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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 127: The “Snake Shell”

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Chapter 127: The “Snake Shell”

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It was written in the ancient language as follows.

“The snake shed its shell in the beginning, the shell became a new land that brought grace to its land and became the cornerstone of life. The giant snake went to the ends of the world at the start, and he ascended to heaven. The top of the tower pierced the clouds and became a monolith. The giant tower became the hometown of the giants.“

When I summarized the contents and deciphered them, the reception room at Deuo’s family erupted.

“Can you read it?“

“Yes. I’m subtly well versed in this kind of thing. Some of my acquaintances knew the ancient days. There is no doubt what you think about the content is correct.“

I lifted my eyebrows as Suaman appeared impressed. Coco nods proudly for some reason while her arms are crossed while doing it. Ally leans forward and alternates glances between old documents and my face.

“Eiji-sama also has this kind of special skill. Somehow, you’re much better now than when we were together at Laurel. I feel like you’re more versatile.“

“I’m confident at your comment. It might thanks to what I’ve done largely at Prowkai…That’s right, speaking of Alekole, there was that too.“

I recounted of the mentioned. The character for giant is written there, and I received a letter from Risa Haruna and Epi. That’s, certainly true -.

I took out the letter and started reading it in a hurry. This was written in readable language, and I read it to the people in the room again.

“The existence that is said to have made the dungeon that I talked to you the other day — it’s commonly known, and I’ve searched for important things in my own way. I discovered a clue in Unholywoods, where they seem to be the race that ruled the earth even before the monsters were born, and it was said that it lived in a place called the Giants’ Tower. I don’t know what they are doing now, and if you’re curious about this world, there may be something else involved. If they were really the creators of the dungeon, there will be treasures involving. It’s a pretty interesting story.“

Considering that snake’s shell and the giant have something in common with the Giants Tower, the incidents that are happening in Neman now may be related to each other.

Suaman was the first to digest the outline of the letter when I provided it. He asked me if he could see it, but showing him personal written content besides the important parts, his eyebrows move while he jerks as he reads, and let loose a long exhale after he finishes reading the letter.

“Really now, I’m glad I asked you guys. I can be confident in the contents of ancient documents in this manner. Thank you again. Exploration on the snake shell, and if necessary, the Giants’ Tower. Even though it’s coincidental, it’s in a sense an investigation of the ancient snake god that has been passed down in Neman.“

No need to think. My answer has already been decided.

“Yes, that’s what I was originally interested in, so let’s use this as a clue. And Ally’s hometown is in some sort of a pinch.“

Ally quickly turns to me. She turns to Suaman and declares with haste in short moment later.

“I will go too, brother Suaman. If Neman is in crisis, now is the time to use the power I have acquired. I will investigate with the clues that Eiji-sama revealed.”

“For what it is, I really just want to have an adventure — visiting a rare place.“

My statement snuck up on Ally. Ally shakes her head and hand in a hurry while answering.

“It, it’s not true, not here. Anndd, that…I’m not saying I zero feeling, although it’s small amount, it’s of course for Neman.“

“That really so~“

Coco is playing next to her sister, and Felipe asks Suaman with a serious look.

“Do you know what’s going over there?“

“You were…a magic tool craftsman. To be honest, I do not know. No one has ever seen it. However, if the folklore is true, it means that there was an existence of a very powerful being, and there’s an expectation of that possibility.“

“…Well, that’s right. Even if you turn things over, you can’t really understand it. Without any guidance, it means that there are many hidden things. In addition, the giant that made the treasure, he’s going to be interested in crafting magic tools — so let’s go for that reason too.“

“I’m going too. It sounds interesting, and n addition, I’m interested. The tower that reaches the heavens huh.“

Lou will also goes along with Felipe. With this, the four of us are heading for the snake’s shell.

I found the place called the shell of the snake by combining the two documents. It is said to exist in the south-southeast region of Neman according to ancient documents, and according to the letter I received from Risa Haruna, it’s location is where the four sharp mountains are lined up, showing roughly at the foot of the lowest mountain. There are certainly places with two overlapping mountains, and when we explore the areas, the entrance to the cave is found. The cave seems to be quite deep in as we’re looking a bit into the entrance.

Because this cave would be the first candidate, we went back to the city and get ready for next day, and finally, we rush into the shell of the snake.

“Here it is…the snake’s shell.“

“It’s a little different from a normal cave. I mean, it smells.”

Ally and Lou survey the surroundings. I also observe the surroundings. It is quite bright and rich in magical elements from the observation. It has somewhat musty scents. It’s a cave after all, with the ground feels a little soft, with the surface sensation a little different from ordinary rocks and hard ground.

The sound of flowing air echoes eerily from the rear. Mycelia are growing from the ceiling and walls, and there is a stronger sign of life than a general cave.

“If it’s a legendary path, it’s a new kind since it’s a shell of a huge creature. Let’s be careful.“

And we started to move on. Soon enough.

“Something is coming!“

Felipe gives a short warning. Immediately after that, an unknown thing appears in front of us.


They’re like a pizza with a dent in the middle of the flat body, a grayish object that flutters in the air and is heading towards us. When it approaches, a sudden a harpoon was created by magic without any warning, and I’ve been attacked. Similar to alchemy, I quickly create a shield and prevent the attack.

“So soon, a monster I’ve never seen has arrived. After all, this is not an ordinary cave.“

“It’s captivating. It’s definitely what we were searching for.“

“Un, let’s defeat this guy quickly and move on!“

A dozen or so monsters like white blood cells come in a row afterward. The four of us mount up our weapons. The battle continues and the exploration is hindered.

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