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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 19 - Paienne Labyrinth Exploration

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Chapter 19 - Paienne Labyrinth Exploration

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What could be the business that the noble and adventurer Ally=Duo has with me?

If I didn’t know anything, then I would have thought that she was inviting me to a date, but because I ended up seeing her class and level, I started thinking that maybe she has an ulterior motive. Rather, it has to be that for sure. It is impossible for such a delightful story to happens to me.

But, even if that it’s true, now it emerges my curiosity of wanting to know what it could be that she wants.

What on the earth could the top class adventurer want with me?

While embracing such thought, I ended walking until Laurel’s north gate, and just in time, the bell rang marking the five o’clock.

And at that time, a shadow showed up from behind a pillar, speaking to me.

「Thank god, you came」

As expected, it was Ally=Duo.


「Of course I came. But I was a little surprised. Your impression is different from yesterday」

Ally’s outfit is completely different from yesterday.

Yesterday, she was wearing an elegant one-piece dress and indeed, she looked like a daughter of a noble, but today she is dressed as an adventurer.

She is wearing a thick and robust pair of undyed shirt and pants, and also custom made boots. After putting her luggage in something similar to a big waist pouch, her beautiful hair that yesterday was loose, was now tied into a pony tail.

Her appearance was as if she were to going to explore the jungle, and so at the moment I saw that, I had a rough idea of what she wanted to do.

「Yesterday I was the Ally of the Duo’s family. And today I’m Ally the adventurer, that’s it」

「The reason for why you have called me isー」

「Yes. I thought about wanting to go together with the adventurer called Eiji-sama. If you are going to capture it, then I thought that it would be better do it together in this way」

「Capture? Not a request from the adventurers guild?」

Ally nods, and then she turned around towards the outside of the gate.

And her gaze was directed towards a place to which I also went before.

「A labyrinthーー」

「Yes. The Paienne Labyrinth, a labyrinth surrounded by a lot mysteries at the northeast of this town. Why does it exist? I’m not yet sure from when it started to exist, but without any doubt, there exists a world not yet knownーー It makes you tremble with excitation」

Ally’s voice is lively.

As expected of a person who even thought is a noble is doing of adventurer, it seems that she really likes this.

「Even though I came many times to this town where is my uncle-sama is, I’ve still never been into the depths of that labyrinth. But recently I thought that I have accumulated enough strength to some extent, so I wanted to take this chance to set foot into the depths of this world, that’s what I was thinking. That’s why for that reason I thought about joining forces, but I could not find anyone able with the power to withstand the depths, so I was troubled」

Ally talked without stopping, then, after clapping one time, she looked me straight in the eyes.

Uh, this is in other words.

「Perhaps you judged that Iーー」

「Yes. At that time I learned about Eiji-sama, the new star of the adventurers guild. I wanted to go sometime to the adventurers guild to talk but then, surprisingly, yesterday I met you in front of my uncle’s house. So, I wasn’t longer able to hold back anymore.」

Seeming like she is enjoying herse;f, Ally shakes her shoulders while laughing.

I have the feeling that she is more lively than she was yesterday. Is it so much fun going to the labyrinth?

The labyrinth?

If you think about that, I remember going there from the first moment I arrived to this Laurel town.

However, until now I have never entered.

I only received the experience of the people who went in.

Actually, what could be in there?

If I care about even one time, I will be extremely curious, so I was tempted to check with my own eyes about what could be inside of the labyrinth.

Moreover, Ally has two classes that I know nothing about, the Spirit User and Enchanter. As she is a powerful person, it’s obvious that the experience that I would win if I got into the labyrinth would be a great amount,

And unlike my first day I different now, I’m sure that I have a decent numbers achievements.

After thinking for a moment, I nodded clearly.

「Let’s go. To tell truth I have never been into the labyrinth. That’s why I have a great interest in knowing what could be inside」

「Is that true! Thank you!」

Ally grabbed my hands and bowed. She used the same gesture as yesterday in this place.

「I’m the one who is relieved, …By the way, why did you pass me that piece of paper?」

「That paper?」

「You passed to me something yesterday, but not only you did not teach me the place, but neither that we would go to the labyrinth, it would have been better if you’d have told me everything yesterday in that place? 」

「Ah, that thing」

After looking at me with her eyes full of mischief, she began to slowly walk towards the labyrinth.

「does it not make you shiver with excitement? Doing it in that way」

After a while, we arrived at the entrance of the Paienne labyrinth.

Though there was an adventurer there, without hesitation, he entered into the big hole on the ground as if he were swallowed.

Ally and I also nodded, and then we entered inside.

The labyrinth, is a place that looks like it was an artificial cave.

Even if it’s formed with soil and rocks, the wall and the ground were flattened, and when you go into the tunnel and then you turn around in a corner, instantly you realize that the cave is indeed different.

Even though it’s a cave, the inside is bright. It feels like the ground and the walls are emitting a faint light, so to some degree I can see forward.

So it seems that inside of a dungeon, thanks to influence of the monsters, the dungeons shines. But it seems there exist dungeons with dark zones that’s why you will get hurt if you relax your guard, and that’s what Ally said.

There are large and wide, small and narrow, with curves, with many paths, some you have to ascend and in other you have to descend. It’s organized is such way that there are many tunnels of different shapes overlapping in the labyrinth.

In this labyrinth, while we turn, descend and go towards the side that is expanding, we advance.

「This is good, this type of thing. Just walking makes you improve your mood」

While I was looking at my surroundings, Ally talked to me.

She turned around with her ponytail shaking, she nodded vigorously.

「That’s right, that’s right, it’s like you say. This is one of the few pleasures of the adventurers. A view that you wouldn’t be able to see while you are in town」

It’s really just like that.

Even if I’m always staying at home, when I go out I have a lot of fun.

But even if I’m aware of that, once you lock yourself at home it becomes troublesome to go out, really, the human being is certainly mysterious. …No, not the human being, maybe it’s just me?


At that moment, something appeared in front of mine, I stopped in my tracks.

It finally came. A monster.

「It seems that a monster has appeared. That’s a imp」

What came were imps that has grown winding horns with long and narrow limbs.

While increasing their ‘Kiikii’ cry, in the spacious passage, three imps were approaching us.

I draw the sword from my scabbard off my chest, and I take one step forward.

After putting myself into position, the imps turned their attention to me.

「So they are imps…? Let me do it」

I wanted to test the strength of my new equipment.

How heavy it is, its sharpness and the feeling it has… Let’s go.

I kicked the ground and thrusted towards the crowd of imps, and as if they were in panic, the imps folded their legs and after jumping they fell.

I reach the one that had in my eyes, and then I sharply shake the sword.

When the black blade flashes, I was able to easily cut in two the imp with only a sword thrust.

However, I only felt a quite light reaction in my hand. That means that this black silver sword is sharp to that extent. This is good, really good.

「ーーNow I’m in the mood!」

The remaining imps fired magic arrows.

It seems that these monsters are capable of using magic, but I grasped clearly the traces of the arrows, so I lightly twisted my body and esquive them.

To give them back the favor, I used my own magic arrows, and so I pierced their foreheads.

Now only one remains.

And for the last service, I used 【Boost】 to increase my speed even more, and even though the imp shot an arrow because it seemed to have panicked, so after repelling the arrow with my sword I continued moving forward. Taking advantage of the moment I ended piercing its chest.

After a short groan, the imp fell to the ground.

After surveying my surroundings, I checked again if they are all dead.

Good, it’s seems that I have finished.

I was able to confirm that the sharpness of the sword and the power of the magic has increased more than before. It was worth doing a strenuous effort to buy this sword.

Moreover, I understood that I can save plenty of strength when fighting against the monsters in this labyrinth,

Let’s explore the labyrinth with spirit.

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