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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 18 - Let's Finish Shopping While It's Cool In the Morning

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Chapter 18 - Let's Finish Shopping While It's Cool In the Morning

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The next morning after I left the Coru=Unsu residence.

What business could Ally=Duo have with me?

Though I’m curious about it, I will have to wait until the afternoon.

So I decided to shop to kill time until it is the agreed time.

After seeing the others adventurers I realized, I’m poorly equipped.

Also, I don’t have many tools.

Even though I don’t know to what extent I will be active in the guild from now on, it’s not a bad choice to replace my equipment.

Above all, yesterday I have gained a considerable amount of money, and it will continue to flow in everyday since I have that skill, so I will use the money without holding back.

「Ah, that isーー」

There were a lot of shops side by side aimed for the adventurers, mercenaries and the like. When I went towards a section called Iron Block, what I found there, was the figure of Veil, and it seems that she came to buy something like me.

Naturally we decided to do the shopping together and when I said that I wanted to buy a weapon, Veil recommended me and introduced me to a weapons shop, so I went in.

「It’s really good that they were so generous, that noble called Coru=Unsu. I’m sure that Veil also knows him, the one who buys rare things」

「Of course. It was delicious thought it was only one time when he bought something from me」

「However, I’m a little worried. If so many adventurers going to him for his generosity and making their own price, then will he not run out of money? There were many things in that place」

「Ahaha, isn’t that right? He still has a considerable sum of money, and it’s not like it’s common to find so many rare things that could pass his appraisal, and it’s more, I have heard the story that it’s also his objective to pass money to others. Instead of piling up the money for himself, it would be better if he pass the money to good adventurers so the adventurers would spend money in this town. So if he does that, then there would be other who could profit besides the adventurers. He obtains the rare items he want, the adventurers obtain the necessary items they want and the shops earn money. Everyone makes a profit, and in the end, it would bounce around this town from one place to another, making it abundant」

Contrary to what I have thought, this isn’t only a good uncle with good intentions, it seems that he thought about it considerably.

Even though it makes the face of a kind hearted person, but he is really a full fledged person.

Then, let’s help with that.

As planned, I thought about buying goods with the money from the deal, so I went to pick a weapon to my liking.

Inside the weapons shop and the protector shop, it was overflowing with different types of equipment, a sword and a spear, a bow and a axe, a helmet and a shield with a cloak, etc. The equipment was lined up one after another, so it was a magnificent view.

It’s because I have never seen this type of scene where so many weapons are side by side.

If an earthquake occurs, then every sword from shelves would fall down, and if that happens… Ooh, scary.

Let’s see, there are many things but what should I buy?

Judging from my current combat style until now, the standard are the physical attacks, but then I feel that the speed type is also important, I even use magic now and then.

I have the classes swordsman and hunter so perhaps it would be ok to have a sword and a bow, but I can make long range distance attacks with the magic, so I don’t know if I need to equip a bow.

So that leaves swords in the first place of what I need.

That’s why I decided to examine the swords in the corner with all my focus.

A thick and heavy sword, even the sword guard is carefully elaborated, the blade of this sword is of a vivid brilliant red. Indeed, this sword has the feeling of being an orthodox sword.

Even though I grabbed various swords with my hands, I still cannot tell if those are of good quality or not. I can only tell to the extent that if it would be difficult to use only if its heavy or big and filling it with magic.

It’s considerably difficult to realize that if the quality of the blade’s edge is good or not. It would be good to buy it for the time being if the price is high?

「Hmmm, Eiji likes this sword?」

At that moment, Veil was looking from my side at the sword that I’m holding.

「Yes, this may be the one that suits me. But for many number of reasons I’m hesitating」

「At least, the sword that you are right now holding it’s completely useless, It was made half-heartedly. You should be able to discern between such things」

「Veil, you understand?」

To my words, Veil ends up glaring at me.

And then, while she waves her finger in front of my nose, she said.

「Have you forgotten? I’m a former blacksmith」

「Ah. That’s right, I remember having heard that before」

Veil lets out a magnificent sigh.

「Remember that, seriously. Because, I even remember that Eiji was a neet」

「It’s fine if you forget that」

Leaving aside the part of me being a neet, it’s good news to know that Veil was a former blacksmith.

Immediately, I tried asking her if there wasn’t a sword easy to handle and with good appearance.

Then, Veil gave me an explanation about how to choose a weapon on my own .

According to her, the weapons of this world are not so simple that they only serve to attack. They have special effects that can raise your magical power, agility, magic attack or others abilities. There are equipment that when you equip them, they can give you effects similar to the skills, and there are even weapons that are filled with magic power and the like. It seems that there is a lot of variety.

That type of special weapons are of course rare, and It seems that there aren’t sold so often in ordinary weapons shops.

As result of both of us seeing a variety of weapons, I ended up buying a black silver sword that also has agility magic, and as my request was fulfilled in a certain shop that Veil had recommended me, the sharpness was top class, and its durability was also good.

No matter how much the weapon excels in offensive power, if it’s not durable, then it’s not good. That’s the number one belief of Veil.

Now follows the protector, she recommended me that if I had a style of evading rather than enduring, then rather than buy the average armor and helmet, it would better to buy an ornament loaded with magic, so I ended up buying a talisman, and it seems that it obstructs the invocation of magic when your protector is hardened.

That’s why the mages are always lightly dressed. Since I am skilled in magic and physical attacks, then I also should be lightly dressed.

Rather than shoes and clothes that are suited for combat, I ended up buying mostly things to endure the exploration in forests and dungeons. Because I would have problems if suddenly my casual wear were to be tattered.

Then, a rope, a lamp and portable food, and also potions and recovery medicine for stamina and magic power and so on. I have also buy everything necessary for day the day of the adventurer.

I bought it all in one breath(Note: fancy way of saying in one go), and I ended without money in a breath… Well, I didn’t spent everything but my money has decreased considerably. Because I used almost 6 gold coins, the profit of the deal that I made with the noble is almost gone. The recovery medicines were too expensive, leaving aside the ordinary medicines, the one that heals your wounds immediately are loaded with magic so depending on its effect, they can be quite expensive.

However, I think I have made a correct investment for my future profits with the profits I have earned. Besides, when tomorrow morning comes, I will have money with 【Parasite・Gold】.

Now I can make the money I earn with 【Parasite Gold】appear in other places like my space bag rather than near my bed.

I’m a bit reluctant to let the money be naked beside my bed, so I’m relieved now.

Moreover, the space of the space bag has increased considerably since I got it.

It seems that it’s related to my attributes.

I think that maybe it’s because my magic power or my magic attack increased that the amount of things I can put in. Now that I can put a considerable amount of things, it has become something really convenient.

「Fuu, you’ve bought many thingsー. It’s good to be generous, isn’t that right?」

When we left the second-hand shop towards the street, Veil looked towards the sky with a refreshing expression.

As if it were enticed to do so, I also looked towards the floatings clouds.

「Veil-sama, thank you. Thanks for joining me to look for a weapon, you really helped me recommending me a shop where I can buy tools for cheap and good quality. And above all, you even taught me how and at what time are necessary to use them」

「Fufufu, now when Eiji rank increases, I can say that I raised you. If you want, you can ask me for even more advices」

She jokingly pointed to her chest with her thumb, but it is true that she was a great help.

It’s true that I don’t have the head with things related to the adventurer. I have even received experience for the mercenary class from Veil.

「Yes, thank you」

「You can leave it to me! …Um, I’m seriously saying that you can rely on me? Even if I don’t have the strength, I can teach you many things, we can even do request together. Rather, even if it isn’t related to the adventurers guild, things like shopping together, that’s not something that I hate, uhh… that sort of things!」

This is new, that Veil isn’t able to speak clearly.

「That’s right, it’s not like I’m doing always requests, I enjoyed buying much more than coming here alone to buy for my own. This kind of things are also good」

「Yes, you’re right! Yes!」

Veil nodded greatly with a smile as if a flower had bloomed.

And then she softly put her hand over my shoulder.

「You can always count with me, I will always accompany you. Always. Ah, that’s right, it’s not good if you don’t know the place. My house is inーー」

After marking with a ○ her home on the map, she passed it to me. I also taught Veil where is the inn where I’m staying.

「If this is hard to understand, we can always met in the adventurer’s guild because now and then I’m there. You can even make Wendy guide you. Because she would be happy if she had an excuse to skip work」

「Ahaha, if Wendy had heard that, she would be angry」

「Fufuu… Hey, after this, can we go together somewhere for a bit longer? Today especially, I don’t have any request, so now that we have the chance」

As if Veil were again a little indecisive, she said that while turning her eyes away from me.

I nodded, but then I stopped my head.

「I’m sorry, Veil. I have made a promise after this. So until it is time agreed I came here to this block to buy things. So that’s why I forget the time, now I have to go」

「Ah… It is so」

The moment I rejected her, my face caught quickly her eyes that were turned away.

「If you have something to do, it can’t be helped. Yes, it can’t be helped. It’s not like Eiji is the one in wrong here, it doesn’t matter, because I will going to do some request that are suited for me. Yes, I’m really going to do that so you don’t have to worry about me, only because you rejected me. I don’t care at all, yes, I don’t care. So, you don’t have be worried at all」

If you repeat many times that you don’t care, rather I will be the one who is worried!?

Then, what happens with the Veil-san that says that she don’t care?

While thinking, Veil suddenly started to laugh.

Realizing that, I loosened my shoulders.

「You were a bit worried?」

「…I worried a lot. Sigh, please stop that Veil, my weak heart wouldn’t be able to take that」

「I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I only wanted to see your troubled face for a moment. We can always met so I’m not worried about today, it’s alright, moreover it’s likely that we will meet more often. Then, bye, Eiji. Bye-Bye」

「Ah, bye! You really helped me today!」

Wave back to Veil who was waving greatly, then I separated from her.

In a place beyond the reach of the views of others, the baggage that I have bought, I put it in the space bag, and then I went towards the agreed north gate.

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