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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 123: New sword and Test Training

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Chapter 123: New sword and Test Training

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This is more than I expected, as the sword was completed early. When the messenger rushed over from the workshop and informed me to visit, I was waited by a satisfied looking craftsman and Felipe for the completed work.

“Finally arrive.“

“That’s a lot faster than expected. I was thinking that it would take longer for the reinforcement.“

I mentioned about it when I entered the workshop, where Felipe and the craftsman worked on the project, both smiled wryly.

“This older brother is in a bit of hurry. He got sleepless and restless. Well, I was able to see a magic tool craftsman and other techniques up close thanks to that. I acquired the techniques.“

“Likewise, I saw something good. The Inspiration came. Collaboration with others is not bad thing sometimes.“

For the craftsman and Felipe, both stare at each other in an atmosphere that feels like a sense of rivalry has developed. It was a meaningful collaboration.

“I truly thank you. This helps a lot. So, this is my sword -”

I bow my head, while I approach at the location where the two are. Then, Felipe looks at me.

“Aah, about this.“

From the back box, he takes out the sword from with in it that has a familiar scabbard.

“Can I pull it out here?“

“You can’t see it unless you pull it out.“

“Well then, excuse me.“

While sensing Felipe’s line of sight is on me, I pulled out the blackish silver sword -ooh-!

“It’s truly beautiful. There are no chips on it at all, with such luster, and more than anything, I love this bluish tint.“

“Right heh, and I had a hard time getting it to achieve that shade. I tried with various oils and saps.“

Un un, Felipe crosses his arms and nods in satisfaction. It’s a design that needs a appearance for an appeal.

“This is done, because of the ice crystal hue.“

“Yep. Not just the colors, but the performance has also been enhanced. By turning it into an alloy, the sharpness has increased even more. On top of that, by applying my magical tool technology, magic infinity related also has been enhanced.“

“Can you actually do something like this with a magic tool?“

“Similar things along the line. It’s based on the methods of the sword. It’s beautiful is designed in terms of a sword. But by impregnating with magical crystals, the result also contains a magical sword skill, since the outcome effects are based on the design. The blackish silver property originally contained magical power, and as a result, it has a drastic improvement with the ability to interfere with magic, commonly similar to slashing incoming attacks like magic arrows. It likely can cast magical power directly. Furthermore, you can expect to deal great damages to opponents who are vulnerable to magic attacks. It also increases the magical power you already have, and it also has the effect of a magic wand. Besides all of that, it also improves the natural healing ability.“

Being barraged by statements that I didn’t expect, I almost didn’t understand what was being said, and it appears to have been strengthened in various ways. It was not being restored and reinforced a little for its sharpness. Somehow, additional weapons are also readily available. Isn’t it too overpowered? Can’t this be called a rare weapon?

After receiving the explanation to the functions, I was very grateful for it. I stare at the sword.

“Ooh - I really feel the magic from it. This is … un, it’s good. Thank you, Felipe. You have really done a great job.”

“Of course. Because you brought back excellent materials, there is value for the craftsman to exist if there’s no need for them (the materials). The rest is you Eiji, so you just have to master it.“

“Un, I definitely will.“

I thank the craftsman, and leave the workshop with Felipe with a new sword in my hands.

“Ha, to uh, un … Un, the feeling in using this has not change.“

In a field at the outskirts of town, I immediately practice the new sword immediately. Because I obtained a good sword, I have to break it in and master it.

“It was made simple for the ease of usages. That was the blacksmith’s opinion from over there. It’s basically the rule of thumb when a tool is being repaired.“

That’s the statement being said, Felipe. I said I want to try it out, and Felipe responded he want to check it out.

“Eeh, I see.“

“Interacting with the top-notch places in various fields is a good stimulus. Neman is a good city for it.“

“Felipe … you’re a pretty simple person.“

“…that’s bad.“

“No not at all. It rather should be easier to understand. Well then, let’s test out this magic tool.“

I lifted up my sword, preparing it in a way to send power into the sword, and attempt to use the magic. Magic arrows, magic shield, and summoning of water with spirit magic. None of them failed, and the power has increased a bit.

“Ooh! All I do is like this! This is amazing, and it really looks like a magic wand. Hey Felipe, can you use some magic on me? I want to try cutting it — k, I’m ready.“

Felipe has a staff that emits a shock wave, and he’s gazing at me with a serious look. Okay I’m pretty scared.

“I’m about to try it out, so be ready. I’ll test you out. Will it hurt if you don’t cut it properly?“

“I wonder if it going to hurt…“

I take this seriously. Then the next moment, Felipe swings his staff, and the distortion of the air accompanied by magical attacks is coming at me at a tremendous speed.

“Wa, haya, this is faster than I thought!“

I hurriedly swing the sword. At the moment the sword’s tip touches the shock wave, the distortion is splitted into two and scattered.

Ooh, it’s more amazing than I hope for. It seemed to be quite powerful in cutting it apart just by slashing it a little.

Felipe appeared to be quite happy after casting with his staff, then nods. He seems to be satisfied with its displayed power.

“Alright alright, looks like it’s properly tested. It has been strengthened in the direction of the magical power.”

“Un. It’s truly amazing, and this same sword really got powered up so much.“

When I gaze at the sword again, it has a light blue glow, and it has a glimmering glow in the sunlight. Uun, this is good. I have acquired various new skills ever since I got to Neman, and while practicing them, I’m going to test the performance of this new weapon.

Sensing a stare at me, I turn to Felipe.

Just to the right of me there is Felipe, and I wonder if he’ll come with me.

“Well then Felipe.“

“Well then Eiji.“

We opened our mouths at the same time. As we looked at each other, we sensed one another, and then nodded.

Then Felipe, along with his staff, takes out orbs and talismans.

“It seems that our thoughts are the same. I wanted to check the performance for some of my magic tools.“

“I also wanted to practice my skills, so I want to try them on you.“

Then we, on the lush field of grass, and for a while, fought against each other with our skills and magic tools.

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