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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 14 - Piling Up Three Different Kinds of Requests In the Other World

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Chapter 14 - Piling Up Three Different Kinds of Requests In the Other World

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・Poriu grass collecting

【With the prevalence of the cold responsible of the nasal mucus, the nasal congestion, itchy eyes and itchy throat, the main ingredient of the medicine for cold, the stock of the Poriu grass has decreased. I want you to collect them】

First, I will start with the collection request.

I wanted to do it the last time, but in the end, I didn’t do it. From the first time I came to the adventurers guild I wanted to try that type of request.

I already heard from Wendy the approximate location. It’s in the forest of the east like the last time, but it seems that they are growing in a different place.

After walking for awhile towards that place, a red wild boar came to attack me, but somehow I was able to defeat it. I continued walking forward.

There was others, like an aggressive deer trying to stab me with its horn, a giant bee attacking me, and a group of leeches of about thirty centimeters trying to approach me quietly, this is a quite survival forest.

Seriously, I think it would be better if the people in the guild could put more effort in these subjugation requests.


When I was thinking things like that, a rabbit came leaping from the bushes.

When I look at it closely, I realized that the rabbit has a nose like a pig, and that it has something attached on its back, something like the mane of the fin.

That is not the characteristic of the peep rabbit?

「This is the killing two birds with the same stone? Of course, I have only found a rabbit」

・Peep Rabbit subjugation

【Please, exterminate the peep rabbit that is devouring the field crops. Only one rabbit is enough to destroy a field】

Indeed, even now it’s chewing something like a eggplant.

Even if the rabbit looks cute while chewing the vegetable that its holding with its front legs, but in reality it’s a harmful animal that is destroying the fields, it’s impossible to forgive.

I grabbed the sword with my hand and then I ran towards the rabbit.

With a speed even surpassing wolves, something like a rabbit it would be ea-… What!

Though I was able to get close, but as if the rabbit had sprouted wings and was flying with such wings, the rabbit was exchanging hits with my sword. As if it were making fun of me, sometimes the rabbit kicked hard with its hind legs and sometimes it swings its tail that is like cotton before attacking me.

Don’t underestimate the whole human race.

This monster is like those from those RPG where they only have a high evasion rate, and this type of enemy makes you accumulate even more stress than those who have high defensive power, really.

「Sh*t, I’m not making any progress」

I can’t hit it with only swinging my sword.

To exterminate this clever animal that even uses the trees and brushesーーI don’t have other alternative but to use a difficult attack to evade.

I will show you, the power of my compound skill.



The skill that has born from those two classes, the Magic Arrow Rain.

I mimicked the action of drawing a bow to its limit, and then I released my skill over the head of the Peep Rabbit.

Even though the Peep Rabbit was making a face like saying ‘What is this fool doing?’ while seeing the whereabouts of the arrow, but at the next moment the Peep Rabbit started to panic.

But it’s was too late.

The magic arrow began to divide in the air, and after the innumerable magic arrows formed a rain, it began to pour down.

Even if it can evade some of them, it won’t work against a big area attack.

There is no place where to hide.

If the Peep Rabbit could make another jump it would have been possible for it to escape from the attack range, but that rabbit closed its eyes after being pierced by an arrow.

Good grief, that was a formidable enemy.

My personal impression was that this rabbit was even more troublesome than the Silver Wolf. No matter how I think about it, if you don’t have a considerably ability then it would be impossible to complete the subjugation. Now I understand the reason why Wendy didn’t recommend me these requests.

If the offensive power is high=It’s means that the monster it’s not difficult to deal. I learned a lot.

I have learned a lot and I even have procured a good ingredient

When I was thinking about having a fantasy like rabbit stew to eat, I saw far away in the distance a peculiar plant which was extending itself drawing something like a spiral.

「That is the Poriu grass. It’s really convenient, these hunter’s skills」

Skill 【Hawk’s eyes】.

A skill that makes easy to find whatever you’re you’re looking for.

In few words, the power of observation, the more attentive you’re the more easy to find the thing you’re looking for.

When I cross through the roots of trees and the obstructive branches, what was there was a location where plants were growing in masse, not just one, there it was growing a massive quantity of Poriu grass.

They would have problems next year if I take everything right now, that’s why I will collecting about 1,5 kg, because it seems that the amount they need is about 1 kg.

I have a good feeling, until now everything went smooth.

Let’s go with this mood.

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