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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 15 - Piling Up Three Kinds of Different Requests In the Other World (2)

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Chapter 15 - Piling Up Three Kinds of Different Requests In the Other World (2)

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After putting everything in my space bag, I went straight to complete the third request.

・Help digging a hole

【Please dig up a hole to bury the garbage】

Because this was a too simple request, I was in doubt in whatever this is something that a adventurer would do or not, but even so I had a certain presentiment.

If you think normally, it’s impossible for a stupid request like this to exist.

In that case If they continue to call this a garbage hole request, then surely they must have some type of ulterior motive?

If that’s the case, then the reward will be different to the one presented, and that doesn’t mean that I would be able to obtain something like a superb reward suited to their ulterior motives?

I accepted this request thinking in that way.

If something looks shabby at first glance, then there is nothing more to think, it’s common sense, and I understand that.

「Then, please start digging the hole immediately, there is a lot of garbage piled up. It is necessary that even the deepest hole would be able to hold at least 30 people」

In the outskirts of a vacant land, after the old man finished speaking he passed me a shovel.

I received the shovel, and then I started to wait.

The old man leaves.


And the special event?

ーBut nothing special happens!

「This is real? Seriously, this is nothing more than a digging request?」

Well, hahaha.

And I was absolutely sure they would have an ulterior motive but there was nothing at all.

Of course, something like common sense or theories are completely unrelated.

Let’s stop reading too much into. The world is more simple than what I thought.

「Sighー. Now I don’t have other choice but to do it」

Even though it’s troublesome, there is no use in complaining about something already accepted.

Now that it has come to this, let’s dig quickly the hole and finish this.

I stabbed the shovel on the ground and I started digging.

I stabbed the shovel on the ground and I started digging.

I stabbed the shovel on the ground and I started digging.

With my current ability I should not have any serious problem, but the ground is considerably hard.

I’m fine for the moment, but if you dig a large hole, gradually it will become more difficult.

…Ah, that’s right.

It wasn’t that I had the perfect skill for this?

The skill of the class 【Shaman】, 【Weakening Spell】

I need to activate the skill on the place where I want to dig up.

「Ooh, it’s a success. So, this is even effective for things」

I tried to experiment with things, and it seems that it’s also effective.

I thought that it was possible to use it only in battles, but it’s not as if it’s already fixed to a determined moment. It’s important to try everything.

And because of the skill of the class 【Miner】, only by standing on the ground, I have acquired a special buff, and because of the synergyーーOoh, I can dig, I can dig. I can dig up the softly ground that is like a pudding.

Even if I don’t use the compound skill, if I use the skills together, then I can give a birth to a even better effect than using them individually. This is also the strong point of having more than two classes.

Let’s name this the earth pudding combo.


Spending the whole time digging up the ground with all my strength that has become like pudding has become somewhat fun. I ended up digging and digging.

When I realized, the sun had set, even the hole was dug exhaustively.

I returned to my senses the moment I saw the huge hole.

Why? When I think calmly, even myself didn’t know what part of digging a hole was fun.

Though I don’t understand it. I’m sure that I was laughing at that time.

Then, what’s wrong with that? Even if I don’t understand the reason. I know for sure that I had enjoyed that moment.

…eh, what I’m doing reciting a poem.

I need to go back to report to the client as soon as possible… Hm?

And at that moment, when I calmed myself, I saw something illuminated by moonlight.

What it is?

The thing that is shining inside the hole it’s carefully mined and then the whole thing is dug.

It was a dagger.

The polished surface that it’s like a mirror even in the dark stands out.

Even though the point of the sword it’s bent, and it was buried in the ground, this glow is not common. It makes me think that is something of great value. I’m lucky, let’s pick it.

I grabbed the short sword, and then I went to report to the client about having finished digging the hole.

Though the client, the grandpa couldn’t believe me that I finished so fast, but when I pulled him to go against his will, he was so surprised to the point that he almost dropped his jaw.

In any case, with this I have finished the request, and when I spoke about the short sword, he said he didn’t need it and that I could bury it next to the trash or that I could bring it with me, so I took the sword with me.

In any case, this will be most likely buried so there wouldn’t be any problem even if I take it with me.

Therefore, all the requests were finished.

Because I did things that I wasn’t used to that I ended tired, so I left the report until tomorrow

and I returned to the inn.

Since it appears that the old man of the inn finished cooking the rabbit that I passed to him before I started to dig, I slowly tasted the hot stew, and then I fell quickly into a deep sleep.

When I finished the report the next day, despite being surprised, Wendy gave me quickly the reward. Oh well, compared with the money I can earn with the Parasite・Gold skill, this is hardly surprising, however, the feeling of receiving money for achieving something is not bad at all.

It looks like the pleasure of manual work is awakening in me, in me of all people.

It seems like I was able to obtain two things which it seems to have some value, the gem of Cocytus Wolf and the short sword of yesterday, and when I asked Wendy about what the others adventurers do at those time, she told me that it seems that there are some nobles which are extremely fond of rare articles in this town.

It seems that they are always saying to the adventurers and the guild that if you happen to find something rare to let them buy it by all means. There are also others adventurers who make dealings with others adventurers.

And it seems that right now I’m in possession of two rare like items.

They don’t look so useful, so I might as well sell them. Besides, if it’s a collector, It may have things even more rare. If I can see those things then that would be interesting.

There is the possibility that the collector might have an amazing and unique rare item. I’m weak to that sort of thing.

Thus, I headed towards the noble’s house that Wendy taught me.

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