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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 119: Not Enough Links

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Chapter 119: Not Enough Links

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After completing the parasitism on the monsters, I return to the inn and stealthily enter the room on the assigned floor while not waking up others. It seems that I will be lacking in sleep, well, I just need to endure with it. It’s all about gaining some good experience in parasitizing the monsters.

I fall asleep and wake up the next morning.

“Ooh !? The levels have risen.“

[Blood bat Lv1 → 3] Acquisition skills ・ [Sound Wave Detection]

[Sonic Widow Lv1 → 6] Acquisition skills ・ [Magic Thread]

[Poison monster Lv4 → 6]

The levels of all three types from the parasitized monsters have risen. This means that all of them survived. They’re still at low levels, and the experience points I can obtain are multiplied, so the leveling has risen considerably, but it seems that I caught quite a big game with Sonic Widow.

[Sound Wave Detection] is a skill to measure the position and distance using sound waves, similar to a sonar. [Magic Thread] is magic that generates something like a spider’s thread. It seems to be useful in various ways, such as entwining the other party or ensnaring something. By recalling this kind of thing with ease means that monsters are also able to intuitively use these kinds of skills, but even monsters who don’t know what they are thinking can attempt to training their skills through various means.

I leave the inn after getting ready, while hoping that I can hunt for more prey and become stronger. Ally greets me.

“Good morning, Eji-sama. Did you sleep well in Neman’s inn last night?“

“Un. Just fine. I can still explore Neman today.“

I answer like usual, but I’m pretty sleepy, yep. I don’t think it’s a good idea to venture around in the middle of the night. Well, no one knows about Parasite skill in this world except for Lou, so my mysterious behavior in touching a monster can’t be accepted by the public.

“Good morning.“

I haven’t heard any rumors lately, then Lou arrives first and soon Felipe appears. Today, we are supposed to have Ally guides us through the town. We immediately set out from the inn.

The town’s streets are no different from Laurel and Prowkai. Well, this place is located within the same country so it’s not strange. However, what I notice while walking around in Neman is that there are quite a lot of blacksmiths. Besides, there are also magic tool shops. There are quite a few workshops all over the place, and I often see people who look like craftsmen.

“This is because it’s a town that has mines for a very long time, and Neman has grown together with the industry that uses the harvested materials.“

Ally narrates the town’s history. Furthermore, Felipe states that he resided in Neman for a while before we came.

“Yes, this area is famous for its abundance in various types of minerals. Of course, there are many other magical tools besides the ones made from iron and copper. That’s why this place is quite popular with both magic tool makers and blacksmiths.“

As usual, when it comes to the topic of magic tool making, he is a man who’s fast to speak about the subject in abundance. Even so, it’s strange to see him like this.

Isn’t it usually for the same kind of minerals to be buried together in the same location? I might be wrong with what I can remember. I think it’s unusual to be able to get various things in the same location. Well, this is a different world so it may turn out like that.

It’s pretty odd, as the four of us are walking down the main street talking among ourselves. There are many stone buildings, and I feel that many of the people on this street lack in physical presence. Is it a characteristic of the town?

During my stroll in the town, I pass by a group of people with large luggage while walking very fast. At that time, I encounter a familiar building.

“The Adventurer Guild, it’s here as well.“

It has the same atmosphere as the ones in Laurel and Prowkai, and certainly we enter inside, but it is no different on the inside as those other ones. There are some soddy looking tables in the lobby where adventurers hang out, and there are counters in the back where the guild staff works at. It is somewhat reassuring that there are things which have not changed even in different towns.

“Ally-san, welcome.“

“There are quite a few people coming by today, Ally-san. Are you making a difficult request?“

“I have a nice little request for you actually, so let me be the one to provide you the info Ally-san. I hope your team can cooperate …“

It is right after we entered the place. The adventurers greet Ally one after another.

Ally treats them politely. Lou and I are surprised observing the scene before us with our mouths wide open.

“You’re quite popular, Ally.“

“Un. I’m a tad surprised as well.“

Felipe replies while looking at us.

“Although she is the daughter of a powerful aristocrat in this town, she is the same adventurer as yourselves with abilities to back her up, but she is not arrogant in her ways.“

“So that’s why…“

It’s a fact that Ally is a well-known aristocrat family member to the locals of Neman. Still, for her to have such personality in her background, it surely generates quite a bit of prestige and it certainly convinces her overall popularity. It also appears they are talking about us, as the adventurers’ eyes are gazing upon us as we are her companions. I approach them to observe while giving a slight nod.

Of course, it’s to invoke my parasitism partner. There are new adventurers in a new town, and definitely new classes. Parasitzing both monsters and humans can open up new possibilities.

I touch them in a casual manner to prevent suspicious notices, and quickly read the information with [Parasite Info].

Swordsman …… This is the class I have.

Mage …… I also have this.

Enchanter …… I have it.

Trainer … I don’t have this!

A man with a wild facial stubble has a [Trainer] class. This is a class I haven’t seen yet. In terms of the class name, it seems that animals can be tamed. In my case, I might be able to further strengthen the summoned beast. After all, I’m glad I came here. Then I will parasitize him immediately.

I attempt to activate the parasitism — nothing happens.

“Why’s that? … Aah!“

I forgot. I’m already parasitizing five bodies, which is the limit of the number that can be parasitized at the same time. I can’t parasitize anymore without releasing someone.

But … the three monsters that just parasitized yesterday and I don’t want to release them yet today.

The remaining two are Jacrosa and Epi, which are still in Prowkai. I don’t want to release them because once it is released, I cannot easily re-parasitize them in a distant town.

Gu …… Uuh …… Mumumu.

There are not enough links! Who will continued to be linked and who will be released from parasitism? In the Adventurer’s Guild, I’m forced to make a choice.

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