Eye of Akasha to satiate his own selfish desires.

Grael had tried to create money and weapons by using this.

Apart from that, he had also planned to create everything he needed. And then, he had planned to climb to the summit of the society of nobles with that power.

That plan was running smoothly at first.

But, the Eye of Akasha that had regained its true power was not something that could be controlled by Grael. It is more and more getting out of control and is creating more monsters.

Since the thing it needs is strongly remembered records of this region, and it also holds the energy of a powerful demon of primitive times, it might be the reason why it is spawning monsters rather than something else.

「Things will take a turn for the worse if we don’t stop it. Any possible methods to stop it? 」

Grael shook his head with an exhausted expression.

If it is done with an unknown technique, did you think that everything will go as you wish? I really want to scold him to think about what he did, even if it is a failure.

Well, I won’t be insisting on it since I don’t think that even I can control the risk involved just by saying it to someone.

「Anyway, we can’t leave it rampaging just like that.」

If you don’t know the method to stop it, I’ll forcibly stop it even if it means to end up destroying it.

While thinking of it as I looked toward the forest, another monster came out from the forest.

I couldn’t see the summoning at the other end with my own eyes via parasite vision.

A cocytus wolf appeared again but, if it faces the current me, it’ll be defeated very easily.

I entered the forest and I was about to land a light attack on it―― But, my leg stopped.

From a point in the northern part of the forest, an ogre came out while stomping its feet on the ground.

My current location is a plain with some small hills between the forest and the town. If the monsters cross this place, reach the city and make contact with ordinary people, the damage will be very serious. Hence, I cannot leave it alone.

I rushed towards the ogre and destroyed it. Now for sure―― When I just started to think like this - this time, a group of imps, led by a greater imp in the front, left the forest from the place where I was previously while raising a laugh that can be heard here.

Naturally, I can’t leave those guys to their own devices.

The Eye of Akasha was moving automatically after having separated from Grael. Considering the fact that if I start searching for it and leave this place, the monsters coming out will cause damage faster than what it is now.

I sprinted toward the imps at full speed, and then after beating those imps―― now an enormous amount of monsters made their appearance, spanning a wide expanse of area starting from north to south.

「Wait a minute――」

The monsters that are coming out from below[south] is an imp, from above[north] is a lesser demon, whose appearance was known from the picture book, and a cocytus wolf ―― it is a powerful monster which resides inside third floor of Paienne labyrinth and deeper―― And, it is a considerably powerful monster.

If it is the current me, it’s not so hard to beat it―― But, I’m nothing more than just one person.

No matter how powerful I am, I can do nothing but protect only one place at a time.

I couldn’t protect everything at the same time if those monsters attack a wider area at the same time.

Even if I vanquish them quickly and sprint to a different direction, those monsters keep coming one after another. In addition, once I move, those monsters will receive a stimulus and might start an all-out attack at once and I will not be in time. I can obviously imagine that the monsters will start appearing from all the locations that I can see right now.

「Summoned beast…… It’s not good either.」

It might win if it’s an ogre class but, it does not possess power to deal with this kind of crowd by itself.

――If I must turn the situation, what should I do?

While I’m thinking for a feasible solution, the monsters continue to invade the city.

Finally, they have started to advance across the plain, heading toward the city.

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