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Chapter 17 - Ally = Duo

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Very pleased, I began to eat baked sweets that were like madeleines that they brought.

The moment I bit it, it was overflowing with butter, but even so, it was delicious. The oil and sugar is a delicious combination, that is the truth of the world.

「This sweet it’s delicious, and the tea has a very good aroma」

「Oh, Eiji-sama also likes it? I’m the same. My friends always tell me things like it’s very sweet or that it has so much oil, but that is what makes it so good. What is delicious in this town, is in the main street…」

Ally also began talking happily about sweets, maybe she was happy that her number of comrades has increased that she taught me the shops where they sell delicious sweets.

Coru-sama who was at the side joined the conversation talking about the appraisal of the short sword.

「Fuumu, it’s beautiful, this is shining with an unusual strength. This is not silver, it may be the brightness of platinum? Moreover, this light is the one from when it’s bathed in magic. Thought the tip is bent, this may be something used in ceremonies or the like, perhaps. Allow me to also buy this」

「It will be a pleasure」

It is very helpful that he is a reasonable person.

While I was immersed in my thoughts, a white hand came from the side.

「Uncle-sama, it’s alright if I also see it?」

「Aah, of course. Eiji-kun, you don’t mind?」

When I answered with an ‘Of course’, Ally nodded and then grabbed the short sword.

Ally was taking a good look at the short sword with earnestly in her eyes, then after looking carefully at it from variety of angles, she slowly lowered the short sword.

Then, with a look in which has disappeared completely her smile, she stared at Coru and said decisively.

「Uncle-sama, I have ended up liking this」

With a resolutely face, she turned her neck towards my direction.

「Eiji-sama, I’ll pay you 30% more than what my uncle-sama would give you. Please, you wouldn’t hand over to me?」

Eh, you ended up liking it so much?

What I can do, even if you say 30% more… When I give out a quick glance towards Coru, he opened greatly his mouth in haste.

「Wait, Ally! I was the one who had an eye on it first!」

「Fufu, uncle-sama. We are in a world where the one who sleeps loses, it doesn’t matter if you are first or not. The one who obtain this for the higher amount is the one who is greater」

「Aah, saying such words, Ally you’re… That’s not good, I’m the one Eiji-kun came to sell things」

Coru also objects.

This is a fight without honor and humanity between relatives.

If you are surrounded with people similar to you, you will end arguing.

Frankly, as I don’t want to end up involved, I’m only going to remain as spectator.

「Uncle-sama, the next month it’s my birthday」


Ally concentrated all her attention towards the short mustache on the face of Coru.

As if Ally was at loss for words, she wipes her sweat.

「I think that the one who made the gift for the wedding anniversary of uncle-sama and aunt-sama was me, isn’t that right?」

「Kuu… It’s my loss. Alright! I will buy this for you as a gift!」

「Eeh? No, you don’t have to go so far, it’s enough if you only pass to me the right to buy it. If I make you do all that, I will feel guilty」

Even though Ally looked troubled, Coru refuses with determination.

「No, I cannot do such thing in the birthday of my lovely niece. It’s your birthday present. I was thinking that this could also be a commemorative gift for your quickly growth as an adventurer. This is the so called filial piety, so accept it without worries」

「Uncle Coru-sama… Thank you!」

Clinging to each other, Ally who was being embraced by Coru’s arm was with a smile.

Seeing that, Coru’s eyes were watery.

Uwaa, so sweet.

Even if you say that your niece is cute, she already has a such good age, buying these kind of things as a gift, oh dear, this is a hopeless uncle.

…I understand that I absolutely don’t have the qualifications to say such things, yes, I’m aware. This is that type of conversation, ‘You, indeed, what were you doing a such good age?’ Yes, that type of conversation. I’m sorry.

But well, even if she isn’t a child, you wouldn’t have interest towards about the favorite adventures of your son, and that only leaves you with Ally, so it’s not like I don’t understand that him came to like a lot his niece.

Nevertheless, I’m envious… They are so close to each other.

Well, thought such event happened, I was able to sell my two treasures without any problems. I was able to obtain eight gold coins.

After leaving behind Coru’s residence completely satisfied, I greeted the gatekeeper and left through the door.

「Wait a second, Eiji-sama」

After hearing a clearly voice I stopped my foot and I turned around, there Ally came to me trotting.

「What happened?」

「ThisーーSweets. Please, eat them in the inn」

She passed me a package, and I grabbed it as if I were wrapping my hand.

「Thank you. I will use that short sword with great care」

「It’s me who should say itーー!」

It’s not like I was surprised by how smooth is Ally’s skin.

Of course, there is a bit of that but, I was surprised because I used parasite with her.

After hearing the she is an adventurer, to satisfy my own curiosity I tried using the parasite skill, so I was able to find about what is her class with 【Parasite・Info】effect. And her class was

【Spirit User】38


Though I parasitized many people with my ability until now, there was no one who had a second class.

Moreover, she is the one who has the highest level until now. Among all adventurers I know the highest was in the level 20, and they were overwhelming.

And look at her, this person.

It’s unthinkable to think that this is only a hobby of this noble, it isn’t she the most powerful person among the adventurers that are now in this town?

「What happen?」

「Ah, nothing, thank you. Um, no, bye」

「Good bye. I’m looking forward to the next time we meet」

To not let her realize my shaking, I left.

In my way of going back to the inn, my head was full of thinking about who she was.

And when I return to the inn, when I open the wrapped package, along with those delicious sweets, it also had a letter. No, this can’t be called a letter. It would better to say that it’s a memo.

『Tomorrow, five o’clock, at the north gate』

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