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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 31 - A Mushroom Is Something That Has Mysterious Power (2)

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Chapter 31 - A Mushroom Is Something That Has Mysterious Power (2)

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I found it.

After walking for a while in the forest, I found in the same way as before a group of mushrooms. It has approximately the same number as the one earlier, and in a similar place, the foot of a tree.

Nonetheless, this mushroom that lets you level up surely has to be rare.

Because we found ten times the amount compared with the other mushrooms but this mushrooms only looked normally delicious, so this is not such a delicious story,

Besides, even though I was delighted before, when you think about it, it only has the experience to let you level up from level one to three, so for me who is level 20, even if I eat it, it will not fill my stomach.

And that’s why I decided to give the mushrooms to Hana.

Because if Hana level’s up to a certain level, it will be able to fight with monsters, and for that surely it was correct answer to use the mushroom to boost Hana until then.

Also, all the more reason since I can also parasitize Hana.

I wasn’t able to parasitize monsters or wild animals, so maybe it’s because a summoned beast is a close existence to humans, a unique being.

By the way, when I used the skill communication with god, I tried parasitizing Rux, but it was useless. Although I think that it was natural because it was a image, so would I be able to do it to the genuine Rux?

I’m a little curious about it.

When I was thinking thinking things like that, Hana who was munching and devouring the mushrooms greedily, had its mage class went up to level five.

Even though I parasitized Hana before it started to eat, and even the magnification is active my level didn’t go up. As I expected, after becoming high level, it has no meaning to go looking for them given the amount of experience they give.

But it paid off to know that there are things like that.

If I go to a place where it has even more magic element than this forest, I will be able to find something with even more effect and I’m sure that it will give more experience,

I’ll put that information in the middle of my head.

It happened just when I thought about finishing the walk in the forest after gaining that type of information.

A small sized animal, a Laurel Wolf appeared from the depths of the forest.

There was only one wolf in my surroundings.

Could it be that I lost sight of the way and it appeared because I entered its territory ?

The wolf approaches towards me fearless while growling.

「Hana, come back, I willー」

Faster than what I said, Hana activated its magic.

Hana began shooting magic arrows, and pierced the Laurel Wolf’s shoulder.

The Laurel Wolf raised a “Kyain” cry, and with it, the wolf withdrew.

「Wow. You’ve done well, Hana」

As if it was displaying proudly its strength, Hana tackles the trunk of the tree.

It was as if Hana was tackling a pole that wrestlers strike in practice, and it was surprisingly powerful.

At glance it looks cute, but it’s a summoned beast after all.

It has the sufficient battle power to fight.

If Hana level’s up even more, Hana will become a reliable existence.

While anticipating that moment, this time we returned.

It seems that Hana who ate the various mushrooms we found is already filled, and even its stomach was inflated to the point that is was ready to explode. Besides, we have also fought again, so I released the summon of Hana as a rest after the meal.

Moreover, my magic was being slowly consumed while it was summoned. Or rather, that is the main cause. The decreasing amount was not much, but when you do it for so long, the amount isn’t insignificant.

When I released the summon, Hana’s figure disappeared together with light.

While thinking about eating mushrooms as my dinner, I returned to the town.

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