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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 3 - Main Road and the Outskirts of Laurel

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Chapter 3 - Main Road and the Outskirts of Laurel

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As soon as I left the forest, I came across the main road. I went walking to the left.

On the way I got hungry, I took out a hard bread from the space bag and I started to eat it. Though I do not know the exact moment in which she placed it, it’s possible to eat it normally. It seems that his bag works as storage to preserve food. This is useful.

Even after walking for a while I didn’t have any problem, and in the end I reached a town.

If there is a main road then that means that there is a town, it was closer than what I expected, my luck is good. It’s good that I was not transferred to a desert, really.

There are many stone buildings aligned side by side and there is a road in which the ground was leveled. This townscape seems like the ones from the Middle Ages, the fantasy ones.

There isn’t asphalt or concrete, walking in this type of scenery is interesting. I went rarely for a walk even in my former world, so to speak I’m going to pretend that it doesn’t bother me anymore at my age.

At any rate, walking around the town, I continued exploring the looks of the town of this world.

The traffic of the main street was so-so, their clothes were the same that I was wearing. Luckily, I didn’t feel out of place.

Something I’m curious about are the people who often are passing around me, having a sword in their waist, holding a spear or wearing a helmet. According to the letter, not only skills and magic, it seems that also there exist in this world monsters and dungeons, and around here is a place where there are a considerable amount of monsters.

When you hear monsters or dungeons you will get excited, but a nothing but a parasite and incompetent person like me, it’s better if I don’t meet many of them.

By the way, it seems that as you defeat monsters your class level will rise. And also there exist monsters made up of power in which it can be helpful for your class.

There are a considerable number of shops facing the street, there are even street stalls.

I tried as experiment buying something in one of those stalls. The price was 5 copper coins.

The money here is copper coins, light copper coins, silver coins, light silver coins, gold coins, light gold coins, there exist six types. The light copper coin is worth ten copper coins, the silver coin is ten light copper coins and the light silver coin is… Every coin is worth at least 10 times more. This was also written in the letter of Rux. Recently, the monetary offering is insufficient, I complain saying together that there is not enough faith.

In the letter was also written that I would be able to communicate with others, and it seems that there is not problem at all in reading or speaking.

The price of the fruit, and all the others, I judge the price with the goods that other stalls were selling,

Copper coin→20 yen

Light copper coin→200 yen

Silver coin→2000 yen

Light silver coin→20000 yen

Gold coin→200000 yen

Light gold coin→2000000 yen

More or less this price?

It’s not like the prices of this world are tightly matched with the prices of my former world but, there it seems to be a difference of 1/2-3 times.

What I have right now in my hands are, 57 copper coins, 87 light copper coins, 37 silver coins, 6 light silver coins and 1 gold coin.

I have enough so for the time being I will not have any problem living for enough time.

But if I have to say otherwise, I will have no money after a while, I will be forced to do something to earn money, isn’t right?

But earning money seems to be very difficult, it’s still okay if I do not think about it for the moment.

Wandering around the town while displaying my thoughts of neet, I understood to a certain extent the structure of the town. And about time, my stomach got hungry.

This may be the right time.

I want to experiment with my skills as quickly as possible. The only strength I have in this world.

I entered comfortably into a restaurant.

It might be time, there was a certain amount of people coming, it was crowded with people.

It seems that I will be able to do it.

I sat in an empty seat.

I told my order to the waiter, and until my meal arrives I put my plan into practice.

I start to pray, and my skill parasite was activated.

And like the last time my hand was covered with light. It’s likely that if I touch someone with my shining hand, that person will, with my parasite――the parasitism will be put into action.

If you speak about a typical neet like parasite, then is money. That means that if I parasitism a guest which came here, somebody will pay for my lunch fees? Or in another meaning, they would give me money? I think so.

If that’s the case, I will be able to live without the preoccupation of not having money. This skill was perfectly made for me. Even if I say that, this is a quite awful idea. Now it’s the time, let’s make someone treat me the lunch.

After being in high spirits for a moment, I calmed down.

If you think about it, touching somebody could be really difficult. If a stranger suddenly touch you it would be strange, I don’t have other choice but to touch someone stealthily. But if the other party is a woman, I have the worry of being detained as a pervert. No, there is no difference if the other party is a man.

Ye~s, I have no choice but to make it look like an accident.

I look around the store, I have my eyes at the next table where there is a man eating alone. I left my seat, while heading towards there.

「I’m sorr~y, clerk-san, an additional… Waa!」

While trying to call the clerk to stop, my body loses its balance on purpose, and like I were trying to support me, I put my hand on the back of that man.

That man looks toward my face, glaring me.

「I’m sorry, I seem to have fallen and interrupted your lunch…」

I bow with an apologetic face, and the man after a ‘Hmpf’ snorted, the man returns to his meal.

All looks good.

I was able to touch him.

The golden light of my hand which was placed in his back connected with him.

This is surely, the proof of parasitism.

If no one is saying anything, it means that only I can recognize the skill, it may be the proof of parasitize someone.

And to the clerk who came, I told him that I liked my food roasted, so I asked him to do it more burned, and then I returned to my table.

After the meal is normally finished, the infected man stopped moving.

Oh, he got up from his seat.

Now, waiting to see how he it’s going to move, suddenly the man went to pay for my launch… Of course not, hey. It’s more, he is leaving the store. Wait a moment!

I finished paying my bill with great haste, and then I went after the traces of the man, and after I found the man, I chased him,

This is strange, what is happening.

So far, the thread of light that is extending from the back of the man has yet to disappear, that’s why the skill has to be active. But nothing is happening. For now I can’t do anything but to observe the situation, after taking distance, I keep following the man.

The man continues walking for a long time on the street. In between a shop and a street that we happen to pass not long ago, the man passed through and I followed him. After pursuing the man for a reasonable distance, the man at last has gone out of the town.

And moreover, he didn’t take the big main road, he went towards a roadless place. It’s only that there, there was almost no grass, the ground was exposed. It was like the ground was trampled down by many people.

I was worried that he would found me in the town, but because there were many people going there excluding the man, I didn’t feel out of place. But, the quality of people wandering around the town and the ones going this place are completely different.

Everyone is equipped with weapons.

There are many people who were dressed like a warrior, others like magicians, a variety of people, but what everyone has in common is that they are ready to fight. Not only here and there, but everyone.

Can be that I have come to a bad place? Me?

I’m trying to go to someplace where a neet doesn’t have to go?

While I decide if I keep thinking about it or if I turn around now, following the traces of the man I ended up crossing a small hill. Suddenly from the grasslands, from the light brown ground something came out in a exposed area.

And in the center of that place, the entrance to an underground was opening its mouth widely, Inviting me to enter.

It may be possible that this is a dungeon.

When I was walking lazily in that town called Laurel, I heard it by chance.

That the dungeon called Paienne was close to the town.

I’m sure this must be. I can see at glance at the underground place that there is a deep and large hole without end, and people equipped with weapons were going to that place.

Given the current situation I’m sure that I’m not wrong.

The man whom I was following gets excited in front of the hole and then he entered inside.

I reluctantly gave up and I continued following him.

And as one would expect, I’m not going to approach a place where there are monsters. Until I don’t understand my power and theirs I don’t have the courage to go.

It can’t be helped, I began to wander around the surroundings of the dungeon.

I really think that I look like a suspicious person. But I don’t want to return without having done something. But if you tell me to do something I will be troubled, while I think in that way, I observe the people who goes into the dungeon and the injured ones who came out. For a while I go wandering around the proximity of the dungeon.

【Class】Parasite 1→2

And suddenly.

Without previous notice, the screen which I was already used to see appeared in front of me.

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