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Chapter 16 - Collector

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What I found when I went towards the place that she taught me, was a splendid residence.

Unlike the inn and the guild, this big and beautiful white house has a spacious garden attached to it and the shrubbery is well maintained.

While thinking that this house has this and that, I call the gatekeeper that is guarding the gate with the design of a ivy.

「I’m an adventurer. I have brought a rare item for Coru Unsu-san, could you pass the message?」

「Coru-sama is not currently at home. You will have to come again」

What did you say? My enthusiasm has been killed.

But, there is nothing to be done if there isn’t someone. Though I don’t understand the work of a noble, but from what I heard, he has to be really busy administering the town.

When I asked about the time he would return, he gatekeeper said that he didn’t know.

It can’t be helped, let’s come again when I am free. Even though I’m always free most of the time.

「No, this is really clever. I ended up seeing something unworthy of my age」

「Fufu, uncle-sama has even formed rows in the front with the little children to see it. It had to be really interesting」

「Hahhahha, it was a little embarrassing. But did it not seemed as if the doll were alive? I liked seeing those types of performances for a long time. If I had not been born as a noble, I’m sure I would have been an actor」

When I was about to turn back, I heard the voice of a man and and a woman.

When I turn around, a middle-aged man dressed with a nice attire and a young woman were standing side by side.

「Oh, it could be a guest?」

After seeing me, the man asks.

「A guest… Then, that means that you are Coru Unsu-san?」

「That’s right. As expected, you have business with me? Although I’m sure that I haven’t made any promises, what it is?」

「Hm, I’m an adventurer, and I have been told that you were collecting rare items. I have foundーー」

「Ooh! You have brought something! Since nothing has arrived lately, I was itching to do something! Hahhahha, I’m lucky, and for that to be the moment when I returned. Now now, come in」

After the noble with a short mustache said that with a big voice, I was guided to the gate.

But the the guard blocked the road in panic.

「Please wait a minute, Coru-sama! Even if this man says something like that, he has not taken out anything to prove his identity. Please don’t be so impatient, please wait for a moment」

「It’s alright, it’s alright. I am confident that my eyes are able to discern an adventurer」

Coru-Ansu hits his thick chest with his fist with an improper smile.

And I thought he would have a considerably dignity. The gatekeeper was raising his eyebrows making the ハ character.

「…But, didn’t a merchant lie the other day to enter into the residence?」

「Mu? Fumu, I’m sure that something like that happened, but, well, isn’t alright? That means that the merchant was also enthusiastic to enter! Hahhahha!」

…Is this ok?

Well, I’m feeling relieved that this uncle looks so easy going.

If it was the kind of noble that is strict or proud, my nerves would have worn out, I was little afraid of not knowing what to do.

「It’s alright, gatekeeper. I remember the face of this adventurer」

I was feeling relieved seeing their exchange of words of those two in front of me. Suddenly, the woman who had come with Coru joined.

「Hey, Eiji-sama」

She was grinning.

Suddenly I was taken aback, startled I nodded.

「Ah, yes. I’m Eiji. That’s my name. Ah, that’s right, here it is my guild cardーー」

Even though I didn’t know if this would work as an identification paper, when I let the gatekeeper see it, he nodded.

But then, I have a hunch that for what the noble woman said before I presented the card, it was already ok.

When the gatekeeper gives out the ok, again he stares me at my eyes and then he laughs.

「Now you can enter freely」

「Yes, thank you. By the way, why do you know about me?」

「It happens that I’ve also gone to the adventurers guild. At that time, even if it was a little, I was able to see you. It seems that you are a rookie with great expectations」

「No, it’s not like I’m so strong…」

That a beauty tells me, it makes me feel embarrassed.

Eh, adventurers guild?

「Did you go to the adventurers guild to make a request?」


「Then… Eh, it can be that. Are you an adventurer? You too?」

「Yes. I’m called Ally-Duo. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Eiji-sama」

Ally bowed with an elegant gesture.

「Hohou, this is really wonderful」

I, who was invited to the residence, was lead to the reception room.

Surrounded by a massive dark brown table, Coru, Ally, and I were sitting in a fine sofa.

Inside the room, a sword and a helmet, decorations, a doll with a weird face, a plant with twisted petals, and many other things. Various goods are lined up.

It doesn’t seem to be false the history of his strange tastes.

What Coru is seeing is the blue jewel, the orb fang of the Cocytus Wolf.

He puts on thin gloves, to feel the material and feel the quality while making sure that he don’t soil it. And yet, I touched it bare-handed to my heart’s content. I’m absolutely sure that it has grease among other things.

「It has a pretty blue color. So this is the reason why there was a commotion at that time」

Ally who was looking at the jewel in the hands of Coru, diverts his gaze to me.

「Though it’s embarrassing to be told that has become a commotion, but you are right, it’s from that time」

「Everyone was surprised. A unnamed rookie defeated the Cocytus Wolf」

「No, it wasn’t so much. I’m sorry for not having noticed Ally-san.」

When I said this apologizing, Ally shakes her head.

「Please, don’t be worried. It’s not like I go so often, and neither it was so important」

I’m also feeling guilty.

It was a waste to not see this kind of person.

It may be a jet black color like of a raven? She has a beautiful long black hair, only by seeing it you would feel surprised.

Just by looking her face filled with a calm expression, it would calm and heal your heart. You could feel acutely things like tolerance or affection.

If you feel like looking at her face for a long time, then even if you are tired, when you look at her face, you would feel again full of spirit. Such feeling.

「What has happened? You have been staring my face」

「Nn-no, it’s nothing. Ahaha. Leaving that aside, it’s little unexpected for a noble to be an adventurer. Even if I didn’t know much about nobles, I didn’t have that sort of image」

「Fufu, they often tell me that. Actually, it’s something unusual. Even among my acquaintances there aren’t people like that」

「It’s like you said! There aren’t nobles like Ally!」

The one who raised their voice was Coru.

Before I knew it, he placed the jewel on a cloth above the table.

「I have to say it, this is an splendid gem. Even so, you can only obtain this kind of thing thanks to the efforts of all the adventurers, it’s really good that there aren’t many nobles becoming splendid adventurers. Even my son, I told him that it would better for him to be sitting at desk than doing something so dangerous. Seriously, in spite of being youngsters they don’t follow the trend. It would be better if Ally behaved like a girl, you know」

Coru poked Ally’s cheek with his hand, Ally grabbed that hand with her two hands.

What an intimate uncle and niece, I’m really envious.

「Uncle-sama, if you say those kind of things, Rangu-sama will be sad」

「Hmph, it’s alright. That stubborn person. However, I’m glad that you are interested even if its only you, Ally. Thanks to that, we can met often in this way. I can see the lively face of Ally, I can hear how my sister is doing. I’m really glad that you come. …Oh, that’s right. I was able to determine the worth of this jewel」

Well then, for how much he will buy it.

But the number that Coru said was, 3 gold coins… Wait, gold coins!? It’s not silver or light silver!?

I did not think they were going to give so much for only one gem, so I immediately answered with an agreement. We made the contract before he changes his mind.

The collector and I, we’re both satisfied. The dealing for this one item is finished.

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