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Chapter 25 - New Skills

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The next morning after having completed the great cave operation, after waking up, while continuing being excited, I opened my status.


【Class】Parasite 27 Mercenary 15 Mage 6 Swordsman 7 Shinto Priest 14 Hunter 14 Shaman 12 Fighter 3 Miner 8 Thief 10 Spirit User 10 Enchanter 11

【Stamina】 177

【Strength】 155

【Defense】 149

【Magic】  170

【Magic power】 168

【Magic resistance】 164

【Agility】 161

【Skill】 Permanent summon Servant summon Communication to God

Chewing stones Breath of Life Element attack Spirit magic Spirit Perception

Magic enhacement Attack enhancement Magic Amplification Healing Hand

Pain division Mastery of long-range weapons Enhancement boost Parasite・Vision Parasite x4 Parasite・Class Parasite・Info Parasite・Gold Mastery of short-range weapons Strong Attack Magic tools mastery Magic arrow Sword mastery Consecutive Swords Dispel Bow mastery

As expected, after defeating a powerful enemy, I grew up so much in one day.

My skills increased considerably, in part it is also thanks to the compound skill.

For example, the breath of life, a combined skill from the shinto priest and enchanter class lets me grab energy from nature to improve my natural healing power.

Chewing stones, it seems that it’s a skill that lets me nourish myself with stones or soil. A combined skill that seems to have come from the miner and spirit user class… but how can I use it?

Would I be able to survive from starving to death by eating any type of stone or soil?

The compound skill goes into effect when my number of classes increases, and those are combined with already existing ones, so the number of skills increasing is nothing bad for me. Even though there are some useless skills, the amount that I can use is numerous.

「Well, well, well, after all, the only skill that calls out to me is… the summon skill」

A combined skill from the spirit user and the hunter class, servant summon.

Then the skill which seems to be even superior to it, the permanent summon.

This permanent summon skillーis the combination of the spirit user, hunter, shaman and shinto priest classes.

If I remember correctly, though there are people that have two classes in this world,those kinds of people are rare, and if you have three, then you would be considered a genius.

Now a skill of four combined classes, it could be something that nobody has ever seen, an extremely super rare skill?

No, it’s absolutely got to be rare, I don’t have any doubts about it.

After examining the details of the skill, it seems that it lets you summon a summoned beast permanently.

The summoned beast is not summoned for a limited amount of time, but in the same way that others summon beasts, you can call them whenever you want, the difference is that you can summon them in the same state that they were before.

In short, it is a summoned beast that can earn experience.

It’s a considerably interesting peculiarity.

I have to use it no matter what.

「Good, come out. Permanent summon!」

Now, come out. While praying in my mind for something to come out, I immediately started to invoke the skill, then, a geometrical figure was drawn on the floor with bright lines.

A short time later, light overflows from the pattern and then it became a pillar, several seconds later the pillar and the pattern disappearsーーand what was left behind was a beast.

It was like as if an ostrich egg had grown feet, a mysterious existence.

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