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Chapter 47 - Red Night

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Snori village. Late at night, I’m tailing RisaHaruna.

Though I am not able blend with the crowd, I can trail her from behind thanks to this skill that is erasing my presence.

While I’m following after her, holding my breath and feeling the peaceful atmosphere in the vicinity, RisaHaruna leaves the edge of the village and walks to the side of the livestock.

Because of the lack of space for sheltering the manpower to protect the entirety of livestock, it seems only the important portions of it is being guarded by Georg-tachi.

Thus the rest are left over, and RisaHaruna is walking toward the left over lifestock.

I’m gulping as the distance shortened bit by bit.

When I strain my eyes to look into the darkness, I saw the form of a monster from outside the village.

Both sides are approaching the livestock as if it was a pincer attack.

As I thought, this is――.

They kicked the ground at the same time, and RisaHaruna raised her hand overhead. And then, the monster that had come――an ogre, raised its club overhead.

In the next moment, RisaHaruna hit the ogre who’s rushing to the livestock.


I, who almost jumped at the vicinity, can’t help but let out a stupefied sound.

「You―― What are you doing in this place?」

RisaHaruna looked back at me with wrinkled eyebrows.


As expected, I’ll be exposed even if I’m using the skill if our distance is this close.

Even so, I think this might be okay.

I mean, RisaHaruna is protecting the livestock from the moster just now.

I decided to tell the truth, with the exception of my ability of course.

「When I was taking a stroll in the night, I saw RisaHarua-san, I felt it was rather strange, so I started following you from behind.」

「In short, you thought that I was the culprit of the blood sucking incident, right?」

「EH? No, going as far as that is……」

「You’re not very good at lying. Same with me.」

RisaHaruna raised the edge of her lips as she showed a pretty smile with her back facing the moon. I was fascinated for a moment, that current state of her is cold, bewitching, and lovely to an astonishing degree.

「Yes, I thought that you might have some connection to it, so I was tailing you with that suspicion. Even so, I saw what RisaHaruna-san does in this place was the exact opposite. Even so, you’re not a normal human. I’m sure about that fact. Tell me, what kind of person are you?」

Geez, it’s better to say it right.

It’ll be exposed anyway.

「What do you think I am?」



RisaHaruna was laughing as she displayed her canine.

If she didn’t say it, there is almost no way to find a difference between her and a human.

「Even so, how did you see through my disguise?」

「I have some sort of petty skill, that’s how I questioned whether you are a human. RisaHaruna-san, you’re not a human. But, I can’t guess whether you’re a monster or an animal」

「I see, even I didn’t know that there is that kind of a skill. Seeing something like this is wonderful for the one who lived a long life」

RisaHaruna is approaching me.

The livestock escaped.

The ogre who was blown off is fallen on the ground and still unconcious. Such amazing muscle strength.

What will happen if she hit me?

「Why are you hiding your identity in the village?」

「Nothing, it’s not like I was thinking of sucking the blood of the villagers. Though it’s not a reason, the biggest factor is just curiosity.」

「Curiousity? For that reason? 」

「Though it might be hard to understand for a human like you, my time is limitless. Something that I didn’t do seriously won’t cause terrible wounds even if it fails. I have no need for doing something hurriedly. It’s not difficult to associate with humans for fun, thus I was moving to various place for years while pretending to be a human and abandoning that ruin, that’s why I’m back to this place again.」

I see.

Which means that she’s reclaiming whatever was left, so envious.

「That’s why I had to live as a human for that request. Maybe I’m quite lucky for predicting that there might be a vampire which used to live in this village before. Though I naturally know something about events that happened at those days and had reached its lifespan a long time ago, but because it is caused by a vampire, there is a possibility that I’ll be doubting myself alone.」

That was why she wanted a proof that “Vampire does not exist“.

It might be linked together if you’re looking into that abandoned ruin. It seems she’s forestalling for something that didn’t exist while looking for outsiders.

It’s not too late even if she investigated the true reason later.

「That detailed matter aside, I understand your reason. Even so, there’s one thing that I don’t understand. Why is RisaHaruna-san in this plac――」


I suddenly heard the scream of the monster.

When I looked at it’s direction, I see the form of the beaten ogre who was waking up and trying to running away and, along with shadow of a person, and fresh blood — No, it’s wearing an armor and a helmet.

On it’s one hand is a crimson lance, which then pierced through the monster and absorbed the blood bathed on it. [Note : Shaltear?]


「As I thought, that’s the cause of this riot.」

RisaHaruna was staring intently at the lance.

I noticed that I saw it somewhere too, so I strained my eyes to look at it.

……I remember now.

That armor and helmet was the armor that I saw decorated in front of the door of that underground coffin in the ruins. Though I think that it’s poor balance since it’s hanged on one-side, don’t tell me its counterpart is moving on it’s own.

Coffin――So that’s it, it might be the one that stabbed countless wound on the coffin.

Though the armor and helmet was protecting the coffin room, the scratch wound was like it had been done by hand.

「Could it be, that lance inside the coffin?」

「Yeah. That was my former【Treasure[秘宝]】, Blade Licorice, Blood Sucking Demon Lance」[Note : The treasure[秘宝] here can also translated as secret treasure which is different from normal treasure[お宝]]

The that I see as if bored of drinking the blood of the monster, the armor and helmet stopped at that place.

I asked RisaHaruna without taking my eyes off it,「That armored monster is quite something for using that amazing lance.」

RisaHaruna is shaking her head.

「It’s the opposite. That lance is just fulfilling it’s own desire by manipulating the armor and the helmet. Its desire is to cure its thirst by drinking blood.」

「What, the lance…?」

「Haven’t you ever heard of the fact that a powerful article would have their own will and spirit after bathing 1000 times under the light of the fullmoon? There’s the case in which a treasure could have power exceeding the knowledge of anyone who made it. If those articles spend long months and years, there’s enough possibility that it’ll gain a spirit or an evil spirit on it’s own. There’s also the occasion in which it would surpass the weapon and the stone statue.」


Treasure[秘宝]―― I noticed that I had heard a little about it before.

I know that it held power on a different level compared to any normal treasure[お宝], but, isn’t that will changing into a completely dangerous monster?

「That was a weapon which I used for draining blood before. Now, it seems like it transformed into a demon which wants blood for its own self.」

「Right, it seems like that. Then, that’s the true culprit of the bloodsucking event.」

RisaHaruna nodded while slowly facing towards the set of armor, helmet and lance.

「I thought that this might be the reason when I heard about the bloodsucking uproar. But, I am a completely normal villager. I can’t do it even if I wanted to go to check that ruins.」

「Thus you made a request to us, right?」

「That’s right. Though there’s some sort of unnatural form in my comission, the outsiders won’t go to poke their noses in that.……But, that might be why it didn’t occur to me to be more careful till reaching this point. THAT is the proof that I once lived in that ruin. Since the treasure was like me and could be considered as ancient as myself, I sealed it inside the coffin as I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away. But, it seems that the treasure itself is carrying devilishness more powerful than what I had thought. It might have turned into a monster which attacks with miasma.」[Note : When RisaHaruna talking about treasure, it’s always secret treasure[秘宝]]

RisaHaruna’s plam is concealing a small vermillion crystal.

It’s shining with a similar light as the lance.

「What’re you going to do?」

RisaHaruna is stepping even further forward.

Though the set of armor and helmet is empty, it’s rushing towards our direction while swinging the lance.

RisaHaruna catched the swinging lance with her dyed red hand, seized the armor with another hand and flung it away.

「Same as always. Destroy.」


「A vampire’s weapon is this physical strength. We’re tougher than steel, and originally didn’t need weapons――But」

A red drop is spilling from RisaHaruna hand.

「You got injured just now!」

「As I thought, THAT is not a normal weapon. Its power is also increasing by sucking blood.」

The weapon is increasing it’s power by sucking blood, truly a demon lance. The armor and helmet are still rushing with even more speed without losing momentum. RisaHaruna was not able to dodge it and her wounds increased with every attack.

Though the armor’s attempt to counterattack her was crushed, there’s no damage to the lance - the main body.

Clicking her lips, she landed a roundhouse kick while doing a backward salvo and fell on her knees on the place she landed at.

「Are you alright!?」

「Barely, not at all. As I thought, THAT is stronger than me who didn’t suck blood for a long time. Though, I already did expect something like this.」

When I saw her rushing, I saw many cuts on her, her red colored blood is reflecting in the moonlight.

「You’re bleeding heavily. Next is my turn.」

「THAT is strong.」

「Yeah, I knew it after seeing that. But…well, I think I can somehow pull through it.」

I draw my sword and start gathering my magical power.

It’s not pride or a bluff. Just right when I see my opponent, I think that I might really be able to somehow pull it off. This might be a good chance of『Making Use』 of the power I obtained from parasitism before.

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