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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 116: Felipe’s cooking class, and to Neman Afterwards

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Chapter 116: Felipe’s cooking class, and to Neman Afterwards

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It seems that Lou and Felipe came to town while we were touring all over the town, and met me as we were coming back to the inn. He had met Lou in Laurel and became an acquaintance. Lou heard about Ally during his travel, and Felipe learned about me respectively.

“Did you understand our situation? So then, let me know what you’ve discovered since you left Laurel. I won’t do anything strange. I promise to make something useful.“

Felipe sneaks up on me. I raise up both my hands and stop him as I step back.

“Too close, way too close. And it’s too sudden isn’t it Felipe?“

“I will tell you to do the important things first.“

“Haha, just like usual. I’m relieved in a sense. Well, there’s nothing else to do so we’ll talk slowly night.“

Ally tries to open her mouth but pauses.

“That’s right. This isn’t the right time, so wouldn’t be good to have a good meal?”

Oh, she’s restarting.

Her recovery is quick … No, more likely she was frozen stiff without making any slight movement while listening to the conversation.

“A meal! Great, I’m hungry. Felipe, your promise, your promise.“

Ally becomes lively after hearing Lou’s statement. Her body stretches and contorts, and her tied pink hair sways like a pendulum. But, Felipe who’s standing next to her has a slightly bitter face.

“What is this promise?“

“If you guide me to Eishi, he will make rice for you.“

“Heeh, you make such a promise.“

“… Is it necessary right now?“

“That right. I want to eat it, as I’m hungry now.“

When Lou makes a gesture while stroking his belly, Felipe sighs. Apparently, Felipe seems has the capacity to cook — I’ve been living alone for a while and I have to do it because there isn’t any convenience store or cup noodles here — and I remember hearing it at the town of Laurel as it’s a good skill to have. It became an agreement in Laurel that the exchange of being guided around for the materials being found, he gets treated with a special meal.

“Alright alright, I understand. A promise is a promise. I’ll keep it since things are done. Lou, Eiji.“

Felipe shrugs and we all enter the inn. Yet, I haven’t made such a promise.

Felipe enters the inn’s kitchen and becomes busy as he’s moving around. While all are wondering how skillful he is, he reveals that he’s more skillful than I expected, and he is to cook the meal in a mere blink of an eye.

One of the dishes Felipe serves is bean cream soup. I watched as he was cooking, but he managed to cook this.

He soaked the flour in water, add plenty of cheese, honey, and eggs as he stirred well. He boiled the mix after it was mixed well. The result is a soup with the saltiness of the cheese and the sweetness of honey. Using a combination of some large and small yellow, green, red, and brown beans as part of the ingredients, then sprinkled with something like chopped parsley to complete the dish.

It’s nice to have a homemade touch, and it looks pretty good as far as I can see.

In addition to this, the table fare becomes more luxurious with crispy and boiled sheep sausages with a sweet and spicy sauce made from a mixture of honey, mustard, salt, pepper and vinegar, salad, and garlic-scented bread.

With everything in place, the four of us surround the table and it is time to eat.

“I’m looking forward to this meal.“

“Un. You really went all out, Felipe. Let’s eat.“

“Oooh, delicious!“

Even before he is told to eat, Lou already throws the food into his mouth. Is he that hungry?

“I like this, as it can be eaten as both sweet and spicy!“

Lou eats the sausages first with a pleasant tearing sound. The sweet and spicy sauce seems to be my favorite, and I put a lot of it on the food.

I scoop up the cream soup and shove it into my mouth.

… This is delicious!

The aroma and saltiness of cheese are just right, and probably because it contains honey, the overall taste is mellow and a faint sweetness remains behind. I taste it with the sausage sauce, and I wonder if Felipe likes to use honey. Isn’t this look good as this is meant for a person with a sweet tooth? Or does he use it often in Laurel? I’m not familiar with cooking so I don’t know much about it, but it’s okay if it’s used for sweet or spicy dishes as it’s delicious.

“It’s delicious … Felipe-sama also has this kind of special skill. Since you are a tool craftsman, are your hands as dexterous and good at cooking as well?“

“For now, I don’t know, but I’m sure there are many people who can cook this much without being a craftsman.“

Ally is impressed with Felipe’s cooking, and she did glance Felipe’s method when he was cooking and made notes. It seems that he taught himself how to season and cook. I recalled when I made the lunch box before, I remember that it had not turned out well. Ally received that meal too, so I wonder if she ever wanted to tell me about the failure.

Well, if I could make something like this myself, I wouldn’t have to worry about cooking rice anymore. So I need to remember it too. It might not be a bad idea to try it a little when I have some free time next time around … I don’t think it’s particularly good when I don’t have time.

“Un un, I’ll make it like Felipe. You can become a cook.“

Although he eats the most vigorously, Lou says that Felipe’s cooking is not a big deal, while he has pleasant facial expressions but his mouth is loose. I think it would be nice to praise his food is good.

Overall, we have a good dinner while enjoying the food.

“So then, Eiji. I should be getting an answer soon.“

When the meal is done and the dishes are cleared, Felipe faces me with a determined appearance.

“Is something wrong?“

“There is nothing wrong. What kind of magic material did you find? Because it’s you, did you find something unusual since you left Laurel? You can’t say you haven’t found any.“

Felipe leans forward and asks his question. He does this during meals as usual.

“You act no differently than when we were in Laurel.“

“It hasn’t been that long since we were in Laurel, so human beings won’t change that much.“

Felipe repsonses with confidence. I don’t think it’s necessary to say such a thing with such confidence.

“Well, that’s true.“

“Eiji, I relied on you to obtain rare material supplies to make a rare magic tool with, but that chance was gone, completely … well, that’s not good. It was a rare opportunity I have found.”

For that terrifying reason that he left the city for a searching journey. Well, I also recognized Felipe’s skill, and there is no issue since he can make rare tools. I hope that the desire in making rare tools of his comes true.

That’s why I place the materials I found in Unholywoods before him. The golden femur, bleached root, solid foxfire, etc… When Felipe scans over them, his eyes glisten.

“Ooh, I thought so. It’s worth coming out this far. Alright, eat more eat more. If you have anything you want to eat, you can tell me.“

“What is this offer of feeding?“

“That’s right. Can you tell us how you manage to get all this? It’s not that we don’t care what you did and what happened to you.“

“I’m a little worried about what trouble Felipe may fall into.“

I recall that I haven’t talked to Lou and Ally in detail yet, so I recount the events in Unholywoods for both of them. Afterward, I also hear about Ally’s and Felipe’s events before coming here, the discussions of various things, and then dawn comes.

Ally and Felipe decide to stay in Prowkai for a while.

Ally goes sightseeing at times or head over to the Adventurer’s Guild and receives a request with Lou and me. Felipe visits a magic school and consults with acquaintances there about magic tools, processes the suspicious materials I provided, and watches the coliseum events together for a while. He seems to like it quite a lot actually.

That is the reason why spend quite a decent amount of time in Prowkai, and …

“I’m heading to Neman now.“

On that day after a while later, I state my purpose.

I explored Prowkai quite a lot within and outside of the city. It can be said that I have already enjoyed it. My eagerness in wanting to see the next city comes about.

It has been an enjoyable period since Ally came. I was thinking of going to Neman after Prowkai in the beginning.

“That sounds good. It sounds interesting to visit new places, so I’ll go too.” (Ally)

When she says it, Lou states in synch with her. Ally’s face grins happily.

“Please do come. I enjoyed coming to Prowkai for the first time in a long while, and I will guide you with Neman this time.” (Lou)

“Let’s go. I can say that I don’t want to go back to Laurel yet as this trip has not been completed. I’ll go back after getting something that can only be obtained at the destination.” (Felipe)

Felipe also states in sync. We all decided to head for Neman.

“Are you going to Neman, Eiji-kun?“

“Yes, Risa Haruna.“

Risa Haruna visit me with Epi while I’m preparing to leave the city.

They visit Prowkai for a little while. It seems that the supplies that Unholywoods is limited in quantity compared to that can be obtained in the human city, so it’s necessary for them to stay in Prowkai half the time and Unholywoods for the other half.

“I’m a little interested, but Unholywoods has become more interesting after a long while as well. So I’ll stay here for a while longer. Thank you for all your help.“

“This is where I got my help from. It feels like coming back to my home.“

“Fufu, it may be so. You are always welcome to the Unholywoods … But I can’t guarantee that we will meet even if you come to visit my favorite place at any time.“

Risa Haruna laughs joyfully. Well, it seems Risa Haruna is still herself. I turn my body to face Epi.

“Epi is fine.“

“So it’s Neman. Neman is a good place.“

“Un, that’s right. I’ll explorer it quite a bit.“

Just as I praise that Epi is a natural, she hits her fist on my epigastrium (upper abdomens).

“I’ll be in trouble if we can’t meet when you go to see me. Epi still has to clean up the mess of Unholywoods, but I think it’s not a bad idea to walk outside again for a break after that.“

“Well, I’m looking forward to it. I’d love to see Unholywoods, without the confusing atmosphere of before.“

“It’s originally misleading because it’s after all a habitat of undead.“

“Ah, that’s right.“

Hahaha and Epi laughs bitterly with me. Then, Epi suddenly licks my neck. I turn my back to her unintentionally.

“Uhi! Wh, What the, Epi.”

“Fufufu, Epi wanted to suck a little bit of your blood, but I do this instead. I’d like to see you next time, and Eji’s blood too. You gave it to Risa Haruna-sama. Epi wants to drink that deliciousness as well.”

“Do you think my blood is either a juice or a healthy drink?“

“Ahaha, be seeing you, Eiji! Take care of yourself!“

“Don’t die, Eiji-kun. This is a farewell gift from us. I don’t know if it will be helpful, but you should read it later.“

Risa Haruna give me a letter after speaking to me. The cream-colored paper has the feeling of a certain weight in containing something important.

“… Un, I’ll read it later. Take care of yourself. So then, see you soon!“

I shake hands with Epi and Risa Haruna as both of them laugh mischievously, and I run to the landing area of the shared carriage that’s heading for Neman.

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