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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 27 - Meeting Again With the Goddess

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Chapter 27 - Meeting Again With the Goddess

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Marie left the room and went to continue helping with the inn, and after that, I let Hana eat a meal. This time it didn’t change.

It seems that it’s not like it would evolve every time it ate.

I suppose that it had evolved before because it was the first time that it ate something.

It will evolve after eating a lot or it could be when it meets the necessary requirements. I’m curious about that, but, let’s go step by step.

After all, Hana fell asleep.

After eating, it completely took my bed, and then it started to ‘Buu Buu’ snort,

The sprawled figure of the pig with both hands and legs extended over the bedーーKuu, it’s cute.

Even though it has stolen my bed, I can’t get angry.

「Well then, let’s try out another skill that catches my attention」

I sit in the chair and then I confirm my status again.

What was there, was another new skill that caught my eyes.

And that is 【Communication with God】.

「God… A God, eh?」

If you say God in this world, it’s her isn’t it?

And that means, that the effect of this skill is that, isn’t it?

「Anyhow, I will try it. What can happen?ー【Communication with God】」

The moment the skill was activated, it was as if the surroundings were being distorted with blockiness gradually.

They were gathered together into one lump, and thenーAh, here.

The first place I arrived after coming to this world, a white space, was being projected as an image.

And of course, there she was, the goddess Rux of this other world… Eh?

There, what I found was the slovenly figure of Rux, zzzing while revealing her stomach.

「Uu~n… Munyamunya」

While continuing making zzz sounds, Rux scratches her stomach.

This goddess does not even have a little of dignity,

「Uhihihi… Kufufu…」

Moreover, she is making a weird laughter while sleeping.

What type of dream could be she dreaming, this goddess?

「Hey! Hey! Can you hear me from that place!? Rux!」

After calling her through the screen, she stopped her sleep-talking.

Rux stated to squirming, then, she raised half her body and with a blankly face staring at me.

「Fuaaa… You… The one from before… Eiji-kun」

She yawns greatly while rubbing her eyes.

It seems that she can see me and hear me from that side.

It is functioning properly.

Suddenly, Rux’s eyes opened wide.

「Eiji-kun!? Why are you here!?」

With a surprised face, she ran towards me.

As her pink hair waves, she ended up reaching the screen. She touched the image that is projected on her side everywhere.

「Oh? Oh! Ohー. This is, it’s not like you are in this place. Ah, now I understand. I have remembered. It has to be some skill, clearly!」

「You’re right. As expected of a goddess. When I learned the skill【Communication with God】, it connected with you. But I didn’t expect to get to speak with you again, so I’m surprised」

「I’m also surprised. It’s been a long time since somebody used this skill 」

「You need to have the compound skill, so there are almost no people who can learn it」

So I was thinking that because she is explaining it to me, that she doesn’t think that I have the compound skill. Because on that occasion I only had one class.

Fufu, you will be surprised when I tell you.

I was grinning, but Rux was nodding with a face as she had understood what happened.

Eh? Why are you doing that?

「Ah, it’s perhaps that? It’s amazing, the parasite class. I didn’t even know the existence of such a class with such an effect. How many classes do you have right now? It seems that you have won the lottery now with all those classes and skills, Eiji-kun」

「Eh? You know that I became like this? Rux 」

「Of course. A god’s skill only allowed for gods, 【God’s Eyes】, if you have it, then it’s extremely easy to understand the state of the world. If I think about seeing here, then I can see it extremely easy. And because the state of Eiji-kun interested me a little, occasionally I checked how you were, but it seems that I didn’t need to worry at all. Even if it’s this world you can live quite easily, so I’m relieved. Good, good」

Pachi pachi pachiーーRux is applauding with a smile.

I don’t know if I should be happy to be blessed like this or be troubled by her reaction.

But, well, let’s gratefully accept her compliment?

「Even so, that only happened because Rux pulled out that class. I’m grateful」

Besides, out of all the people no one knows the truth, so if there is at least someone who knows my circumstances, then somehow I feel relieved.

「Umu umu, you had better express fully your gratitude. But even so, it’s not like I’m watching you twenty four hours a day, so there is a considerable amount of things that called my attention that I don’t know. Soー, Teach me, Eiji-kun」

Placing her hands in her waist while sitting with both legs outstretched, Rux leans forward with shining eyes.

And so, the question time of the goddess started.

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