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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 35 - Pair of Four Man Group

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Chapter 35 - Pair of Four Man Group

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Eureka! Eureka!

After almost not being able to endure my urge to scream I left behind the bathhouse after properly wearing my clothes.

I went straight and quickly towards the adventurers guild.

It was already evening, but even so there was a reasonable number of people, talking with sake in hand or having a light meal. It was like the atmosphere of a simple bar.

While looking at the appearance of such a guild, I started thinking who to choose.

I can roughly remember having seen all the people here.

Because the majority of the people in this place were parasitized I know their classes and levels.

I could not decide without thinking about what class I’m going to level up or what person I’m going to choose.

At that moment, the figure of Veil crossed through my field of vision.

That’s right, I approached Veil after remembering that I can wish for anything from her. But at that moment the other party noticed me and started walking towards me.

「Eiji! It has been a long time since you have come to the adventurer guild」

Veil spoke excitedly and even her body seemed to be bouncing cheerfully.

Lured by her actions, I also raised my tone and answered her.

「Yes, it has been a long time, Veil. I was spending my days with ease, but now I have a little errand to do」

「Errand? The way you say it, it’s not like a request?」

「Yes, you’re right」

As we speak I thought about if it’s good to use Veil as a object for the double parasite plan or not, but it seems that she is leveling up her mercenary class considerably.

Seeing that, it makes me want to level up some other class.

「It’s about that, I have something to request of you, Veil」

「A request? Of course, you can request me anything. Like I said when you saved me」

Veil hit her chest saying that I can leave it to her.

These are the times when she becomes reliable.

While hiding about the parasite thing, I explain to Veil the details.

That for my plan to go well, I need her to look for someone. Even though I’m looking for a person with a high rank, I told her that I wanted her to tell me if there is a person who seems to be passing through quite a difficult time. That it would be good if that person is capable of joining together as a group with others.

「I understood. As promised, I have to return what I borrowed with the best of my effort. …But you know, Eiji, something like that it’s okay?」

「Okay? There was a problem with what I said?」

「There isn’t a problem… But after saying with trouble about accepting any request you had for me, I’m wondering if something simple like that will be okay」

「No, no, I never had the intention of forcing you to do something unreasonable. Besides, this is what I need the most at this moment」

After saying like, with a troubled expression Veil scratches her head.

「Ye~s. I wonder if waiting is useless」

「Waiting? For what?」

「It’s nothing, I’m talking to myself. I need to think about a strategy」

Waving vigorously her neck, Veil was with a thoughtful look.

「I’m really grateful that you are thinking about what I talked with so much eagerness」

「It’s not about what you talked, it’s about my current strategy」

「I have no idea what you’re talking about any longer」

「Ahaha, it’s alright. I’m thinking seriously about that too. You can leave it to me!」

Veil appeals to me showing her determination showing me her clenched fist, and immediately went to talk to others adventurers.

I didn’t understand very well, but if she will do it, then it’s okay.

Nothing would help me so much more than Veil selecting previously and carefully people who seems able to accept my requests.

Because if I’m continuously refused one after another my heart would break.

So I only need to wait for the results.

ーーI wanted to do that, but I changed my mind and tried calling at least one time.

Because just at that moment I found a person who seems to be able to accept my conditions.

「It has been a long time」

「Nn? Ahー, Eiji! It’s been a while」

The moment the female adventurer noticed me calling her, she grabbed my hand and starting waving up and down.

The adventurer next to her, with a composed manner gave a small nood.

「You saved us that time. And thanks to that, we can continue being adventurers」

Yes, the ones who I called where the adventurers who were injured and which I helped in the Painne Labyrinth.

From the four man group of that moment, the ones I found were the male leader and two females.

「I am glad to hear that」

「I’m seriously glad! My guardian angel」

With my hands still gripped, the female adventurers shakes even more my hand.

What a lively child.

Rather, it seems that my shoulder would come off.

「You were okay since that? You handed us the recovery medicine」

「Well, I managed to do it somehow. And I even found something rare」

「Oohー, that’s amazing. If you didn’t save us at that moment, about now we would be nothing more than bones being chewed by a wolf. You’ve done very well in returning alive after saving us」

「Really. And yet, they say that you are a rookie who registered recently. We are in same adventurers guild as a monstrous man」

The man adventurer nods earnestly while touching his beard.

I shook my head while scratching my temple.

「No, um, it’s wasn’t something so important. Back to the topic, I’m looking for a material that I need in order to deal with the materials that I found at that timeーー」

I briefly explained them the situation.

And just like I planned, I offered to help them with their request without a part of the reward in exchange of the magic crystal.

「You don’t need to do such thing」

The man adventurer declared immediately.

Eh, this developed a little different to what I thought.

「We are in your debt. So, it’s unnecessary for you to help us. Even if we don’t gain anything, for your sake we will look for information and the crystal」

「Noー, I will be troubled if you do that」


「Ah, it’s not like I will be troubled, that’s incorrect, yes, if you do so much only for the medicines, I will feel really guilty. What I’m looking for is the magic crystal and it’s really rare so it would be too much to ask in exchange for what I did. That’s why, if you let me help you with your requestーー」

Almost about to fail because the other party possessed a strong sense of duty, but somehow when I was about to try fixing it, unexpectedly, the one who supported me was female adventurer.

「He is right, Georg. It’s like he said, let’s have him help usー」

「Hey, Mimi. What are you doing making him help us when we need to return our debt」

「 Isn’t it alright? I’m a person who thinks that good will has to be accepted honestly, you don’t think so? Hey, ah… I don’t know your name」

So these two are Mimi and Georg?

I didn’t know their names until now.

「I’m Eiji. It’s like Mimi said, Georg-san. If I were really a burden I will not say it. Besides, a high purity magic crystal is in a place where a thick magic element resides, and if I want look for it, then I thought it would be better to accumulate experience doing hard requests. In other words, I will also profit」

「Look, look, look, look, lookー Eiji is also saying that, let’s ask him. Just now, there wasn’t a request you were aiming for? A difficult one」

Mimi raised her fist emphasizing.

It’s good that this child is simple. It’s something to be grateful for.

Alternately comparing our faces, Georg sighs.

「I understand. I will ask you, Eiji. Please support us」

I did it, the negotiations were successful!

Now I can train by training these two people.

「Yes, let’s work hard together」

I answered vigorously.

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