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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 33 - The Second Ability of the Parasite Skill

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Chapter 33 - The Second Ability of the Parasite Skill

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After a few days after I started my vacations, I noticed something.

That something was that the speed of my level ups had become slow.


【Class】Parasite 27 Mercenary 16 Mage 8 Swordsman 7 Shinto Priest 14 Hunter 14 Shaman 14 Fighter 3 Miner 8 Thief 10 Spirit User14 Enchanter 15

【Stamina】 181

【Strength】 160

【Defense】 153

【Magic】 180

【Magic power】 178

【Magic resistance】 177

【Agility】 165

【Skill】 Magic power recovery up Weakening Permanent summon Communication with God Servant summon Chewing stones Breath of life Element attack Spirit magic Spirit perception Magic enhacement Attack enhancement Magic amplification Healing hand+ Share pain Long distance weapons mastery Enhacement boost Parasite・Vision Parasite x4 Parasite・Class Parasite・Info Parasite・Gold Short ranged weapons mastery Strong Attack  Magic tools mastery Magic arrow Sword mastery Consecutive swords Dispel Bow mastery……

And of course, my level has risen but not as fast as before. It has slowed considerably.

I can understand easily why it happened my level rose rapidly and thus I became strong, but it’s not like the parasitized people can become strong like me, so the monsters they defeat, the experience they obtain won’t change much.

That’s why, no matter what, my growth has slowed after becoming high-level.

Even though the experience I get from my skill parasite is magnified, after all it’s only four times per person.

So if the necessary experience to level up is four times or more their amount, then it’s normal that it will slow down.

But well, I’m receiving the experience of four classes at the same time and even if it became slow, that in itself is a luxury. However, after you experience a level up with such amazing speed, you would think about wanting to taste it again.

It could be this what the people who borrows money feels when their income decreases but not their debt.

「But well」

I started to roll on the bed.

「There’s no need to panic」

Because I don’t have any necessity to raise my level.

I might be already the strongest in this town, and as long as I don’t go towards a dangerous place on my own, I will not be defeated by monsters. And I don’t have to worry about completing request because I also have money.

Something could happen in the future, but they say that if you talk about the next year, demons will laugh, so the only thing I can do is wait.

「…That’s what I wanted to but」

I straightened and got out of bed.

Just recently I just thought of a good method.

Within the corridor of the cave, I look at my surroundings.

And when I’m sure no one is watching, I use 【Permanent summon】

Together with a light, the magic pig with a flower blooming on its tail, Hana appeared.

Without feeling nervous at all, Hana gives a cry, and then starts going round around me.

「It’s good, good, today you are also lively」

When I crouch down and I start patting its back, Hana closes its eyes and makes a face as it were feeling really good.

Even though it’s cute, I will not let you only show your cute side today.

「It has come」

What came from the depths of the labyrinth was a plant type monster that looked like a dandelion after blowing the fluff. But its size was different from a normal dandelion, it had an average height of a human.

The enemy changed its root to a hairy foot to start approaching, Hana also started showing motivation, but I signaled Hana to wait and then I went ahead.

Even though the appearance of the plant type monster didn’t fit for it to be a physical type, the monster brandishing a robust leaf that has as arm came to attack me.

However, no monster on the first layer could become my opponent. Lightly exchanging blows, a strike was given using the sheath of the sword towards what it seems to be the body or the stalk.

The offensive power of the monster decreased rapidly after it began to totter.

「Good! Now it’s the time, Hana, finish it!」

I withdrew to the back.

And at the same time that Hana received the signal, Hana started attacking with magic arrows, and even took the initiative to go ahead and tackle the monster.

As the monster was weakened, it couldn’t evade nor counterattack, when received the final blow, it wilted.

Hana raises a cry of happiness.

The level went up just after that moment.


Being in a good condition I was able to weaken the monster’s strength, and so Hana was able to deliver the final blow. And like I planned, Hana was able to get a lot of experience.

A strong person defends a weak person, so defeating an enemy which you wouldn’t be able to defeat alone will make you level up at high speed.

So to speak, it’s a way to level up where the weak takes advantage of a strong person.

If I use this then I could be able to effectively increase the leveling speed of Hana, making Hana fight against strong enemies that in other way it wouldn’t be able to fight.

But my goal is not only that.

I extend my hand, confirming that the golden light is connected with Hana.

I have the 【Parasite】 skill.

Using parasite, I can obtain and amplify the experience that the parasitized person obtains.

That itself is amazing, but if I entrust everything to the parasitized person then I would be able to obtain four times the amount. But if the parasitized person is only able to defeat weak monsters, the original experience will not be much even if it’s four times the amount.

But if I use this method, then the person parasitized would be able to defeat monsters which previously was not able to. The base experience that I could win by making them defeating monster would increase exponentially.

For example, in this Paienne Labyrinth, I had the sensation that If I go to a layer lower, the experience I could get would increase at least tenfold.

Because you can’t compare the dandelion with the ogre. It’s not a joke to say that there could be even more difference.

So if I do the same in the second layer like I’m doing in the first layer, leaving Hana defeat the monsters alone, then I will be able to obtain ten times or more the amount of experience.

The originally four times will become ten times the amount. It’s more, because the experience enters with both parasite and mage classes, the total is 80 times the amount!

If you speak of fighting then I need to act like the one who is parasitized and raise the other people levels, and if you speak of skills, then I only need to parasitize other people. If I use these two kinds of ideas, I will be able to raise the leveling speed like never before.

「Thanks to Hana a new horizon has been opened. I had never thought of the idea of helping other people raise their levels, but if you think about it, is it not something simple? Being parasitized and parasitizing, it was the correct answer to use this loop」

Not only me parasitizing other people, but letting the other parasitize too.

To have a spirit of cooperation is noble.

After that, while we were walking through the first layer of the Paienne Labyrinth, we hunted monsters. Thanks to the mushroom like monsters, Hana’s level went up to some degree, and because the skill Hana knows, the mutual parasitic hunting went okay.

Hana’s level and I, and even my mage class went up as we advanced, and as planned, we managed to increase our forces.

But what surprised me on our way was that Hana ate the monster it defeated.

Though I was already aware that it could eat anything, I never expected that it would start eating monsters starting with the dandelion and even continue eating without the slightest hesitation the imp that looked like a little demon.

Even though it’s able to eat normal food, it seems that it can also eat monsters. As expected, it’s because it’s a summoned 【Beast】? I corrected my thinking.

At last we went towards the second layer entrance, challenging the monsters in the same way as before.

We were able to raise the levels here too using the same tactic against the ogres and the giant spiders. At first, because I took a defensive posture I made mistakes and almost I ended defeating the monsters, but after doing for a while I grabbed the trick, and succeeded in making Hana deliver the final blow.

With that enthusiasm, we hunted a considerable amount of monsters and by the time we reached the teletransportation crystalーー

Hana【Mage 5→13】

Eiji【Mage 8→17, Parasite 27→28】

I felt super good.

I was able to taste the pleasant feeling of leveling a lot in one go after a long time, and if in the future when I want to raise my level like today, I need to let them parasitize off me.

This will be fun from now on.

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