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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 30 - A Mushroom Is Something That Has Mysterious Power

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Chapter 30 - A Mushroom Is Something That Has Mysterious Power

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After entrusting my precious materials to Felipe, I returned to the inn, and just in time Hana waking up.

Hana who just woke up came walking towards my feets, while snorting and wagging its tail, it started going around and round the room.

That’s right, let’s take Hana for a short walk.

Maybe Hana wanted to go out, and since it’s still bright.

「Alright, come here Hana」

When I called Hana after the door was opened, Hana came running to me.

And when I start walking, Hana follows behind me closely.

And so, I took my summoned beast along outside.

「Oh, it’s good that you are full of spirit」

Hana and I came to the forest on the side of the town.

Hana starts making it’s way through the trees the moment we reach the forest, as if Hana woke up its wild nature.

At a glance it looks like a mini pig, but when I look at its ferocious dash, I’m pleased and convinced that inside of it runs the blood of a wild boar.

There aren’t dangerous monsters in this forest, so it’s possible to walk without having to worry.

To begin there’s almost no dangerous monsters as long as you don’t go deep inside.

We will be able to have a carefree walk to our heart’s contents. I’m sure that Hana will be pleased eating an acorn.

And that moment, Hana came to me pulling the edge of my clothes.

「What happens, Hana? …You want me to follow you?」

Showing the way, Hana starts to walk steadily.

After following, Hana started to dig the foot of a tree covered with leaves with its short legs

And then after brushing away the fallen leaves with its nose, what appeared under the leaves wasー


Several flat white mushrooms were stealthily growing together.

This is what Hana was smelling?

Let me see.

When I crouch down and try to smell, surprisingly it gave a sweet smell

The smell of the earth, surely it was that.

「You have found something good, Hana」

Hana shakes the tail pleased, and lively it started to munching the mushrooms.

Sh*t, when I was thinking about taking them home to eat, before I was able to stop Hana, it ended eating almost half of them.

I have failed, but Hana was the one who found them, so it can’t be helped.


It was at that moment that a display was displayed.

Suddenly, such display appeared.

「It can’t be, that I canーーsee this?」

I prayed in my mind that I wanted to see Hana’s status like I always do with mine.

And thenー.


【Race】Pig flower

【Class】Mage 3

【Stamina】 66

【Strength】 89

【Defense】 78

【Magic】 46

【Magic power】 66

【Magic resistance】 66

【Agility】 75

【Skill】Mutation Magic tools mastery

Is this real?

I didn’t expect to be able to see the status of my summoned beast.

Basically you can’t see the status of other people, but normally I can see the class and level of the people I’m parasitizing.

I wasn’t able to see it like this, the ability and even the skills.

I’m able to see the status of the summoned beast in the same way I see my own because I summoned it? It’s really useful.

But that was not the only thing that caught my attention.

Why did the level go up now?

Hana’s level went up, right after eating the mushroom.

Can it be that Hana’s level went up because of the mushroom?

In other wordsー.

「You are great, Hana. It’s amazing that you were able to find something like this!」

When the voice of praise resounds in the forest, Hana starts running proudly around me.

If I remember well, you can only level up your class by taking something like the energy that monsters have.

In other words, I can guess that this mushroom is filled with same kind of energy, in other words, experience.

I didn’t see something like this before, and such a thing, it has to be considerably rare, because you can gain experience for your class.

It makes you more powerful by only eating it. Is this not the best?

As a parasite, this is something that you can’t miss, a gem.

「Alright, let’s search to see if there is something else. It’s a treasure hunt, Hana」

Taking Hana along, I started to walk around the forest.

While walking, we dug up mushrooms. It was the start of such graceful afternoon.

It would be good to find something more.

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