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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 121: Sword Repair and the Centipede Ball

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Chapter 121: Sword Repair and the Centipede Ball

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“So it is, as it’s a good weapon.” (Felipe)

Felipe shows a satisfying expression. The place where we are now is in a Neman’s blacksmith shop. This blacksmith is known for its reputation, as Felipe, Ally, Lou and I are watching the craftsmen skillfully made their swords.

“Eeh. It’s said that Neman’s blacksmiths have top-class abilities in this country.” (Ally)

“Heeh, it’s pretty amazing.” (Eji)

While Lou returned a simple praise to the proud Ally, we continued to listen to the rhythmic sound of the hammering, and I can’t help but feel impressed by the skillful craftsmanship.

One of the reasons I came here was to see the specialty of Neman’s blacksmithing using minerals, the other reason was for the black silver sword I was using, since the sharpness has become dull from over-using and decided to reinforce it.

I think it’s wonderful when I looked at all of this. It’s because Ally is around to gain polite responses, and I was able to receive various explanations. The person that provided the explanation has a class of [Blacksmith], but I don’t have enough available connections as usual so I give up this time. I wonder about the available connections I may have if my level rises as a convenience… Even though one skill tends to be good enough, but you want more once you learn about human’s luxury.

By the way, it was suggested that black silver was naturally required to be reinforced when I actually showed the sword, it was clear to Felipe and I for the method of further strengthening the sword when we were witnessing the improvement.

If there is a highly pure magic crystal with the earth attribute, or a transparent hard crystal called cryolite, the sword can be further magically reinforced. It is mentioned that it can be upgraded in performance beyond the original design, as well as evolved, if the crystal was provided for repair.

With such a proposal like that, there is only one course to pursue.

“So then let’s go. It’s been a long time since I searched in a dungeon.” (Ally)

Ally, Lou, and I got dressed in our adventurer styles and arrived at one of the caves near Neman. We’re here to obtain materials as it was stated that there was sufficient black silver metal for reinforcement, but there wasn’t any stock of magic crystals and cryolite for further reinforcement. Felipe remained behind to discuss with the blackmits on how to make magical weapons. He left the hunt of the material to us while he eagerly wanted to learn.

We bravely march deep into the dungeon’s tunnel that extended from the side entrance of the eastern-most mountain.

“Very nice cave. Very exciting. The walls are glittering and look beautiful.” (Lou)

“It was told that the soil of this mountain contains ice crystal components. The is a hard material that’s called ice crystals, and there are many types of crystals in this mountain. There are even higher purities ones in the depths of the cave.” (Ally)

Lou was looking around in a funny way, so Ally explained. There is more light in this dungeon than just the light of a magic crystal. It will be too dazzlingly bright if you inadvertently turn on the lamp.

“Couldn’t the ice crystals be obtained from any other mountains beside this one?” (Lou)

“Eeh, that’s right. The amount of minerals and their volumes were almost fixed in each mountain. It sounds pretty strange…but some said that they’re like mineral storehouses.” (Ally)

“Even so, it’s easy and convenient to find it if it’s clearly divided like that.” (Eji)

“That’s right, Eijii-sama. It’s not a lot but it’s also a good place to have such kind of varieties… Similarly, the monsters.” (Ally)

When look at the direction where Ally paid her attention to, a large centipede appeared there. It is not just a big centipede. There are several of them that are intertwined, making it look like a ball with tentacles. Ally reflexively deflects them with her upper body.

“Uwaa, this is.” (Eji)

“To be frank. Well, it’s certainly disgusting. Why are they all entwined?” (Lou)

“No, it’s they’re not entwined, but it’s said that they’re working together in a group, so it’s easier to protect themselves from enemies and easier to hunt for prey. They are poisonous. Be careful not to get bitten. They may suddenly stretch out their necks.” (Ally)

It’s poison again!

There are a lot of creatures that have poison around here. Are they a type poisonous insect again? I already latched onto a monster using paratism with poison. So then, let’s defeat them without parasitizing them. I don’t want to touch them since I have a bad feeling about them.

“Thank you for the information, Ally … Uwa!” (Eji)

At the moment I decided to eliminate them, the centipede ball rolls toward us in a rush. As I hurriedly avoid it by stepping sideway when it approaches at a speed higher than I expected, a centipede stretches out its neck and tries to bite me from inside the ball. I parried its neck with the sword that was still in the scabbard and evaded it at the last moment in hate, but it seems that the centipede’s length from that ball is longer than I expected.

“Uwa-ah, this is a monster that I definitely don’t want to be caught by.” (Eji)

“I don’t think there are any monsters you want to be caught by.” (Ally)

I was speaking to Lou in thinking about a method in dealing with it, as he already expressed his hate of its appearance when it stuck itself to the wall of the cave. We definitely don’t want to approach it because it moves quite unexpectedly, and we need to deal with the opponent that can roll at a high speed … That’s right, it’s just a chance for me to use it.

The centipede ball rushes toward us again as soon as I got ready. I’m ready too in preparing to activate my skill, skill activation “Magic Thread”!

The thread extends from the fingers from both hands to form something like a spider’s nest with a casted net, which covers the centipede’s body. The ball is fully caught in a net-like thread that stretched between the ceiling and the ground and lost its momentum before stopping.

Alright, a success. This thread skill is quite convenient after all.

“Wa, oh it’s wonderful. Such a magic as this. This is the first time I see it.” (Ally)

“It’s magic thread. Ally please!” (Eji)

“Yes! The spirit of the earth!” (Ally)

Ally activates her spirit magic while her eyes are glimmering on the magic that she has never seen. A huge block of boulder is lifted from the ground and struck vigorously toward the ball of the centipedes. While uttering an unpleasant small sound, the centipede’s ball was completely exhausted as it was being wrapped in the thread.

“It’s been a while, but it’s a nice combination.” (Eiji)

“Yes. It’s good to have an adventure together again. Eiji-sama shown me something I haven’t seen before. What usual things will I see next?“

Ally’s eyes are shimmering while she holds both of hands as she’s happily twisting her body. It appears as if a child who sees a magic trick for the very first time, and she makes me smile.

While remembering the nostalgia of her familiar facial expression after a long absence, we continue on exploring the dungeon.

We continue to search for about an hour …

“Oh, this is it. This is the cryolite.“

We were able to discover a beautiful crystal that has the appearance of a lump of ice at the location where Ally was pointing at.

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