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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 120: Survival of the Fittest

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Chapter 120: Survival of the Fittest

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Pondering just bit, I stopped the parasitic link to Jacklosa. The one of the five available light threads disappears without sound.

As Jacklosa is training and fighting in the arena, it was easy to get experience points through him and it is an excellent source of parasitism … However, his paladin skillsets are already at a fairly high level. Since that’s the case, it is better to train focus on the low-level areas to improve the overall statuses and skills more efficiently.

And so for that reason, Jacklosa, sorry. With the apology from my heart, I stopped parasitizing Jacklosa. There is really no point in apologizing because Jacklosa doesn’t lose anything even if when I stop parasitizing him. Yep.

For that reason, I need to leave an empty slot of parasitism for training purposes. The parasitism was successful, and both humans and monsters in Neman could now be parasitized.

Thereafter, I greeted the staff of the Adventurer’s Guild and then left the guild. The reason for my appearance at this place will come, so it’s a good idea to have my face remembered by the people.

Again we start to stroll through the town. As it stands out for the time being, I spotted a large tower with a big bell on the top, so I decide to walk towards it. Ally mentioned that the bell has no significant in signaling for anything in particular, but it was better to walk toward a specific destination.

I still ask about the usable facilities that we might be able to use while we are in the town. Places such as shops that sell daily necessities, bathhouses, etc. It is a convenient time to check them out.


I inadvertently saw something that passed us twice.

“Are you really going to keep doing it? That is?“

“Ooh, really. That is huge snake huh.“

The lady we talked about that passed by was wearing a snake that wrapped around her collar and torso. Green in color, the snake is about a meter long, as its body hugs its owner perfectly during the walking pace.

Seriously though. Is this a place to walk around with a snake?

Ally explained to us while smiling.

“The people from other places may be surprised seeing this. However around here, there are many people who keep snakes as pets.“

“Are you serious? A snake?“

“Somewhat, speaking about it is quite strange.“

“Fufu, it’s okay. The snake species is non-aggressive, and the snake that had been properly trained is a domestic animal.“

As I was talking to her, there is another person that overtakes us from behind while carrying a snake. It’s a yellow snake with a cobra-like bulge around its neck this time. It is very bright (in color hue) and beautiful. In terms of time, the ground is warming up so it’s the right time for a walk, and the road we are walking on seems to be popular among those that are walking.

“Within Neman, the snakes have been raised for quite a long time among the people. How the origin of this trend was not well known, but there are many old stories about the snakes helped the people, so it spurted the tradition where people and snakes came and spent their time together. There were folklores about white snakes that guide young people who lost their ways in the mountains during their days in searches of the gold veins.“

“Ee. That’s amuzing, as they kept them as pets like dogs.“

The culture will change as well if the behavior changes. There are quite a bit of snakes around here, so maybe they’re used snakes and their nature. This may be the reason why they are familiar with the snakes. Anyway, this is something unusual to witness. It’s worth coming to a new town.

“Ee, do Ally like snakes since you’re from here?“

Ally nods when she was asked while she was chasing the tail of the snake that was passing near Lou.

“Eeh. Of course I do. I have a snake statue at home. I also have a hat in a form of a snake’s head.“

“A hat in form of a snake’s head …? Is it shaped like a snake’s head?“

“Heeh. You can see the surrounding through the eyes of the snake’s hat, it’s cool, and quite calming.“

Can it be a headgear rather than a hat…?

Quite a few questions are popping up, but it seems quite interesting to imagine Ally wearing a cobra-like headgear.

“Heeh, so it’s like that huh. So it’s like. Right Lou.“

“Um um, I want to see it. I surely want to try it on.“

Just like that. As expected of Lou.

When we requested her, Ally sways her body from side to side, while blushing a little in embarrassment.

“Th, that is … I don’t wear it outside of the house since I use it as sleepwear…“

So then, that is its purpose. It’s being used as a nightcap …

“However, when guests came to Neman and asked me, I couldn’t stand being embarrassed … I could understand. I’ll show it to everyone. I’ll put it on and show it to you the net time we sleep at the inn.“

Ally decided by announcing in a determined tone after making up her mind. I stared into her eyes that contained such determination.

“Ooh, yeah right! I like to see strange thing ~. Right, Eiji?“

“Eh? Aah. Un.“

That turned out to be something unexpected, but seeing Ally’s determination and Lou’s excitement, I can’t refuse such development. As I glance sideways, Felipe comes into my view.

“… Are you planning on doing it as well?“

“… Un, going with the flow.“

Felipe nods a bit while smiling. So you really like it too huh?

As we strolled around the town throughout the day, I purchased what I needed before the sun went down, and we ate at the nearby shop I noticed along the way before returning to the inn. At the moment, it took me two days to get the gist of the town, so I have nothing planned for tomorrow. Each day onward, I will think about what I want to do once tomorrow comes. This is what living day-to-day life is, but taking one day at a time first of all …

I returned to my room alone, and I pull up the information on Parasite immediately.

[Blood Bat Lv3 → 4]

[Sonic Widow Lv6 → 8]

Acquisition Skills ・ [Poison Fang]

The poisonous monsters and levels risen. It appeared after consuming, it took a while to digest the creature in the stomach for its nutrition, and the monitor lizard probably didn’t hunt today. The training adventurers appeared not to be venturing anywhere today.

At least I learn Poison Fang.

… Isn’t there a lot of different poison types?

I still remember there were only four monster skills, and two of them were poisonous. Humans do not have poison, but I’m impressed at the wild creatures and their varieties of poisons beyond my imagination as I ponder in my room.

“Well then, I can’t remain impressed forever, so need to learn the skill of other monsters immediately. I need to give it a try.“

I activated the skill [Magic Thread] while talking to myself. A white thread formed from my palm, moves in response to my will, wraps around a bag among the baggage, just like the one I was aiming for. Once firmly fixed onto it, I was able to pull on the thread that was attached to the luggage bag, lift it up and swing it around.

The thread movements are quite free, and durable. And this, appears quite easy to use. For daily usages ranging from exploration to battle scenarios, I think I can be used for various tasks. By paratizing a good opponent, it’s a good haul.

I was satisfied after playing around with the skill through bundling, wrapping, and forming the thread for a bit, I completed the experiment on the parasitized skill for the day.

… I don’t know about the Poisonous Fang and Venom skills. I really don’t want to experiment with them because I’m scared of the results. There is no one I can try poison on in the first place which is a different discussion.

“But what if I have plenty of skills for poison and acid in the near future …“

While filled with the anxiety-like expectations, I glanced at the magic thread that stretched around all over the room.

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